The girl who played with chocolate

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Susana is a beautiful little girl trapped in a stinky planet, but her one lethal condition will change her life forever.

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



It was a pretty sunny day in a small town named "Black Tania" in Sweden, when a little girl named Susana was walking through a big mall located right in the middle of the town. She was a beautiful 16-year old girl, black hair, and white like milk. Every boy in town desired her, and she was extremely popular at school. Everybody in Black Tania knew her. She was popular even among girls, who envied her beautiful blue eyes, and her perfect complexion. Parents, adults and even older men would stare at her symmetric and mesmerizing body. She was almost perfect, but among all these qualities, Susana had a particular condition; she had an excessive love for chocolates. She would literally eat chocolate all day long. Tons of tons of chocolate, caramel with chocolate, apples, bananas, and strawberries covered of black and brown chocolate. Non-stop chocolate eating, chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

She would only stop if she had a big amount of grease inside her body, (which made her develop many horrible diseases), or, until she was satisfied at the fullest and a thread of drool, greasy brown, would come out falling in between her belly.

Everyone in town warned her to stop eating chocolates. She was told by doctors and family that an excessive amount of grease could cause her serious problems to her body, but she never paid attention to these warnings.

One day, Susana had come back from school. She got home and she got ready to eat another set of creamy chocolates. She had an immense collection of chocolate for her every day’s diet; White chocolate, sweet creamy chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut-butter chocolate, and bittersweet chocolate.

After eating all kinds of chocolate bars, Susana began feeling weird. Something rare was going on inside of her body. The chocolate and all that grease had been corrupting Susana`s intestine. She felt a strong mess inside her stomach; rare noises were coming out of her body. The poor creature began to have an extremely painful feeling. She started throwing up all over the place, brown vomit, liters and liters of gross vomit and blood. There were little pieces of her own stomach on the floor due the intense effort, and therefore, a big amount of blood covered the floor. The poor girl cried loudly, and the pain increased.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, her neck started to get bigger, and bigger. It began to expand, like a balloon. Susana`s skin color turned blue  due the obstruction of oxygen. She was about to spit some strange object with the shape of a big balloon, that thing went from her stomach, to the neck, and then passing through her mouth, destroying every single bone of her face. Finally, Susana spat a big white egg out of her mouth.

After these horrible series of events, she fainted, and she stopped suffering, but her face was a deformed gelatinous mass of skin with blood.


When her parents arrived, they were very surprised to see her. Susana`s lower jaw was falling apart, leaving the teeth exposed, and gave off the terrible smell of rotten flesh. Her tongue was hanging off her mouth without any support.

They took her to the hospital. The doctors said that they could not do anything for her because of the extreme deformation. Everyone  there was scare of her ugly face.

The days passed by, and Susana, unable to talk with people, began suffering severe bullying and molestation from other students at school. They would spit at her face and make fun of her. She went from being a beautiful and popular girl to the most horrendous human being on earth. So gradually the poor girl was running out of friends.

The circus of town offered her a contract of 5 years to work as the main event in their shows. They would pay her enough money to have an operation that would bring her a decent face. Her parents spent all the money they had on medication and after a while, they lost their home due financial problems. Without any other solution, she decided to work for the circus.

What Susana did not know was that the circus had been marketing and promoting her as the "ugliest face on earth" and the first show was a nightmare for Susana, who was a victim of terrible discrimination and severe abuse. TV shows and news from all over the world made her famous. She was a big celebrity, at a point where she was unable to walk down the street without freaking everybody out.

Alone and abandoned, she spent most of her time wandering the town with a mask that would cover her deformed face. She would have killed herself if it wasn't for her beloved mother, a woman that never stopped supporting and pushing her to feel better.

On a personal level, when she was lonely in her room, she would cry quietly, (although she was unable to actually cry, she`d try) She went into a depressive hole with no escape. She could not think in anything else, not even in the past, not even in the chocolates anymore.

Susana had been lying on her bed thinking and thinking about what to do with her life. Her room was pretty well-looking with a big window aside of her single bed, and she was recalling some of the facts that occurred that horrible day when the accident happened.

While she tried to think what happened that day, the light of the moon was coming through the window illuminating her face and a beautiful landscape of the night, full of big stars, made her ugly face shine beautifully.

Susana then, looked out the window. Fascinated by the landscape, she began looking at two of the lamppost that were located right in front of her house. She immediately saw the shape of a small person standing on the top a lamppost. As soon as she saw that little person standing there, she recalled that she has spat a big egg when the accident occurred.

Susana went to her closet and she found pieces of the egg. She quickly went to look at the window again. Nobody was standing there anymore. She immediately closed the windows and she sat down hugging her knees. She could not believe what she saw. She was sitting there, scared.

At the top of Susana`s roof. A little elf with a big nose and very old-looking, dressed a very elegant black suit, sat down while he was looking at the lights of Black Tania.

Elf (in his mind): I made a mistake. She was not supposed to see me now. Duh… Tough… i think it`s enough time. It`s been 3 weeks now. Whatever…

Susana`s mother heard some noises coming off Susana`s room. Worried about her, she passed by her room.

Susana`s Mother: "Is everything O.K honey?"

Susana: "I`m O.K"

Susana`s Mother: "Do you want me to call the doctor, honey?"

Susana was not able to answer her questions. She was extremely scared to think about it.

Susana`s mother: "Are you there?, You are not feeling good are you?"

Susana`s mother turned his head to her right, and she sees the Elf standing in front of her.

Elf: "What does not kill you makes you stronger. That`s a fact."

Susana`s mother face turned red. She was horrified. As soon as she opened her mouth to scream, the little Elf jumped in front of her. He makes a quick spell, and a big sphere covered her face, taking out the oxygen and stopping the scream, then he pushed Susana`s mother inside of one of the rooms of the house, and with his magic powers, made every door of the house lock tightly.

Susana was not scared anymore. Death was not something that she remotely cared about at that moment.

For a just a second, it looked like the time was not passing by anymore, and everything was running slowly. The wind stopped blowing, the lights went out, and the moon was lighting Susana`s room, and Susana began to hear the sound of a beautiful orchestra while she stared at the window. That Elf was sitting on the window.

Elf: "And that's how the sword of destiny falls."

Susana had an incredibly curiosity to know who he was. The little elf had a very soft voice, and it was very scratchy at the same time.

He was covering the light of the moon with his entire body, which gave him an amazing look.

Elf: "Do you want to die?"

There is no answer.

Elf: "Question; Do you know who i am?"

There is no answer

Elf: "You can barely talk, huh? It must be horrible.

At this point, what would make you want to live?""

There is no answer

Elf: "hum..."

The little Elf crunched his fingers and in less than a second Susana`s face became normal again.

Elf: "Now you can talk?"

Susana slowly wipes the tears from her face and after a big scream she falls from her bed.

Susana: "Am i, Am i, Am i dreaming?"

She looks at the mirror with a big smile in her face.

Susana: "Yes! Yes! I`m normal again! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Susana runs into the Elf and she gives him a big hug.

Susana: "Ohh Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!"

The little girl began to cry. She was the happiest girl on the universe.

The Elf magically pushes her away from him.

Elf: "Don't touch me! What are you doing? You can`t touch me."

She takes off the tears from her face.

Susana: "You can do anything you want and say anything you want to say. I can’t believe this is happening to me. Tell me that I’m not dreaming, please, please I'm begging you. I pray to god that this is actually happening."

Elf: "Aren't you afraid of me? This is unusual. Most humans would instantly freak out."

Susana: "Are you kidding me? You gave me my face back! I'm so happy! I could not thank you enough for this! I can’t think clearly! This is surreal!"

Elf: "I gave you your face back because that accident was my mistake. I`ve seen worst cases of human misery than yours, and they don`t get fixed."

Susana: "Thank you for bringing my face back. I'm very thankful."

Elf: "You welcome. …After all…

…You deserve to live in peace…"

The Elf prepares himself to leave the place.

Susana: "Hold on, hold on, hold on! What are you doing here!? You are that little creature i just saw a couple of minutes ago. I'm just shocked that i have my face again that I’m unable to really think about what's happening… Tell me… Who are you, what did you mean by "mistake"?"

Elf: "Do you really want to know?"

Susana stares at the Elf hoping for answers.

Susana: "I just can't contemplate what`s happening to me right now."

Elf: "I should have been quicker… You stupid idiot…"

The little elf face palms.


Susana who is very interested continues staring at him.

Elf: "This going to be hard to believe."

Susana: "Have you come to take me to hell?"

Elf: "Hell?"

Susana: "I’ve read stories about you. My uncle used to tell me stories when I was little.

Elf: What I’m going to tell you is not a story, and you are not dreaming."

Susana: "I understand."

Elf: "And since you asked for an explanation it’s my unfortunate responsibility to tell you the true.

However, it would be great if you let me go right now. I can’t stand the smell of this place. This planet stinks."

Susana's face was full of happiness and intense curiosity. While she was listening, she hugs her knees, staring at that Elf who sat down in Susana's bed.

Elf (sights): " Please?"

Susana: "What is this? What’s happening?"

Elf: "My name is Ein. I`m part of the "Seven pillars", a group of cosmic entities that have control of this galaxy. I was also part of the creative process when we built your planet. I'm incharged of the human species. I decide what to do with their souls, and i also get to decide who lives and who does not lives. I'm studying at the sixth dimension located sixty years away from this planet. I had been studying the creation of new species when one of my helpers told me that 3,500 human beings had to die that day, among those humans, you were there. Unfortunately I’m the one who has to take the decisions of how and when you will die.

Anyways, you were supposed to die 3 weeks ago in that accident, but for some rare reason you expelled a white egg, which is a common situation when there is an imbalance in what you call "reality". We call it, "Dimension disorder", and it`s a rare symptom where matter appears out of nowhere without any logical explanation. It could have happen due an intense cosmic explosion, or a magnetic charge.

In other words, you could have expelled a balloon, or any other strange object. What matters is that i didn't take care of it, and you had a terrible time."

Susana: "So you came to make me happy?"

Ein: "No. Your happiness is trivial to me."

Susana: "Right, but you want your species to be happy, don't you?"

Ein smiles at her.

Ein: "Not at all. I want humans to evolve and be productive in the future, but that has not happened yet."

Susana: "So what do you do when you see someone suffering? You don't do anything for that person?"

Ein: "I can`t discuss that with you, I can't allow you to know, I can’t decide who is happy or who is not, i can’t interrupt human evolution. I can’t control time."

Susana: "So nobody cares?"

Ein: "Excuse me? I care."

Susana: "Wait, a moment ago you said that you decide who lives. Which-"

Ein: "I decide whether you live or not. However, i can`t control your destiny. The reason you were going to die was because of your extreme obsession with chocolates. I did not make you have that obsession. I have never killed any human since the earth was created. Killing people is not my job; my job is to have an equal equilibrium."

Susana: "I’m blown away. I just can't think clearly about all this and i have so many questions. You can't just go like that."

Ein (
sights): "Yeah... Sorry..."

Susana: "Please…"

Ein: "huh?"

Susana: "You said that Humans have not evolved. I don't understand."

Ein: "Which doesn't surprise me…"

Susana: "What do you mean by that?"

Ein: "You have set the record of making 3 questions in a row. I'm impressed. Normally any other human would shot at me with a gun."

Susana: "This is the most interesting day in my life."

Ein: "Listen carefully: You were beautiful and ignorant, and after you had this experience you have learned more about humans than the average person. What have you learned?"


While Susana pays attention to everything Ein was saying, she recalled the facts. The fact that the circus hired her, the fact that everyone in town made fun of her, people spitting at her face, and the media trying to profiting with her condition.

Susana (smiling): "I’ve learned that Humans are the most disgusting creatures…"

Ein: "When they see you superficially they wanted to possess you, and after your accident they spat at your face and nobody really helped you. Sure that some people have morals and doctors tried to do something. However, your environment claims to be something that is not. You live in a fake reality. What you used to see does not correspond to reality."

Susana: "What is the reality?"

Ein: "Humans have had a big retrogression. They have not evolved the way they should be. Your species is a closed case. Our investigation in this planet… is over. I’m sorry.

Susana: "How come?"

Ein: "I've told you too much. I shouldn't be discussing this with you. I'm going to leave now."

Susana: "Wait, hold on there. Just... let me ask you…"

Ein: "I'm sorry."

Susana: "What happens when we die? Where do we go? Please, please, please, please. Tell me! What is that group you mentioned earlier?Is there any god out there?"

Ein starts laughing.

Ein: "I shouldn’t be talking with you. You’ve got 5 minutes."


Susana: "Please tell me."

Ein: "When you die other animals and insects would eat your body, and the rest of your body becomes part of your planet."

Susana: "Just like that?"

Ein:"Yes. 4 minutes now."

Susana: "It's funny that you say that. My family and most of my friends are religious and they claim they've have had supernatural experiences.

My family, especially my mother became much more religious after my accident."

Ein (smiling): "That's funny. What happened with you?"

Susana: "I've never been like that, but i can't believe that death is so simple. When my accident happened i became much more spiritual. Individually, without worshiping anything organized. So… What happens after we die? Tell me please. Please."

Ein: "Prepare yourself my friend, because that will be the last question I answer;

You die, and matter it`s transmitted, and processed, but the energy only in very specific circumstances it`s transmitted and disappears. They go through a process. Given the geological and magnetic conditions, a soul can record unique feelings and thoughts. The recording process gets stronger when that subject's actions are in the memory of other many subjects. In other words, when a person has contributed a lot to its species, that soul is likely get a strong spiritual energy, strong enough to become a star, an entity, or a planet. I’ll go now."

Susana: "No afterlife?"

Ein: What makes life so valuable is the fact that it doesn't last forever. If there was a heaven like many humans claim, life wouldn`t be valuable, and a place without pain or preoccupations… It would be... Meaningless."

Susana: "So that's how this works. It is that simple."

Ein (chuckling): "It’s not simple. There is not a God, or an entity capable of control everything. Humans love to make up these kinds of fantasies since they were created, when people believed in mythological gods, and now, currently, an entity called "god". None of that is true. Our organization, "The seven pillars" controls an incredibly tiny part of this galaxy, which is a tiny part of the universe, among all the other`s multi-verses and new universes and dimensions that are being self-created right now. Not to mention the billions of civilizations."

Susana was speechless. She was shocked and very excited about what was happening in her life.

Ein. "I have to go now."

Ein opens the window. It is very windy outside.

Ein: "Your mother will be okay…"

Susana: "What does not kill you makes you stronger, is that right?"

Ein: "Finish the book…"

Susana: "What book?"

Ein: "It provokes you a huge fear anything that you cannot see, and you worship with reverence what you cannot understand.

You probably don`t understand this, but don't worry. One day... you will."

Susana: Thank you. Thank you for everything. I really appreciate your help. I couldn’t thank you enough. Thank you for giving me my life back. Thank you so much."

Ein: "…They won`t remember what happened…

Ein opens his two wings and fly's away

It took Susana a while to convince her mind that she wasn't dreaming. Nobody in town believed her when she told them about this situation. She went from being beautiful, to being the ugliest girl on earth, and finally being a weirdo, freak, and a liar.

After a while, nobody paid attention to her, and she left Black Tania to start a new life in the city. Susana became very interested in exploring our universe, and she studied Cosmology. She graduated with honors, and after a while she won many awards due her discoveries.

Years later, she wrote a book called "The city of beasts" which became best seller all over the world. She lived a happy life, and then died months later after she released "Damn Elf" at the age of 100 years old.

Susana's soul got stronger with the time she spent living on earth, and she became a solitary cosmic entity, who wanders through the space living experiences and watching civilizations, and experiencing incredibly events of self-creation, which would take place for a new planet to born.

Her soul is currently part of the "Seven Pillars", founders of the Milky Way. One of the youngest Galaxies ever created.

 Enrique Catalán Thank you for reading.

© Copyright 2017 Enrique Catalan. All rights reserved.

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