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This Little Heart Misses You...

Submitted: January 19, 2008

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Submitted: January 19, 2008




This little heart misses you...
Your eyes, your smile, the way you smell.
The way you wrap your arms around my body
As though you couldn't bear to let go.

I miss you. That's all I can say
those are all the words that I have to tell you
How my heart beats faster when I think of you
How I miss your face so close to mine
And my heart swells with the smallest attention.

Just the touch of your hand would be enough
To make this tired smile shine
I miss the sound of your soothing voice
when you're so close to my ear
How the sound of a whisper drives me crazy
And how I wish that I could pull you near.

You're so close and yet still so far away
And I smile to myself as I count the days.
Just a few more days until I can see your face
Until I can feel the warmth of your embrace.
But when I close my eyes I can almost see

You lying here.... to me.

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