the Effect of 2go on Students

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students has involve themselves in this mobile messenger called 2go, and this has lead to poor reading culture in te polytechnic, the mobile messenger has made the students to be chatting frequently even in the tiolet,classroom and church. this article is publish to inculcate the students on how to minimize their involvments in 2go. information was gotten from primary source (interviews) and internet.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012






Engr. Cyrus Orji, ND(IMSP), MCSE(FUTO)

Member, Nigeria Internet Group.


2go is a mobile messenger that allows you as a person to communicate or convey messages and information to a friend for free. It is a social network of millions of people, where you can meet people, talk to friends, share files and pictures all over the world. 2go mobile messenger is good application programs that can enable you keep in touch with your friends and families always. The best thing about this tool is that it is free to use.

This application program is basically used by millions of people in the world most especially, Imo State Polytechnic students. You can simply need to create and setup your profile and then you can start interacting (charting) with new people, talking to your friends, sharing files, and pictures with them and have funs right from your mobile phones. Using 2go, you can interact with your friends for free.

However, the application does not require a network connections on your phone, and charges may vary from one mobile operator to the other (eg MTN, GLO), but the cost of network is still significantly less compared to the cost of  SMS, face book, twitter or yahoo messenger. Using it, is very easy, you simply need to download and install the application on your phone from the website The best part about the application is that you can chat with friends anywhere anytime you want. Using this tool, you can also connect to other charting network including face book, delicious, twitter, my space, my life, my world, mxit, bolt, and blog spots. Simply fill the registration form online, download the application on your phone and start charting right away.

Features of 2go Mobile Messenger

  1. 2go, as a mobile messenger, it has a provision of storing files and information
  2. It has an application for uploading of pictures and videos
  3. It is designed for charting, with an easy terminal protocol for easy sending and receiving of information through electromagnetic wave.
  4. It enables easy access to users’ phone numbers and email address.
  5. It is generally accepted by every GSM service provider.
  6. It also enables the students to update their pictures on daily basis.
  7.  It is widely used by students including those of Imo Poly.
  8. it has a maximum of 400x600 screen resolution on GSM
  9. 2go has an inbox for storing of received and sent messages
  10. It is limited to genuine mobile phones only (Nokia, Samsung not China phones).


Positive Effect of 2go on Imo Poly students

2go has exposed Imo Poly students to the importance of internet and social networks: However, Onyedika Obikwelu, ND II Business Administration admitted that 2go has exposed the students in the aspect of communications and chatting. Vitus Mbachu, Agric Engineering Ex-student, said that 2go has enhanced the social life of our youth and development of the world. Nkechi Akano, NDI Business Admin, vowed that 2go has made our young ladies to get married unlike before. Her sister Lucy Akano NDII OTM who spoke with courage said that 2go has rendered a lot of connections to Imo Poly students and Business men. Amadi Ikechukwu, HNDII Business Administration said that 2go has made dating and sex easy for students, meanwhile narrating it as a positive effect.

Negative effect of 2go on students

  • Uzoma NDII Civil Engineering, spoke with bitterness that 2go has unleashed poor reading culture on our students and also instigating a lot of sexual immoralities on them. He also explained how his girl friend was cooking and “2going” at the same time. This he lamented as an unfair attitude of her. He also added that 2go contain devilish and un educating spirit, in the sense that, by their fruit we shall know them.
  • Okoronze Kennedy, HND II Microbiology also explains that our students now get girl friends easily through 2go. He also emphasizes that majority of the boys now have 2-5 girl friends, which he concluded as bad and negative effect.
  • Onuoha Rowland NDII Electrical Engineering expresses his experiences with bitterness that 2go has been deceiving a lot of students thereby inculcating bad emotions of life in them.

General Advantages of 2go to students

  • It reduces the cost of communication than other means of communication
  • It is easily accessible to students
  • It minimized the high rate of losing phones by students
  • It is free to download, and cheaper to subscribe to
  • It gives access to frequent chatting
  • It has also made the students to buy original phones (e.g Nokia)

General Disadvantages of 2go to Students

  • It enhances poor reading culture in Imo Poly, meanwhile not a sine-quanon.
  • It is easily accessibly anytime anywhere, thereby creating a lot of nuisance in the school
  • It kills battery, thereby requiring frequently charging of their phones., 50% of students now have low battery each day
  • It has made a lot of students to lack spellings and difficult to speak good English (eg O Boy wia u dey, wadup, xup, kul, 5n)



I hereby recommend the following:

  • Students should involve themselves in an educating social network
  • That 2go should be upgraded to some thing higher, creating and advance encryption  and authentications to restrict free flow of students
  • I also recommend that students should reduce the high rate of chatting and engage in reading their books and surfing the internet for vital issues, example visiting
  • I also enjoy students in computer science department to design a social network for Imo Poly students in order to remove the eyes of our students in 2go, and also reduce the number of users.


In conclusion, we have all know that 2go is a mobile messenger basically for chatting and conveying of information and messages. We are in the technology world, and things are going from simplicity to complexity. 2go is quiet alright, but too much involvement of students is generally unacceptable and unentertained. 2go has made the students to know more about the internet unlike before.  Students should learn how to study online, publish articles online, make transactions online, learn how to design blog spot, looking for mogul information online and try and own at least one email address because an effort has bee made by the Ag. Rector of Imo Poly Rev. Fr. Dr. W.C Madu, cmf to turn the institution into a cashless society by the beginning of 2012/2013 academic session.  Data are collected from primary source (interviews and questionnaires), and secondary source (internet and e-book). This article has been published online at Finally, I thank Mr. Tony Ezebuiro for his effort for proof reading this article and Obaji Timothy for typing it out.

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