The Eternal Battle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This story is about a small glimpse of a girls history.
Her name is, Victoria.

Submitted: June 25, 2014

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Submitted: June 25, 2014



Part I; 



Everything was going so smoothly…


I opened my eyes, sweat was running down my face. I was gasping for air, shaking, I forced my body to sit up with my right hand while gently raising my left had to my chest to grip onto the dark grey night gown I wore. Shakily, I reached for my phone before screaming as the late night storm roared and lit up the sky with its graceful yet horrifying lightning. I knew from this point on, my life was no longer going to be the same ever again.


I was walking down the dark ally, feeling safe within his arms, I screeched at the noise and sight of rats scavenging around in the discarded rubbish no one ever took care of. Looking up to be greeted by his dark brown eyes that captivated me, I blushed lightly feeling his arms slowly wrap around my waist, closing my eyes, I felt his grip tighten.. Knowing that he could feel danger nearby, my senses heightened. I felt goosebumps spread all over my body, shaking, I bit my lip before…

It was too late…



My heart was beating so fast, it was getting hard to breath. Feeling hands from behind try to get a grab at my wrists, closing my eyes, I screamed louder than before,  making my voice box vibrate and hurt much more than before but I wanted to scare whoever it was away… No longer feeling safe, tears were streaming down my face before feeling a sudden hit towards the back of my head. Dropping to my knees, I heard mutters before I lost consciousness.


“Victoria! Victoria answer me!” A deep voice that belonged to a male called out in a raspy voice. “Wake up!” He continued, his voice becoming more worried.

My vision becoming blurry, with the closed eyes, I could see white almost greyish blurs. Hearing the voice, I needed to wake up. Breathing deeply, trying to move my arms and legs, rope held me tight. Feeling a cold breeze rush over my skin, it sent a ghostly chill over my body. Shaking my head, I opened my eyes before re-closing them softly, slowly awaking from my unconscious state.

“Alex...” Murmuring his name gently, I tried to open my eyes again.

“Victoria!” He screamed out, not knowing or caring of his surroundings, his only mission was, to make sure I was safe.

“Alex, I’m here!” I shouted out in a hurtful voice.

With it suddenly becoming silent, hearing no reply, I could hear heavy footsteps. Holding onto my breath, I kept my eyes shut.

“NO! I won’t answer you dammed questions!” Alex screamed out to whom had confronted him.

Hearing a chair of plastic snap, knowing that sound from anywhere, I jumped and gasped in fear. Opening my eyes in fear, I looked up to see an old wooden door that looked like it was rotting, keeping me from my closest friend. No longer caring, I started to move slightly, trying to loosen up the ropes that were tightly wrapped around my wrists and ankles. Growling.

“Alex! Stay strong! Don’t you dare give up.” I shouted to the door, hoping he would hear my voice.

Alex screamed out to me. I could hear the pain in his voice. I blinked my eyes to only feel the ropes loosen, my body was acting on its own, my instincts, were shouting at me. On the floor, my heart was thumping hard and loud, feeling a cold breeze rush over me, I re-opened my eyes to only see, I now stood at the door growling. My eyes had turned a crimson blood red, I felt as if I had changed. My human instincts ran, my in-humane instincts, were taking control. I felt nothing but my heart slowly losing its normal rate beating, before I raised a leg and kick the door down in anger. Seeing Alex on the ground with blood dripping from his mouth, it was as if everything had slowed down. As if I was moving faster than time itself… With this power I felt, I felt as if I could save Alex and myself… Before I felt my shirt becoming wet and heavy… Looking down, I saw blood being soaked up into my shirt. Looking up to Alex, I whispered.

“I can’t feel it…” before collapsing to the ground on my knees. Feeling something or someone had hit me in the back, causing my body to collapse to the ground completely.

I could feel a blood pool growing around me, my own blood, it felt weird… disgusting, but something inside of me was angered.

A hatred…

A lust to kill to survive.

 With my heart pounding so hard, it was as if it was beating in my head, it was so loud. Feeling my body being engulfed in blood, I knew I wasn’t dead for a simple reason, I was breathing and moving.

Minutes ago I was just simply laying there, death waltzing at my door to take my life, instead I said ‘Hell No!’ to death and smirked before closing the door on him and standing a tall once more.

Opening my eyes, everything was much clearer, until the pain kicked in.

I screamed loudly in a shock before I fell to my knees with my arms wrapped around me, my hands reaching for my back, it was as if something was clawing from the inside.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and slowly let it back out in a slow breath out.

My body lurched forward, I didn’t have control over my own body no more, something inside of my soul was calling out. Something different than to whom I am. The simple clothing I was wearing, changed. The shirt, the jeans, the small details, my heart changed. Opening my eyes, I wore a gentle black gown, as the last edges of the dress touched the ground, and with that landing, black wings spurred out of my back. With as much pain as it bought me, it felt amazing. The freedom I could suddenly smell, the sudden power change I could feel. My feet were leaving the ground, I couldn’t touch it even if I tried, my new black angel wings, took me off of the ground, flying me higher and higher to the roof of the building we were trapped in. My mind threw out its sanity and was taken over by someone I didn’t know.


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