Ms. English Chronicles: Chapter 5 Unexpected Guest

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A young woman has an stranger spend the night in her beach house. Things start to turn into more than friendship.

Submitted: June 03, 2014

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Submitted: June 03, 2014



   Unexpected Guest

"Why am I doing this," Linda stated as she parked her car in front of her beach house, at Myrtle beach, North Carolina. "I should be going to work, or visiting my mother, but no I am taking a break from life," she said while pouring herself a glass of tomato juice. Her therapist told her to go some place which made her feel safe, and Linda could only think of one place. It housed memories of her daughter and herself when she was an infant. Yet, now that she is in college, Linda barely hears from her beloved child. She began to clean as this always relaxed her. She started with the floors in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. As she was done mopping the hardwood floors in lemon scent cleaner, there was a knock at the door.

Linda barely had any friends so she had no idea who it could be. The only person she told was her mother, and she dreaded opening the door to that voice. She sighed and opened the door. To her surprise, it was not her mother. However, it was a 6'2, chocolate man, with broad shoulders, dimples, and chestnut eyes. He also was smiling in the pouring rain. "Hello, so sorry to incontinency you, but do you mine if I could use you are phone?" Linda stood there frozen as though she was under a spell. Her pussy began to purr and her was scared it was making too much noise. "Miss, are you okay," he said while touching her shoulder. "Yes," she said while motioning him with her hands to come inside. "Let me get you a towel to dry off," she said but honestly wanted him to remain wet so she could dry him off with her tongue.

"Thank you, I am sorry, I am sure you and your boyfriend was probably busy making dinner," he said with a grin. Linda began to laugh. "No, I do not have the one of those," she said. "But if you find one on sale, let me know," she said with a sinful grin. He laughed. It was such a gorgeous laugh at that. Here this man was in her house alone without a care in the world, and she wanted so much to have him. She wanted to devour his sperm as if it was her favorite yogurt. As she was about to give him the towel, she grabbed his neck and kissed him. He leans back and began to do the same. It was amazing how easy it was for him to get out of those wet clothes. He bent her over on the wall kissing her back as he pumped his eight inches inside her. She moaned, and as he got faster in his strokes, he turn her over again positioning her to the wall and wrapped her legs around him.  Linda came at least four times in one round. After three more, they both fell asleep. In the morning, Linda awoke and began to lick his stick because she remembered a promise she just had to keep.

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