When Rose Petals Fall

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Feel touched and moved while the silky words pour off the page into the depths of your mind.

Submitted: June 20, 2014

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Submitted: June 20, 2014




A rose is life,

Beautiful and short-lived.

Abundant petals,


Seducing their way into your heart.

Almost like a lover,

caressing your cheek with tender strokes.


Just as your falling,

helplessly in love,

A petal leaves the rose forever,


Quite like the inevitable distance,

That grows between two lovers,

Each petal that falls,


A thorn shall prick you,

to remind you of what was,

and what can never be again.


After all,

When rose petals fall,

They wither and shrink,


Much like dust,

they get blown with the wind,

Never mind that once,


They were radiant and bursting with life,

for living only mind the living,

and dead only care for dead,


So you see,

When rose petals fall,

They are reborn again.

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