No Damsel in Distress

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The words that spill out onto a page shall never seem enough...

Submitted: January 20, 2008

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Submitted: January 20, 2008



The words that spill out onto a page shall never seem enough.

They could never describe all of the thoughts, the fears, the tears,

The tantrums late at night as I roll over in my bed, I shake my head

I ask myself "How can I be so consumed by you? Bemused by you?"

Tell me my love, what do you want from me?

I'm just a girl, I'm no superhero sothere's no cape, no blue tights

What is it that you need to be rescued from?Or freed from?

I haven't a clue, please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

The clock strikes one. Have I thought about you this long?

Have I tossed and turned and moaned and sighed and cried...

For this long? Surely not. How could I be so bemused

That it could take me all night, to reach some form of conclusion.

These bitter tears, angry thought, they try to consume me.

They try to humiliate me, and they try to destroy me.

I don't care what you say, I love you, but it's me, not you

Who needs to be rescued at the end of the day.

I'm no damsel, I don't need a man on a white horse to save me

I don't have hair that I could throw from a tower and I certainly don't

Have a weakness for poisoned apples, or creepy looking old ladies

And I won't fall asleep for one hundred years.

I'll tell you my love, my own hero, with all of his errors and flaws

I need peace of mind. I need to know you love me too, though do you?

I need your arms around me at the end of the day

I need to hear your voice telling me "darling, it'll all be okay...someday."

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