Ms. English Chronicles: Chapter 9 Picture Perfect

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A photography session gets steamy.

Submitted: June 25, 2014

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Submitted: June 25, 2014



Anna Simpson was bored out of mind in her office. She had been an office clerk for local public library for four years. Though everyone was nice and kind she knew something was missing. As she looked out her window, the phone rang. It was photographer for the local newspaper in Wilson, North Carolina. They needed to get picture of her for the inline website and article for the library.

"I'll be there shortly, she said dreadfully." As she got into her 2008 Honda Civic, she felt a sense of gloom fall upon her. She was twenty-eight with a bachelors degree in Philosophy. She always loved books and the library. Yet, she needed something exciting to happen to her in order to get her out of this funk. She entered the studio and her jar almost hit the floor. He looked like Boris Cojo with his 6'4, and gray eyed behind. He had petfectly sculpted arms which he wore proudly under his cotton white tee. "Hello, you must be Ms Simpson,  I'm you're photographer Natan." Her eyes drifted to his light brown eyes then to his beautiful smile. "Oh yes, please call me Anna." She took off her coat and walked slowly towards him. "Well Anna please sit or stand in front of the white screen; After a few shots we'll be done." She nodded and stood straight ahead at his camera.
 She tried her best but the fact that was she was nervous and horny. After two flicks of his camera he laughed. "Relax Anna, it's just a picture," he said while massaging her arms. He then started to touch her fingertips and rubbed her from behind . Her eyes were closed. He started to kiss get neck until he could no longer stand his erection. 

He picked her up and kissed her while carrying her to the couch in the left  corner of the room. She torn his clothes off and kissed his nine inch dick before riding it again. He finished her off by licking and sucking the cum from her clit. After their session Anna kept in touch and in her picture it looked horribly boring but the memory of that day remain remarkable.

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