Sherlie's Last Weekend

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You think harmless family pets can't commit murder? Ha. Think again.

Submitted: February 21, 2012

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Submitted: February 21, 2012



Sherlie was at her house, alone, it was quiet. She sat on the couch and ate a frozen TV dinner. Her parents were leaving to visit her grand parents, 5 hours away in Montclair. They were staying for the weekend. Sherlie had the house to herself, and her dog, Getren. But, although Sherlie was having a great time by herself, Getren was rather stressed by the situation. Sherlie's mother, Tauna, was the only one that walked Getren, took care of him, played with him, and made him happy. But he got car sick very easily, so Sherlie's parents didn't take him with them. But what they didn't know, was Sherlie secretly hated Getren, ever since he attacked her 8 months ago. Since then, Sherlie had planned to kill him. Now that her parents were gone for the next 3 days, she had the perfect opportunity.

That night, Sherlie waited for Getren to fall asleep. Once he did, she would choke him to death. She originally planned to stab the dog, but then thought that the bloody scene wouldn't seem to be something that 'just happened'. So, Sherlie tried to stay awake, while watching the dog, who wouldn't seem to fall asleep. She started to get frustrated. She refused to wait. She stormed into her parent's room, where Getren slept at night, walked up to him, and put her hands around his neck. She surely didn't expect what had happened next.

The large rottweiler stood up, realizing what was happening, and forcefully bit Sherlie on her forearm. Shocked and furious, Sherlie ran out of the room, holding the wound, and slid into the kitchen. She grabbed the largest butcher knife there, and scurried back up the stairs with it. The dog, fully aware of what was happening, hid behind the railing, waiting for Sherlie. As she stepped on the top stair, Getren pounced at her. Sherlie, not expecting that to happen, didn't have a tight grip on the knife, and it fell onto the step, and she tumbled down, while Getren had been able to catch himself and land on a stair near the top. When Sherlie finally hit the bottom, the large dog leaped down, and jumped at her. He growled and bit her, ripping into her skin. He bit her at least 15 times, pretty hard. But all it took was the last lucky bite to her neck to kill her.

Getren knew she was dead, and he simply trotted back up the steps, and made his way into the bed where he slept. He spent the next 2 days by himself. When Sherlie's parents arrived home, they noticed right away that something was wrong when Getren ran up to them the minute they opened the door, barking viciously. Tauna was especially worried, since Getren never was this excited about anything, good or bad. He led them over to where Sherlie's body lay. Her parents immediately called the police. They suspected that it was an intruder- they didn't for once think that it was their beloved family dog that had killed their daughter.

The police arrived, and began to inspect the home. They found traces of blood in a few bedrooms that Getren had tracked it to, and they also discovered the knife that was on the stair, which Sherlie planned to kill the dog with. After searching the rest of the home, and finding no evidence of another person, they drew the conclusion that whoever it was has been in the house many times before, and had killed Sherlie with the knife, then washed it, and tossed it on the stair. But a question that couldn't be answered, was why did they kill Sherlie, and not the dog, also? Had they not noticed that he was there? Surely he would have attacked an unknown intruder... But the question remains unanswered, as it was the precious dog that everyone loved, and never suspected.

To this day, still nobody knows it was Getren who had attacked and killed Sherlie. But that doesn't matter anymore. Tauna and Martin, Sherlie's parents, just welcomed a new baby into their family. His name is Sheldon...

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