The First World Series: Blistering Cold

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This is a fantasy short story series, in which a group of people find themselves in the First World. The First World is the world that cam before the earth. It's spirit is mother to gaia, and her wisdom is greater as well.

Submitted: December 06, 2012

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Submitted: December 06, 2012



The First World: Blistering Cold

"Hurry up guys!" Runan yelled, "We don't wanna be late!" Reven dragged herself up the road behind him, with the exhasperated Sorvon following close behind her. "He needs to calm down." Reven said. "He's just exited!" "He always is, thats the problem!"Shecomplained.""Well you know how he is.Whenever he finds something he likes, he's gotta drag us out to see it.""YeahI know. Like the old piece of crap skateboard he foundlast night. damn thing was missing half its front." "Yeah, but the little guy's always been pretty good with his hands." Reven smiled. "Yeah you're right." She said.

she stopped and looked up at Runan, Who was now standing atop a steep hill and looking down over the other side. "God. This kids gonna kill us." Reven Joked. "Don't worry guys, it's right over here." He announced exitedly. "Well then let's see it buddy!" Sorvon said as he scrambled up the hill. He reached the top and nearly fell over backwards. Reven crawled up after him. She collapsed on the ground in the dust. Her scattered breathing was the only way one would identify her as living. She looked up, blinked a couple of times, and then stood up to look over the edge where the boys were. she say nothing but sand.

"What the hell kid!? I don't see a damn thing!" She hollared. "What are you talking about. There's a beautiful woman standing out there." "I dont see any women. And besides, you two have me. whadya need to chace tail all the way out here for." "She's amazing." Sorvon drooled. "Well, what are we just standing here for. Why don't we go say hi" "Now your talkin' kid, lets go."

They took off in a flash, leaving Reven to choke on the dust they kicked up. The two scrambled through the sand, toward the woman that they could see in the distance.They reached her, and Sorvon, being the loverboy he is introduced himself. The woman smiled, and said nothing.She backed away and seemed to evaporate, leaving nothing but steem. Sorvon dropped to his knees,being melodramatic like always, and he didn't notice what was going on around him. He jumped slightly when Runan tapped him on the shoulder, and he noticed that he was not where he was a moment ago. The ground that was once a series of sandy dunes was now frozen, with snow lightly covering it's surface. The baren surrounding he was accustomed to was now riddled with the flora and fauna one would attribute to an ancient world. for the first time in his life, he was truly afraid.

"Where are we?" He asked a very confused Runan. "Like I know that." "Well you should! The creepy disappearing babe was your find!""Yeah like this kinda thing happens every day!""Whatever, let's just figure out where we are." "You are in the first world." a voice specified, "more specifically, the begining of the first world. This iswhat your world was born from.This is close to what you call God."The two boys turned to see the woman standing behind them."I am the spirit of the first world. My name is Hanja. Welcome to my surface. this is its more natural state, before the coming of inteligent beings.

She turned to look at Runan, who was shocked by the strange world he was seeing."This is the stage of the Blistering Cold, as identified by intelligent beings.This stage is the first of four, and it shall not last long.I decided shortly afterI created the first creatures,that they were far too insinctual. Impulse drove them to commit terrible deeds, and inflict terrible harm unto themselves.They will die soon, actually, in about a year, this cycle will end.You need only survive that long." Runan was dumbfounded, and only able to speak one word.

"Survive?" He querried. Hanja smiled ever so sweetly, and spoke. "Yes, survive. I have brought you here that might save this world. Perhaps one from my daughter's world would be able to prevent the Intelligents from bringing about their own destruction. I can only hope that I am right." "So... What about me?" Sorvon asked. "You merely followed my chosen savior here. There is no need for you to stay." "Well I don't know how the hell I'm supposed to get home so I guess I'm staying!" He aserted. "Very well. Just know that after you pass through this stage, you will not be able to change your mind."

With that the spirit evaporated yet again into the cold air. "Damn I'm freezing!" Sorvon complained. "She couldn't have left us jackets or something." "Quit complaining." Runan ordered, annoyed. "We'll survive well enough." "And what makes you so sure." "I dunno, but there must be some reason she chose me." "Stop rubbing it in ya little ass!" "Hey look bro!" Runan yelled exitedly, pointing up toward a nearby cave in the hillside above. Sorvon followed his finger, and then started trudging toward the cave.

"What are you doing Sorvon?" Runan asked. "Whadya think? I'm heading for the obvious shelter before I freeze to death. Can't let something else get it, can we." Runan stopped talking, and trudged up along his brother. The entrance to the cave was eminating a warmth that could be felt from far away. The brothers took refuge in the cave, hiding deep inside where there was no wind to chill their bones. When they reached the farthest they could without leaving the light behind Sorvon lit a cigarette. "So what now?" he asked with smoke bellowing from his nostrils with every breath.

Runan laid back on the hard, rocky cave floor. "I dunno." He answered, "Wait I guess." "Listen, We can't just wait here little bro. We need to eat don't we?" Well, I haven't seen a single living thing since we got here.

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