For Years

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Another set of lyrics for my musical. This one sung by the main antagonist. This is part of our main character being conditioned to think he's a killer. I hope you enjoy it!

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013



For Years

For years, Mr. Micheals,

Your victims have suffered,

(It's not true)

Indeed for years Isaac,

you carved their flesh,

(I refuse to believe)

How is it you deny this,

(I won't give in)

When their blood is still fresh,

(I won't believe, That I could be, such an animal)

How dare you lie, How dare you cry, your phenomenal,

Both: I won't give in, renounce your sin's,

(And let me leave)

You'll never leave,

(I will escape this hell)

You must be joking,

(One day I will be well)

What have you been smoking,

(Why am I kept here, why can't I leave, why do you think can have me believe that for years I performed mutilation of flesh, hacked and slashed and caused so many deaths, am I to bow down and accept this as fact, don't you think that your plan is a little abstract)

No! you will stay here, you will never be well,

Indeed you will stay here for years,

(for years?)

Many, many years! you will stay,

(I refuse)

You have too much to lose,

(I've already already lost my mind)

For years you've taken lives,

(And if I ever take yours. . . I will take my time!)


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