Ms. English Chronicles: Chapter 6 Memorable

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A young woman finds herself in lust with one man and in love with another.

Submitted: June 05, 2014

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Submitted: June 05, 2014




"Oh yes daddy, yes fuck me harder." My body ached for more of his ten inches in my wet and tight pussy. My boyfriend John was just seven inches which are why I never came during our sexual intimacy. But Tyler could go slow or fast within my pussy while I was satisfied. We had met downtown Winston, North Carolina, at art showing, and could not take our eyes off one another. "Hello I am Amor," I said while smiling cleverly at his 6'1 milk chocolate frame. "Nice to meet you love, and might I say you are the most beautiful piece of art I've seen all night." He had a twinkle in his eye as he looked me up and down. With an even bigger smile I nodded and said thank you while walking away. I looked back to notice his eyes on mine, and I kept walking to the back of the building. When we got to the alley, he pushed me up against the wall and picked me up around my waist. He slid my white thong to the side and began to bury his face in my pussy. I felt so relieved to be engaging in a public sex show and hoped someone was enjoying the view.

Our fowl plays went on for a hour before we retreated to my apartment. But now I was getting nailed on his desk at the museum he work for as punishment. I did not call him back like I said, and he told me he would get his revenge. After bending my light brown skinned ass over for a hour while eating my ass and pussy from behind, he finally released me. After putting on my clothes and shoes I turn to give him a goodbye kiss. Our tongues touched ever so slightly and we smiled before retreating. When I got home John was no where to be found. It was easy to spot his 6'5 behind, with that almond complexion, and slightly croaked smile. His things were missing and he was not answering  my calls. When I entered the living room again, I noticed a note stating "watch this," was taped to the DVD. As I put it in and press play I felt my heart stop. It was Tyler and I humping like rabbits in back alley. I almost completely forgot  about the surveillance tapes and cameras they set up to keep burglars away.I turned off the television and found myself burden by the memories of my actions.

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