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You can call me Johnny. I’m a regular teenager, at the age of 16. I live a normal life. I’m a guitar player, I play games, go to school, and hang out with friends. Although my life isn’t always about roses, it’s nothing special or something. I suck at school, totally. It’s not that I’m not smart, I’m lazy. Oh, and I’m a Demon hunter. That’s what this tale is about. Let me start.

Submitted: May 13, 2013

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Submitted: May 13, 2013




Chapter one.

“Only the strongest will survive”

Blow me Away – Breaking Benjamins.


It was a cold morning. I walked outside, and it was unnaturally quiet. It was around Christmas, and the white snow fell softly on the ground. I was hoping that for one day the demons wouldn’t come. You see, I might be a Demon Hunter, but that doesn’t mean that every time I get outside to go somewhere, I want to kill demons. But the problem is, that is always happening.

How I got in to this? Well, my mom was murdered by a vampire. Not bitten, just killed for fun. It was then that I swore revenge. When I was in other countries for vacation, I sneaked a few weapons back to my house. Pff, well a few? I have two Desert Eagles, one crossbow and two katana daggers. I usually use my Desert Eagles, because of their enormous fire power, but hunting with a crossbow is fun too. I always carry my Desert Eagles, even when I go to school. You may never know when to use them. It’s not that everyone can see them, God no… I have a long, leather, black coat, where I hide my guns in. I would be thrown in jail if the police or anyone else knew what I did. Luckily, only a few know it. Some very good friends of me, and my father of course. Although he doesn’t seem to agree with this, he doesn’t forbid it, as long as I try to be careful.

Blood. There was blood in the snow, leading towards a park with a few trees. This was wrong.

‘Damnit!’ I whispered. I hate it when this kind of shit happens.

I followed the blood until I came by the third tree. I wasn’t scared, but still on my guard. Demons liked to scare the living shit out of you before killing you.

I heard a girl crying, and when I came closer, there was a girl lying against a tree. She was about twenty, and she was bleeding.

‘Miss? Are you alright?’ I asked.

‘I’m bleeding goddamnit, what do you think?’ she yelled.

‘What happened?’

She sighed before she answered.

‘You wouldn’t believe me. But I was attacked, by some sort of flying monster.’

‘Gargoyle,’ I whispered.

‘What did you say?’

‘Nothing. Listen, is that monster still here?’ I asked.

‘Yes, he is,’ someone said with a dark voice behind me.

I turned around while I quickly drawn my guns. A few feet away a monster was standing. Red eyes, sharp teeth, small horns and two wings. This was a gargoyle.

I pointed my guns at him and I was about to shoot him. The adrenaline pumped through my veins.

‘Give my regards to hell,’ I said.

I shot him twice, and he turned to ash. I sighed and hide my guns.

‘I’ll call an ambulance for you,’ I said. ‘Farewell miss.’



This happens every day, but it never gets boring. Every demon reacts different. This one was way too easy. Some are a real pain in the ass. Well, there are lots of dangerous situations, but the one from a few months ago, was by far the worst. Some demons captured me and preformed a ritual to destroy my soul. But one demon saved me, and I still don’t know why. I’ve never seen the demon again. And I still wonder what ever happened to him. Betraying the demons is one thing. But killing nine and saving a human is really bad. I think they’re still torturing him.


I sighed. It was cold. Luckily I’m almost at school. I don’t hate school, I hate some teachers and lessons, but I love the lunch break.

Some people we’re still at the gates. Mostly smokers and fake gangsters. I walked past them and headed straight to the canteen. It was crowded, about nine hundred teenagers.

‘Hey man, want to smoke?’ someone said.

‘Hey Jake, don’t we have math in a few minutes?’ I asked.

Jake, one of my best friends. He’s also my guitarist and singer of our band. It’s someone who makes a joke about everything. But when you need him, he’s there.

‘No dawg, mister Moustache is sick at home.’ He said.

‘Sweet shit.’ I said.




Chapter two.

I’ve got it bad, so bad. I’m hot for teacher.

Hot for Teacher – Van Halen.


‘Can you tell me the answer of question five, Johnny?’ said my teacher.

I looked up.

‘No sir.’

‘And why can’t you tell us?’

The first thing that came in my head was: ‘Because I don’t care?’ But I would be stupid to say that.

‘Because I was not listening,’ I said.

‘Exactly,’ said the teacher while turning around towards the school board. ‘You weren’t listening, because you were doing other things then your tasks. Now, what were you doing?’

I looked at Jake, who sat next to me. He looked at me with a grin on his face. One that I’d like to punch off.

‘I will be honest sir, I was discussing the economical fraud at the big bank with Jake.’

‘Yes, we did sir, and we came to the conclusion that the government is behind it!’ said Jake.

The teacher sighed and sat down.

‘Just because this is Economics, this is not allowed, now get back to work,’ said our teacher.

The teacher started talking to the class again and I looked at Jake. His head was on his desk, and I could hear a silenced laughter.

‘Nicely said, jackass,’ I said.

‘Hehe, thanks. But you know the government is behind about everything,’ he said.

‘Yeah, the day you are right, is the day we die,’



Jake and I were walking the halls, on our way to the next class. Well, you can’t really call it walking, it was more like moving as a zombie. Both tired and already sick of the day. It was ten o’clock in the morning.

‘What class do we have now?’ asked Jake.

‘I’m not sure actually, I guess ICT, four freaking hours long,’

‘Oh God no, if our teacher is going to say one more damned word about the exams, I swear I’ll kill myself,’

‘Yeah, do that, that’ll cancel the exams for us all,’ I said.

‘You’re never going to quit the sarcasm, are you?’

‘Yes, I will, when cats decide to go ice skating with the dogs,’ I said.

Jake sighed and we walked in silence further to our class. We walked up the stairs. The walls were grey, like all the stairs. Every time we walk these stairs, we are exhausted. We always say that the school made these stairs to kill us.

We came to out classroom and the rest of the class was still waiting in front of it.

‘Where is our teacher?’ I asked.

‘Still not here, we praying that he fell down the stairs,’ said Todd.

I sat down on the floor and sighed.

‘Hey Johnny, I hope you know we have a test today, about Excel,’ said Zack.

 I looked up and saw he smiled.

‘Ow for fuck sake, why today?’

‘Hell I don’t know, but we all agreed that we will all fail. The test is damn hard, and we didn’t have any time to study it,’

‘Hey guys, sorry I’m late, the traffic is horrible these days,’ said our teacher. He walked to the door and unlocked it. ‘Sit down at your computer and log in. I’ve prepared the test, and we’ll start it in fifty minutes.’

I got up and walked to my computer. There are about twenty computers in the room, and we have thirteen students. Each one was more nerdy then the other.

‘Damnit, how come I can’t log in?’ I asked.

‘Your network cable is out,’ said Michael.


Michael is my project partner and a friend. Although he and I have a lot of fun, we really can’t work with each other. We both have a great concentration problem and we share a love for games and music.

‘So, did you hear about the new Assassins Creed?’ I asked.

‘Who doesn’t, it is said it will be game of the year, and the year just started,’

‘I can’t wait until it gets out, I’m going to download it on the moment it’s released,’ I said.

I checked my email and deleted every crap I had. I get about twelve emails per day, and all of them are spam. I don’t like emails, I only have an email account so I can play online games.



‘The test is going to start now. You’re not allowed to talk, use the internet or look at the answers of others. Good luck,’ said my teacher.

The moment I looked at the first question, I panicked. “Attach this Excel file to a database and make it work with macros.”

 Michael leaned towards me and sighed.

‘Do you understand the first question?’ he whispered.

‘Now way man, I believe our teacher doesn’t even understand it. We never had this stuff before.’

‘Damn it.’

The teacher stood up and we immediately went quiet.

‘I’ll be away for a while, but don’t try anything, because I will notice it. And you will be sorry,’ he said.

The teacher left the room and silence returned. That didn’t last for long. About a moment later hell broke loose. Everyone started to talk in hope that someone knew the answers.

‘I know it, you need to...’ started someone, but went in silence.

In the door stood out teacher, and he looked pissed.

‘I was right, I did notice it. And I was also right about the other thing, you will be sorry. Two hours of detention for everyone!’ yelled the teacher.

Chapter three.

‘I won’t let this build up inside of me.’

Vermillion – Slipknot.


Home sweet home. The house was quiet. My father was at work and my little brother and sister were at school.

I walked to my kitchen and grabbed a coke. When I closed the door I noticed a letter.


‘I’m away for the weekend and your grandparents take care of your brother and sister. You’re home alone and food is in the fridge.





I looked in the fridge and I saw a plate with a meal. Potatoes, meat and some vegetables. I closed the door and walked through my living room. It was nice and clean like always. Since my mom died, my grandparents help us cleaning the house, since my father is too busy with work. I walked up the stairs to my room. Two walls are blood red, the other two black.

I threw my schoolbag on my bed and sat down at my desk. My music was still playing. It was Chimaira with the song Salvation. I opened the program Skype to see if any of my friends were online. I saw Mathew and called him. After a few seconds he answered.

‘Hey dude, how are you?’ he said.

‘Yo dawg, I’m fine. How about you?’

‘I’m fine, just came home from school.’

I took a cigarette and lighted it.

‘I’m home alone for the weekend, wanna hang out at my place?’ I asked with still some smoke left in my mouth.

‘Yeah sure, I’ll ask my mom,’ he said. ‘Be right back.’

I heard him leaving. I started up a shooting game and took another nip of my cigarette.

‘UNREAL TOURNAMENT, THREEEEE,’ echoed through my room when the loading screen was done. I loved hearing that.

I heard strange noises from the microphone of Mathew.

‘Hey man, I’m back and...’

‘HEADSHOT!’ screamed my computer.

‘Sorry dude, I’ll lower the sounds of the game,’ I said.

‘No problem man, but I can come. I’ll bring my laptop as usual. When can I come?’ he asked.

‘Whenever you want.’

‘Cool dude, I’m at your house in less than five minutes.’



‘Have you seen this movie before?’ asked Mathew.

‘Way too many times. I can even tell you the complete credits if you want.’ I said.

‘No, I’m fine,’ he laughed.

Mathew and I were sitting on my couch watching the movie Sherlock Holmes. I can easily tell that he is my best friend. He is one of the few who actually tries to understand me and my problems, even though he has no problems himself. Although, not as big as mine.

‘So, have you killed any demons lately?’ he asked.

‘Yeah, this morning. An easy, annoying gargoyle. I almost fell asleep. Het hurt a young lady, who by the way was amazingly hot, and he was waiting for me.’  

‘So, you have a girlfriend since this morning?’ he laughed.

‘No way, she was about twenty pissed off and bleeding. And I was already late for school.’

‘Well, I’m dating a girl, and I set you up on a blind date with her friend,’ he said while lighting a cigarette.

‘No fucking way I’m going on a blind date.’

‘Yeah, you will. The date is in two hours in the pub.’

‘I won’t go, and that is my final answer.’



‘I still hate you for this,’ I said while looking at the pub.

‘I know. Now let’s go inside and impress the lady’s!’ he said.

‘This is going so wrong...’ I silently said to myself.

We entered the pub and the air was filled with smoke. There weren’t a lot of people. About ten people and a very old, drunken man.

We sat down on the couch with a table in the back of the pub. We both lighted a cigarette and I sighed.

‘I’ll fetch us something to drink. What do you want?’ Mathew asked.

‘I’ll have a red wine.’

Mathew walked to the bar a waited there.

I was nervous. I’m not good with girls that I’ve never met before. Once I know them a bit better, then I have no problems. But I’m on a date with a girl I’ve never heard about, so I didn’t know how to act.

I took a piece of paper and a pen from my pocket. If I feel uncomfortable I always start to write a song text.

‘Here is your wine dude.’

I looked up and saw Mathew with two girls.

‘This is my date Caroline, and this is your date Cyrille,’ he said.

‘Holy shit,’ was the first thing that came to my head. Both were so beautiful that I even felt more nervous.

‘Hi, I’m Johnny,’ I said. ‘And thanks for the wine dude.’

Mathew sat down next to me and the girls took a seat in front of us. I quickly took a nip of my wine in hope to calm down.

‘So Johnny, how old are you?’ asked Cyrille.

‘I’m sixteen, almost seventeen. How about you?’

‘I’m nearly sixteen, but my parents still treat me like I’m only ten. If I didn’t sleep at Caroline tonight I wouldn’t be here,’ she said.

‘Hehe, I’m home alone and Mathew sleeps at my house for the weekend.’

‘So, your parents aren’t so strict?’ asked Caroline, while she searched her pockets.

And now comes the uncomfortable part. I needed to tell that I only had a father.

‘My dad allows me a lot.’

‘And what about your mom?’ asked Cyrille.

I looked down and sighed.

‘Murdered when I was ten.’

And here comes the silence. I drank the rest of my wine and continued my cigarette.

‘I’m so sorry to hear that. I don’t know what to say,’ said Cyrille.

‘It’s ok, I’ll be fine,’ I said.

Mathew got up from his seat stretched out.

‘So, who wants another drink? I’ll pay,’ said Mathew.



Although our double date was a bit awkward at the beginning, we had a great time. Mathew ended up French kissing Caroline, and I had a great time with Cyrille. Both girls seemed a bit drunk though.

‘Hang on, my cell phone is playing a vibrator again,’ said Mathew.

He took the phone from his pocket and walked away.

I looked at Cyrille and noticed something different. She seemed darker. Her eyes had no iris anymore and her smile was almost evil.

‘So Johnny, where do you live?’ asked Cyrille.

‘Oh euhm, just down the street. It’s only a few minutes away on foot. We have quite a large house.’

Her appearance scared me. Her smile was both pleasing as it was dark.

‘What’s the address?’

‘Liquid street twenty-three,’ I said.

Mathew returned and sat down.

‘Dude, at two o’clock Jake will be at your house,’ he said.

‘Did you seriously invited someone to my house? Who said you could?’ I asked.

‘Dude, you lost a bet a couple of weeks ago, and you agreed that I could at least invite one person to your house. Remember?’

‘Fuck, you’re right,’ I said.

We both bursted out in laughter and took another cigarette. Mathew gave Caroline a kiss and looked her deep in her eyes. I would’ve done the same if I wasn’t so nervous, and scared. Her presence felt inhuman. But for some reason I trusted Cyrille. Maybe because of her soothing voice, or her blinding beauty.

‘Johnny, pick up your stuff, we need to go,’ said Mathew.

We stood up and stretched out. Mathew gave Caroline a kiss and I stood in front of Cyrille. I gave her a hug and looked in her eyes.

‘See you around,’ I said.

‘Bye Johnny,’ said Cyrille.

We turned around and left the pub.

Chapter four.

‘I don’t wanna bring down tomorrow’

Di-rect – Bring down tomorrow.


‘How come you didn’t kiss her?’ asked Mathew.

We were back at my house and sat on the couch. Jake sat next to us, and was eating some fries we made. We were watching a movie and talked about the date we had.

‘Wait a minute, you didn’t kiss her?’ asked Jake.

‘No, I didn’t.’

Jake turned to me and hit me on my arm. A burning pain shot in my arm but was gone fast.

‘I’m very disappointed in you,’ he said.

‘Dude, I couldn’t. I just met her!’ I said.

Jake sighed.

‘So fucking what?’

‘Listen, I can’t explain it.’

‘Dude, we are your best friends, you can tell us everything. I mean, we are one of the few that know that you’re a demon hunter,’ said Mathew.

I took a cigarette and lighted it. With a deep sigh I blew the smoke from my lungs. The smoke filled the air in my room, but was gone fast.

‘She wasn’t human, although, it didn’t feel that way. Her eyes were dark and her presence felt evil. I suspect her to be a vampire.’

‘Why didn’t you shoot her then?’

‘For two bloody good reasons. She was too beautiful, and I really liked her. And the second reason, it would attract some attention if I shot her in the middle of a pub, wouldn’t it?’

Jake drank some more beer and turned to me.

‘Vampire or not, I still think you should’ve kissed her.’



‘I’m going to the bathroom, be right back,’ I said.

I got up and walked away. I ran up the stairs and opened the door. I was about to turn on the light, but I stopped. I looked in the dark and saw a dark silhouette. I grabbed my dagger and walked in.

‘I know you’re here. Show yourself!’ I said.

I felt soft hands on my arms and I heard the breath coming closer. I felt the lips closing on my neck. Then I felt the teeth smoothly biting. I couldn’t resist. I knew it was Cyrille.

I dropped my daggers and closed my arms around her. I started biting her back. Her biting got harder. I fully gave in to her.

Then I felt a burning pain in my neck and everything went black.



I walked back to the couch and sat down.

‘How was it?’ asked Jake.

‘What are you talking about?’ I asked.

Mathew and Jake laughed. Mathew gave me a cigarette.

‘Don’t pretend you don’t know anything about it. You nailed Cyrille!’

‘What? I don’t kn...’ I interrupted myself. The pain in my neck returned.

‘Dude, your pants are still open. And what is going on with you dude. You’re white as a corpse!’ said Mathew.

‘She was a vampire. She was in my bathroom and was kissing in my neck at first. Then she was smoothly biting me. A moment later I blacked out,’ I said. ‘How is my neck?’

‘Holy shit! You’re bleeding!’

‘How bad is it?’ I asked.

‘Well euhm, pretty bad actually. You could feed the thirst in Africa with all the blood pouring out.’

‘This is not a big deal. A bite of a vampire is most of the time not fatal. The only thing I need to figure out is if she poisoned me with the disease, called vampirism,’ I said.

‘And how are you going to figure that out?’ asked Mathew.

‘By simple asking her.’



Mathew and Jake were asleep on my couch. I was playing a game on my computer. I couldn’t find rest. If I had vampirism, I would become the thing I hated the most.

The room was quiet. The only sound was my computer and the music. It gave me the peace to think clearly. But that wasn’t easy. My feelings for Cyrille had corrupted my thoughts. I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I heard footsteps. I stood up and took me gun. The room was dark, so it was hard to see. I heard the footsteps coming closer and the breathing got louder. Behind me.

I turned around and a finger was placed on my lips as a sign of silence.

‘Shh, the other two cannot hear us,’ someone whispered.


‘Yes, it’s me. Can we sit somewhere? I need to say a few things.’

‘Let’s go to my room.’

We walked up the stair. She had a sweet aroma of lavender that seduced me. We entered my room and I switched on the light. She lay down on my bed and I sat next to her.

‘I’m sorry that I bit you. I hungered for blood and I couldn’t resist. But I didn’t infect you. You’re clean,’ she said.

‘It’s alright. It was quite erotic.’

‘But that’s not why I’ve returned. I come with bad news.’

‘What is it?’ I asked.

She sighed. She grabbed my hand and lay her head down on my torso.

‘As you know I have contact with the demons and the underworld. All demons were called to the underworld a couple of days ago. The demonlord spoke to us. For years he planned an assault on our world. He will destroy it,’ she said.

My heart stood still and my body felt numb.

‘Why are you telling me this, and when will it start?’ I asked.

‘Because I liked you and...’

She sighed and looked me deep in my eyes.

‘Two weeks from today.’ 

Chapter five.

‘ Goodbye, Blue Sky.’

Pink Floyd – Goodbye, Blue Sky.



The news that Cyrille brought me made me think. I wondered how the invasion would begin, and when I would die. I told Jake and Mathew about this and they were as shocked as I was.

It was Sunday in the late afternoon. Jake and Mathew were already home and I was on my room playing my guitar. My father will be home in a few moments and I had to tell him the news. But I had also another problem. I didn’t know if I could trust Cyrille and if her story was true. But I couldn’t think of a reason why she would lie to me.

It’s quite a relief to know the end. Normally we are just walking bodies, afraid to die and without the knowledge when.

‘Johnny, I’m home.’

My dad was home. I was nervous. Telling your own father that the world is about to end isn’t what I do for a living. My dad and I are quite close and it broke my heart when I thought that I will lose him. It brought tears to my eyes.

I ran downstairs and I almost fell down. I got up my feet and walked into my living room. My father sat at the computer downloading some new movies.

‘Hey dad, how was your weekend?’

‘Hey, my weekend was fine. I was in London for my work and I had a great time there. I even had a date,’ he said.

‘Awesome, but have you seen anything from England, like the Big Ben or something?’

I sat down and lit a cigarette. My dad turned around and did the same.

‘I didn’t have time for that. I was already happy that I had time for a date.’

‘Alright. But what did you do for work then?’ I asked.

‘I’ll tell you everything when we have dinner. How about some pizza?’

‘Hell yeah.’



‘So you had a few important meetings to attend to?’ I asked.

We were eating pizza and my brother and sister just came home.

‘Yes, the longest meeting lasted about seven hours. We did have a smoke break however, otherwise I’d be dead.’

‘What were you discussing?’ asked my sister.

‘Well, the information is classified, but I can tell you. The army needs new weapons and tanks and our company is chosen to program those weapons.’

‘Why do they need newer weapons, humans still die from regular bullets, right?’ I said.

My father sighed.

‘We were not allowed to know why they wanted new weapons, but they were distressed. As is they suspect an attack or something.’

I was lost in my thoughts. Maybe the army knows. Could it be that they know about the demonic plans and want to start an open war, in hope to defend humanity?

‘We are done, can we watch TV?’ asked my brother.

‘Sure, go ahead,’ said my father.

I wasn’t hungry anymore. I only had one slice of pizza, but my nerves filled my hunger. My dad was still eating.

‘Dad, I have to tell you something. It’s quite important but it’s bad news.’

‘Tell me.’

I sighed. My throat burns from the nerves.

‘I have a new girlfriend, but she is a vampire.’

My dad laughed.

‘You do sure pick them out,’ he laughed.

‘She attended a demonic meeting. The demonlord will launch a full scale assault on the earth. And he will not stop until it lies crumbling at his feet.’

My father dropped his fork. I could see the fear in his eyes.

‘Are you sure?’ he muttered.

‘No, but I couldn’t think of a reason why she would lie to me.’

My dad stood up. He turned around and looked at the picture of my mother. He lit up a cigarette.

‘The government knows. That’s the reason why they want new weapons. Do you know when it will start?’ he asked.

‘Two weeks.’

‘I have to work on the weapons then. Don’t tell anyone about this.’

‘I won’t.’



‘Johnny, can you please stop writing and get to work?’

‘I’m sorry miss.’

I was at school, attending math lessons, one week later. The nerves only grew. It was strange to look at people who don’t know what is about to happen. My dad was still working on the weapons, and he only sleeps two hours per night.

 I looked outside. The sun shined bright and enlightened the world. I wondered what it would look like if it began. Would the world be slumbered in darkness? The human would be slaves. And the world would be at war.


We had lunch break and Jake and I stood outside. It was quite a warm day for this time of the year. The snow wasn’t gone yet, but there wasn’t much left.

‘ Ah dude, this cigarette feels so good,’ said Jake.

‘Yeah, too bad we can’t smoke in the classroom. I would be more motivated to work that way,’ I replied.

‘ Hell yeah, although, little chance I would work at all.’

It brought a smile on my face. With Jake’s humour all my worries were gone. Not much what he says makes sense, but if he wants it, he could easily outsmart me.

‘ Hey Jake, wanna...’

I was interrupted. The ground rumbled and I heard a girl scream. The second shock was a lot harder. Then it stopped.

‘ Dude, what the fuck was...’ started Jake.

A sound shot through my ears, as if a bomb exploded. A few feet away the ground split open. The crack was a few yards wide. Suddenly a large hand shot out of the crack and grabbed the ledge. A large demon crawled out of it and looks deep in my eyes.


And so it begins...

Chapter six, six, six.

‘Now I shall reign in blood!’

Slayer – Raining Blood.


For a short moment the world was in silence. The people stopped talking, the birds stopped singing. Time to break the silence.

Bang bang.

I shot the demon and it turned to ash. I turned to Jake.

‘Jake, lead the people inside, I’ll give you cover,’ I said.

‘Everybody, listen to me,’ he yelled. ‘Get your fucking ass inside now!’

I sighed.

‘Well, I can’t complain, you got them on the move.’

Jake and the rest ran inside. In the distance I could see more demons spawning. They destroyed houses and devoured the helpless people. The buildings stood in flames. The smoke filled the sky. The once blue sky turned black, but it wasn’t the night. No stars were there to be seen. Blood red lightning shot from the sky and it started to rain. I hid my guns and walked inside. I opened the doors and the sound of a desperate, screaming crowd entered my ears. I walked through the crowd towards the stairs. The whole school was gathered in the canteen. No one seemed to know what was happening outside. Some people were crying, and some teachers were so scared they had little blood left in their faces.

I stood on a railing overlooking the crowd.

‘Will everybody please shut the fuck up?’ I yelled.

The crowd didn’t seem to listen. They totally ignored me. I grabbed my gun and shot in the air. Suddenly everyone was quiet.

‘Thank you. Will everyone please remain calm?’ I yelled.

‘Remain calm? Our city is going to hell and we don’t even know who did this?’ yelled one of the teachers.

The crowd started talking and once again I was completely ignored. I shot again and I reloaded my gun.

‘Next time I need to shoot, it will be one of you. Now, let me explain what is happening. For almost seven years I’ve hunted and killed many demons. Now their masters launched a full scale assault to destroy the world.’

‘Why do you expect us all to believe that crap?’ said another one.

‘Take a look outside you moron! The world is going to hell and you think a few terrorists did this?’

I took a look at the silent crowd, wondering what they’re thinking. I saw a few people praying.

‘Before I go, I’ll give you all some golden advice. Never try to be a stupid hero and try to kill a demon, you’ll regret it when your soul is devoured,’ I said.

‘But what must we do?’ asked someone.

‘Hell I don’t care, I won’t take care of you all.’

I walked down the stairs again. I walked towards Jake and pulled out one my guns. I gave it to him.

‘Use it wisely. Now, let’s get Mathew,’ I said.

Jake walked through the door and I followed. Thousands of eyes were looking at us while we walked away. I never felt so much hate towards me. But I had no other choice but to leave them, I couldn’t protect them all.

The whole sky was covered in darkness. The stars were gone and instance there were some strange blood red cracks in the sky.

‘What’s the plan dude?’ asked Jake.

‘Well, we are going to get Mathew and then look for our family.’

‘Do we have any kind of transport?’

‘My dad.’



We walked towards my home. We haven’t faced any demon since we left the school, but the city was crawling with them. Everywhere you looked you could see ravaged houses, dead or dying people and we even came across some people on fire.

We came at my house and my heart stood still. The door was ripped out and lay on the ground. The lights were out. Some walls were crushed or heavily damaged.

‘Stay frosty,’ I whispered while we walked inside.

My blood was filled with adrenaline. This place was ravaged. The computer was torn apart and the pieces were spread across the room. On the walls was splattered blood, slowly dripping on the ground.

‘Don’t move demons,’ I heard behind me.

We quickly turned around and looked in the eyes of my father. He held a large shotgun pointed at us.


My father lowered the gun.

‘Johnny, are you alright?’ he asked with a certain fear in his voice.

‘Yes, we are doing fine. How about you? And where are my brother and sister?’ I asked.

My father lay down the gun on the table.

‘I’ve been better, but not bad. Your brother and sister are with your grandparents, safe sheltered in their basement,’ he said.

This news relieved me. Knowing that they’re safe removed a lot of weight on my heart.

‘Dad, we need to get Mathew and seek shelter ourselves.’

‘I will drive us there, but first we need to get my weapons.’

‘You have more weapons?’ Jake asked.

My father laughed.

‘Yes, a few I needed to program for the army. Follow me.’



We came in our basement. We could barely see without the light. My father opened a large box and lighted an oil lamp. Inside the box were four weapons. I didn’t recognize any except for one.

‘A sniper rifle, with 44. millimetre bullets made of silver. You can shoot the wings of a fly from two miles away. The other two are full automatic machine guns and the last one is a standard rifle,’ said my father.

‘Could I use the sniper?’ I asked.

‘Sure, but help me lift this box to the car. Then we’ll head for Mathew.’



We walked from my house to the car. We dropped the box in the back of the car and we got in. I sat next to my father and Jake sat behind us. The car started with a loud noise.

‘Where does Mathew lives?’ asked my father.

‘At the local port. Do you know where that is?’ I said.

My dad turned his head to me and had a sarcastic look on his face.

‘Never mind,’ I said.

My father stepped on the gas. The car drove from the driveway. It was hard to drive on the road. Ravaged and burning cars blocked much of the road.

I looked behind me. In the distance stood a demon that was at least the size of a church. The large demon was crushing a building with his feet.

‘Is that the demonlord?’ asked Jake.

‘No, I don’t think that the two demonlords will show themselves. This here is but a minor leader. Some sort of general,’ I said.

‘There are two of them?’

‘Yeah, there are two rulers of the underworld. There used to be more, but they started to eat each other. Now there are two left, who agreed to share the power and the reign over the underworld.’

‘You know a lot about demons, don’t you?’ asked my father.

‘Enough to survive and kill one or two.’



We came in the outskirts of the city. The invasion didn’t struck here yet, but there was no one to be seen. It was raining lightly, but it wasn’t water. The colour was red. Blood red.

‘Is it seriously raining blood?’ asked Jake.

‘By the looks of it, I suppose.’

‘Nice reference to Slayer,’ smiled my father.

We pulled over. In the distance stood the home of Mathew. It was completely dark at his house.

‘We can’t take any chances. Look through your scope to see if you can see any demons. Or any form of life,’ said my father.

I grabbed my sniper and looked through the scope. This scope had night vision. I zoomed my scope a bit until I had a clear vision.

‘Nothing yet to see.’

I kept looking. I was scared. I couldn’t stand the thought that he could be dead. Suddenly something moved inside the house.

‘I think I saw something moving inside,’ I said.

‘Are you sure? What did it look like?’ asked my father.

‘I don’t know, not like a demon I think.’

‘We’d better take a look,’ said Jake.

I sheathed my sniper. My dad and Jake grabbed a gun for themselves. We walked towards his house, all scared for what we could find.

‘Do you think the army will come?’ asked Jake.

My father sighed and looked at the sky.

‘Don’t count on it. They have not enough soldiers to save every inch, so they will help the capital first. And since they have no clue of what they’re up against, they probably won’t succeed.’

We came into the yard. It was dark inside the house, not even a small light was there to be seen. It was quiet here, but in the distance you could hear the desperate screams of the people in the city.

I tried to open the door but it was locked. That didn’t make any sense. Mathew or his father never locked the door before. I grabbed my gun and pointed it at the lock.

‘Be careful dude,’ said Jake.

‘Don’t worry.’

With a loud noise my fun was fired. I heard the lock break and I opened the door. The light switch didn’t work and it was very hard to see in this darkness. I proceeded with caution and my father and Jake followed me closely.

A strange smell entered my nose and it was hard to keep my lunch inside.

‘Do you smell that?’ asked Jake.

‘It’s hard not to smell it. I wonder what it is,’ said my father.

‘That makes two of us.’

We came into the living room and the stench was worse here. Mathew’s laptop was still running.

‘At last, we meet again, little Johnny.’ I heard behind me.

I turned around and saw a dark person in front of me. Jake was unconscious and my father was nowhere to be seen.

‘What is it Johnny, don’t you recognize me?’ he said.

All my memories flashed in front me and suddenly I remembered.

‘You murdered my mother!’ I said.

‘Indeed, and now I’ve come to complete my task!’ he yelled.



To be continued...

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