Your Pale Beauty (Smokey Moon)

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...your pale beauty almost sings of hope...

Submitted: January 26, 2008

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Submitted: January 26, 2008



"Smokey moon" that hangs above me

Your ghostly presence is almost a threat

A reminder of all the things I've done

The errors that are not yet accounted for

Misdeeds for which I must make amends

I beg you, judge me not. There is still time.

Yet your pale beauty almost sings of hope.

How can something be so terrifying yet so beautiful?

So enchanting, so intoxicating...

I could watch you stare back down at me

Until my heavy eyelids begin to flicker shut

The weary day catching up with this tired soul.

These darkened branches sway before you

Visible only by your wintery glow

They sway and they dance in the bitter chill

Almost as a reminder than my dreams are merely

Hints of a distant memory, long gone

But by no means forgotten. I cling onto that hope.

So tell me "smokey moon", tell me what this means?

These tired ramblings of a lovesick fool

Of a girl who lives only through her dreams

Who longs to be free from her mind's captivity.

Until that day I will wait, I shall hope

And I shall hope until my heart begins to break.

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