Unconditional with Exceptions

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

How is it that you can say that you know what's going on, and you don't realize that I'm talking about you when I say "Can't you see it in my Eyes"? The story of falling in love with oblivion.

Chloe Butterfield
Like a starved dog at a meatless bone
I survey the disappointment that comes with obsession.
The hallowed ground you walk upon
Can only last so long, you know.
I can only balance so long
Walking the path you do
And you have to realize sometime
I’ll have fallen away from you.
And though you aren’t followed,
Not stalked by fool admirers,
You manage to find a way
To make me follow you.
You can only live so long
Walking the path you do
And you have to realize sometime
Someone is following you.
Someone you mightn’t even know
Is quietly lending you her love
Purer than a sea of roses,
She is waiting for the loan to be paid back.
The man who saw sleeping beauty saw her
Saw her beautiful heart
Saw her hopefulness, her kindness, her innocence,
Her dedication only to you.
And you’ll hear her voice today
Sounding out tried and true,
You’ll hear the song of her heart
That yours has darkened, torn apart.
When you congratulate me, do you mean
‘you’re beautiful’ or ‘that’s how you should be’?
When you say you’re in love, is it the kind your heart brings,
Or the kind forced, pressured into loving material things?
As you run off, she thinks “the things you do,
What I wouldn’t give to show you
My soul and its beauty
That should’ve been on the outside”

You are crueler than a thousand hyenas,
Yet your love is more piercing than a thousand swords.
You make yourself hideous,
Yet I can see no fault in you.
If you’re going to tell me I’m beautiful,
Please don’t be lying.
You have to know that if you are,
Inside, I’ll be dying.
You say you would never do this,
Never hurt a girl who loved you
But what would you say if her soul
Was trapped in a body of filth?
You say you would know if she followed you,
You would feel her presence at your back,
But how can you see a shadow,
Or feel its hopeless lack?
You say you could never hurt her
Or leave her to starve by herself,
But you can’t see the fire in my eyes
When all of this has already happened.
You say you could never leave, hurt, or starve her,
And yet,
I am alone, pained, and hungry.
What makes me an exception?
I am the girl of your dreams, but you only see in black and white.

Submitted: May 14, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Enrai Manako. All rights reserved.

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