The Selfish Girl's Repentance

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A desperate plea for forgiveness.

Submitted: February 03, 2008

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Submitted: February 03, 2008



Take this heart Father. I beg of you. I pray of you.

I am none of the things I promised you I would be.

I have failed you and have been known to desert you

Father, forgive me, I am so lost, so confused, so scared...



I pray, heal me from my own folly, my own misdeeds

Save me from the way I live my life, save me. Save me...

As tears pour down my cheeks from these tired eyes

I cry "SAVE ME"...for I am only a child.

I'm sorry for the things I've done, mistakes I make

That I can't seem to leave behind me.



I ask of you, help me to to reach out to you again

To seek you as my only comfort, to abandon all else

Betray the materialistic and the shallow and live

A life of purity, goodness, wholeness.

"Pure and virginial" are the names I go by

But how dear Father, I have let you down.

I have twisted and tortured, cruely mangled

All of the goodness you once poured into me

I have destroyed your work in me.


Help me, I am but a lost child

Who knows what she does is wrong

Who knows the grief she causes to You

Whom she loves....



I do love you Father, I do, and it has taken me

To this pathetic, ridiculous point in my life to see

Clearly for the first time in my life.

I have not strength, I have not courage

But I beg of you to grant me both

I beg of you to fill this heart with the peace I once had

With the faith I once had...

...I still want.



I am sorry. I am sorry. These tears they can't explain

How guilty I am, how wrong I have been

And how much I have hurt you

How I have stabbed a knife through your heart

Betrayed all that You have ever done for me

I am not worthy of your mercy, but I ask you

I beg you, please grant me your love

Please help me to leave behind my sin

To free myself from the shackles of a love so wrong.



I am confused and I am hurting and it is all my doing

I bring this on myself and I know what I receive

Is my punishment from a loving God, who craves

Who wishes, to be reunited with his daughter

Who has left Him, and hurt Him and destroyed what was once

A beautiful relationship, a time of love and peace and joy

Oh the joy that I have had from knowing you

From being your child. How much time I have wasted

On such folly, on such fickle pathetic things which can only

Ever cause our love for each other more harm Father.


I do not deserve you, I am not worthy of you

I am but a humble servant seeking forgiveness

Seeking peace of mind once again

Begging you please, please, forgive me for all I have done

For how I have mistreated You, for how I have cursed myself.


Let me see you in the light again, let me feel your arms

Around me as you say "Hush my child, I know you are hurting

I know you are broken. I know you are so utterly confused

But seek strength from me, find your faith in me and then

Once again, you will know that I am God

You will know that you are loved

You will know that I miss you too dear child

And let us rebuild what has been lost."



Forgive me Father

I have been selfish.

I have been foolish.

I have been unworthy

Of your love so pure.

But here I am, trying to fix

The bonds of this faith in You

This love that I have for You.

I love you. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry....



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