Your Second Best

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You must understand...

Submitted: January 16, 2008

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Submitted: January 16, 2008



You must understand that I know that you are hurt

That she left scars on your skin that may not heal

That she broke and burnt you when she left you alone

But come a little closer and let me heal your wounds.


Do you not see how it feels for me, when I look at you?

I never met her yet I can see her in your eyes

I know that she’s still a part of you and that she’s there

No matter how much you say that she is long gone.


If she had vanished then you would let me in.

You would kiss me, hold me, until my body is sore

You would tell me “I love you; you’re all I want and more.”

You’d wrap your arms around me and wipe away these tears.


Here I lie in my timid fear that I’m your second best.

Tell me (do I want to know?) do I sleep on her side of the bed?

Did she kiss you like me? Make love to you like me?


…….Do I look like her at all?


I try so hard to have patience, to be strong and be brave

Yet each day goes by and my heart breaks that bit more

How long until you say “Darling, it’s you that I adore.”

I’m tired, confused, broken, yet still faithful and true

And whether foolish, or not…


I love you.


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