Wondering the past..

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I really don't know how this poem came to be.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011




Everything that has ever happened to me,

Is how I came to be?


Searching through the darkness,

Oh the empty nothingness


I slip upon a dark hole plunging deeper,

Where is my being’s keeper?


Pain shooting through every inch of my body;

Has my existence been nothing more then me being a nobody?


A faint flat lining light glistens…

Is there anyone here to listen?


Why is my fear coming back alive?


The darkness is re encroaching..

Why, why, why, does it approach??


I remember the smells.

They make my mind go to hell.


All I can hear I myself crying.

All there is…..is dying


The retaste of the memory of fake pleasure..

Only reminds me of my heart’s internal pressure.


Will I keep my sanity?

Or be completely driven to utter insanity……

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