Hardwood Floors and Makeshift Sleeping Bags.

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One of my many Creative Writing assinments. Gotta love it!

Submitted: February 20, 2012

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Submitted: February 20, 2012



It was dark.

It was dark, and all of the doors were locked.

It was dark, and all of the doors were locked and unfortunately, they all locked from the outside in. Someone forgot to provide them with a key. So they were a little stuck. And it was dark. Really, really, dark.

Damn doors, she thought. Of course they don’t provide us with a key and of course all of the dumb doors lock backwards. She felt her way around in the dark, praying that she would not fall off of the stage to her certain death, and finally found a light panel. She began pushing buttons at random and eventually a few lights illuminated the stage. It was dark no longer. Now she could see the rest of them. Jason, Kristina, Matt, Kianna, Tim, Taylor and Dan. They were a great bunch to be around.

She hated dark. Dark was the witching hour. Twilight. That’s when all of the whores and pimps came out of hiding. Pleasure for $50 and lower. They lurk in the dark with their cigarettes and pipes, hooking up anyone who does as much as look for a bit too long. Men, women, and the occasional curious teenager. The words from “Oklahoma” rang in her ears.

“I cain’t say no!”

And she couldn’t. She was not allowed too. That’s where she didn’t fit in with these people, all looking at her from the catacombs of the stage.

Someone roused her from her thoughts; that sweet sing-song voice that could just carry her away…

“Shai! Shaina!” She wheeled around. It was Kristina. Her heart fluttered and she hoped to God that Kristina didn’t notice.

“What?!” She replied more rudely than she would have liked or normally did.

“What are we gonna do? I mean-- we’re stuck! And I really have to pee!” Kristina said, doing asubconsious potty dance. Shaina rolled her eyes.

“I am aware of our small predicament. We do indeed appear to be stuck. And I suggest that you use the bathroom facilities conveniently located two steps directly to your right.”

Kristina looked at the door next to her rather sheepishly.

“Ya know, Shai, I still think that you should have been a flight attendant. You’ve got the bres--” She cut her off, blushing wildly.

“Yes but then you see, we would have never met.” She pushed Kristina into the bathroom, giggling. She shook her head. It’d never happen.

“So, how much food have we got?” said a voice from the corner… it was Matt.

“What are you hungry?” Shaina said, with wit touching the edges of her voice. Matt smirked and nodded. “Fine,” she continued, “here’s a granola bar.” and she chucked it at him, and he caught it rather poorly. Kristina emerged from the catacombs of the bathroom.

“Ahh! I feel… clean” She said with a small chuckle. Shaina melted on the inside.

“But really-- how much food’ve we got?” Matt said, his mouth stuffed full of granola bar. Jason punched him playfully on his arm.

“This is not a life or death situation, we are simply stuck in a theatre!” Jason said, and turned to Shaina, “So, what’s our plan of action?”

“Yeah,” Kristina added, “I haven’t got a clue!”

“I guess we wait until morning. I mean-- it’s not like we’ve never slept on a floor before…. Surely someone’ll come and open up in the morning when Brian and Dean are due to arrive. It’s just our luck.” She laughed, heartily. “It’s about 10:00 now. Whatddya say we call it a night?”

Jason yawned and laid down with his coat over him for a blanket. “I’m out guys… nothing like a makeshift sleeping bag, right?” and he was out like a light. Shaina returned to the light board.

It was dark once more.

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