Sea of Fears

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Submitted: July 10, 2011

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Submitted: July 10, 2011




We introduce ourselves to god, we bow our heads, await his nod.

But are we deaf, we hear no signs, no mighty voice from the divine.

Are we betrayed, we do not know,.  There is no proof, nothing to show.

We walk away from hope and pray, we enter truth another way.


Oh where is god?



We walk a million miles each day.  In search of what god has to say.

He says no words, we did not see.  His voice appears in what we breathe.

He sends us pictures in our minds, we call our own, and still try to find.

The answers from the one divine. We’re forced to step out of god’s line.

A line to heaven, line to hell.  One line for both, we cannot tell.

Our lives have blinded us with lies.  We stopped believing in the skies.

Our answer, Science, we declare.  Send us no Prophet from the air!

We’ll try again to speak your words.  With different meaning to be heard.


Oh where is god?



It isn’t easy being right.  Being afraid, alone at night.  The world revolves around the sun.  Leaving the night no where to run.

People go crazy thinking hard, but that’s okay, death isn’t far.  Life lasts but less than a hundred years.  Then one must walk up heavens stairs.

Life after life, we make it near.  A million lives, to our souls a year.  When we approach but heaven’s gate, we will be tested on our faith.

The gate is weak, but we’re not strong.  Our weakness… all that we’ve done wrong.  A shot at heaven, we await.  But now the time’s come for our fate.


Oh where is god?


The world has turned so many times.  The sun has shone so many shines.  But as we told ourselves before, end of existence at our door.

Have we not reached our destiny?  Have we not learned all things are free?  Have we forgotten what we are?  Each deed in truth’ brings out the stars.

Our children wasting our time.  Is this so fair, they’re next in line; to lead the knowledge of our way.  To end the night, bring out the day.


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