Fireworks (English 2A PPN Assignment)

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A Fourth of July home fireworks display gone haywiare!

Submitted: October 15, 2010

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Submitted: October 15, 2010



Isaac Raetz
Mr. Anderson
English 2
“The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that the flag was still there.”  The song written here by Francis Scott Key might remind many people of the day America declared their independence – the Fourth of July.  Now we celebrate the Fourth of July doing many things.  One of the things that some people do is shoot off fireworks with friends and family.  Dear firework fans, shooting friends with explosive fireworks is not a good idea; it creates a significant chance of injury.  So please do not shoot friends or family.
It started as a beautiful peaceful Fourth of July in two thousand and one, but it was not to last.  The clouds rolled by slowly in the light blue sky.  The smell of meat being grilled wafted past my nose.  The feel of the cool grass beneath my feet, it was a great day.  I was looking forward to a great finish of the day:  the annual Forth of July fireworks.  Our fireworks display rivaled that of Fort Vancouver’s, at least it seemed so to a young child.  We had gathered at my grandparents’ home on chairs, benches and blankets with our family and our friends, the Peacocks, to watch the fireworks.  My dad and uncle had put up a staging platform to launch the fireworks.
At first we started with smaller fireworks like smoke bombs and parachutes.  As the sky shifted from a gentle blue to an ominous lifeless black, the intensity of the fireworks grew.  What first started as small smoke bombs and parachutes had now become multi-explosive mortars shot from cannon-like tubes.  These festival balls elicited amazed exclamations from the spectators; but the amazed exclamations would soon change to apocalyptic shrieks of pure terror.  
The inconceivable happened.  As one of the massive mortars was dropped into its launch tube, the tube toppled towards the unsuspected crowd of people and launched the mortar directly at us!  The mortar smashed into the middle of our friends sending them sprawling over backwards as the festival ball exploded in their laps.  However, they were fortunate to have had a blanket draped over them which took almost all of the blast saving them from any serious injuries.
Finally I hope I have showed you through this story of excitement and danger that fireworks are very dangerous and should be handled with caution.  For example, from my story when a motor blew up in peoples laps it could have easily sent them to the hospital.  So in conclusion, I hope you have learned that shooting others with fireworks can be very dangerous and should not be done. Remember firework fans please use more caution when shooting off fireworks with friends, as you could easily severely hurt them.

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