She will wait for him. The one she was destined for.

I sat at the window gracefully

staring out into the open space

My eyes that you once described to be as bright as the sun's rays, now a dull yellow.

I grow weaker and weaker every day

my life with spring

my end it shall bring.

But, I will wait for you.

For my love is true.

On my last day

I will return to our hide-away.

The flowers in bloom

Their smell just like perfume

As a sudden wind comes you suddenly appear

and start to come near

I don't blink in fear of you disappearing

but I know its not a dream

when you hold me tight

My eyes will once again shine bright

and pick me up like I'm light as a feather

and together

we will escape

to a world of our creation

something that our endless emotions will shape.

There's no explanation,

no imatation, for what I'm feeling right now.

The only word that comes close is to describing it is


Submitted: May 05, 2010

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