A boy who wishes he would die.

I feel alone,
I have no home,
how do I live,
when no one will give,
I lay on the ground throughout the night,
my eyes are glued to the sky,
I see a shooting star,
Not very far,
So I wish for a life,
I wish for everything nice,
yet I know it will not come true,
it matters not what I do,
I lost my mom and dad,
they were addicted,
to a new drug fad, 
I lost my soul,
when I barried them in a hole,
So now I cry,
wishing I could die,
yet I am still alive,
so for now I will sleep,
and let time pass me by.



Submitted: October 22, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Enzo Laveair. All rights reserved.

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