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A poem dedicated to my ex girlfriend. I hope she is happy.

Submitted: December 07, 2012

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Submitted: December 07, 2012




For you I will gladly lay my life down,

and for you sweetheart I have,

I gladly accept the wretched pain,

my heart is broken and my soul is stained,

with heart wrenching loneliness that should never be felt,

by anyone daring enough to love,

but I know for a fact that we will meet again if not here then up above,

so for you I gladly let my heart be torn,

for through this pain I am reborn,

perhaps into a less happy position,

but it's clear to me you've made a decision,

so gladly I lay my heart down for you,

and remember the happy times we've been through,

my soul only burns for one in this world,

and with my love for that one,

my heart has been hurled,

into an existence I'd rather not live,

for you my dear I'll gladly give,

all of my heart my soul and my fate,

but the thing that will not give you is hate,

I gladly allow my heart to be crushed,

if I can only keep the memory of your cute little blush,

the way you smile and way laugh,

it was like art that only a master could craft,

and I'll gladly accept the hurtful things you do,

for you my sweetheart,

and only for you.

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