Ain-Eolas (introductory piece)

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An introduction to my novel, Ain-Eolas; A boy named Ain who remembers nothing, who in return experiences everything possible of a physical form. He was once part of a council, a council of light that stretched across the existences. A member of the galactic federation (house of aethius), he was stripped from his 12 strand DNA, constructed with a careful hand, kidnapped To be set in a game of reality (a test you might say) and forcefully descended into the third dimension. The tasks he will face are truly extraordinary, and of course dangerous and/or impossible enough to complete. Forgetting all but perception and interest, he is unable to return on his family of light. He will be guided by a spirit of fifth dimensional consciousness, and will be the one being with a chance to restart what has been written, and purely lock away the dark Cabbal with his sure will. Just wait till he recollects his royalty. Will he fight for the family, or will he fall to his most cunning of foes?

Submitted: February 18, 2016

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Submitted: February 18, 2016





My name is Ain. I am a boy of the age 17. I cannot seem to remember what happened from the time I was born, to the time around 5:30 pm of last week, but I have a theory. A theory that sounds completely crazy and nuts, but is the only logical explanation. First I will rewind time to exactly when I woke on that Tuesday afternoon on a planet named Earth. Good thing I initially wrote in a journal of my thoughts. I spoke with a being that will not yet tell me his name, but said only that he was of twelfth dimensional frequency, and knows everything that will happen. He says not to be afraid, for I will always find him again.

July 7th 1996, Tuesday 5:30 pm,

Okay for some reason I just woke up in what seems to be my quarters. There's strange things that seem to yield blades, with a light centering. The floor is covered in strange items That looks to be a type of clothing. I cannot remember a damn thing about myself other than that my name is Ain. I seemed to have become conscious of the things around me in the time I am writing this archive down. The first is language. I am fluent in what is called English, but I don't know how I'm recalling this. Apparently I am 17 years old, and I have not quite understood this concept of time, nor do I understand what I am doing in this state. I know that I am physical, I know that I am learning with nothing but reason and perception, and the amount of pain in my abdomen is absolutely horrendous. There is a lot to learn as of now, and I must intake nutrient and substance to maintain health. 

July 7th 1996, Tuesday 10:00 pm,

What is happening? I walked into another corridor when I heard horrible yelling, where two beings with hateful intensions shared a war of vocal projection, I then figured with difficulty it is better known as fighting according to the context. They called me Daniel. I then was appointed, because I'm apparently their son. I quickly ran back to my quarters in confusion and fear. At this point I am very weak due to the lack of nutrients in the body, I'm obligated to rest my body and sleep until morning. I hope I don't get attacked in the place which I'm trapped.

July 7th 1996, Friday 4:33 pm,

So the past two days I was stolen by the beings who fight persistently. This were the prime example of ignorance. They know even less than I do about what had happened to me, or why I am there. 
Apparently I've been their "child" for the last seventeen years, so they keep saying, and I have a sister named Anna. I personally liked the name she acquired and she sounds beautiful. I'm not sure how relation works in this world. I don't understand these physical concepts, I don't know why these "things"are so important that they need to survive. It sickens me. 
I can operate quite well without material gain. What the hell does a woman need with "perfume". A container filled with disgusting spray? Does she realize the damage her skin is experiencing? 
The man is worse. He sees superiority and the need for a large vehicle, being an honorable way to pursue his day. I am disgusted by these filthy behaviors. I want to leave as soon as I arrive at my quarters.

July 7th 1996, Friday 7:05 pm,

  I have gathered things I would need to survive. It was quite strange organizing meaningless things. I bundled food I could eat, in a sock I found on the floor, I don't know why they were crying when I was leaving. I was annoyed , and I was profusely threatened on my way out of the residence. I walked away in one direction. The direction of a beautiful star in the sky in which will lead to some place of interest.

July 7th 1996, Saturday 11:56 am,

Now I have been walking for approximately sixteen hours and stopped to rest. I've been walking through a field for half of the way, and discovered my location in Scotland. I have been observing a circular design of stones that are standing alongside each other, with the company of three hundred people also observing. I was told to leave because I wasn't permitted to be on this excavation site, but I assured them I wasn't there to interfere. I'm obligated to portray that I am moving on with my journey, but am actually staying until they leave. 

July 8th 1996, Sunday 1:15 am,

Oh how I am finally interested. Something extra dimensional is before my eyes. A radiant blue and green pathway resting upon this circle of stone seeming to be twelve feet in diameter. The two colors are oscillating at immense speeds and I am hearing my name called to enter, but my ignorance is great, so I'm experiencing fear instinctively. I think I will touch it to make sure it is safe.

July 8th 1996, Sunday 1:35 am,

Well, I am certain this is for me. As I touched it I was told that I am here for a reason. To cleanse the masses of my inner being and recollect my power. I'm not sure what this means, but my only thought is to enter the pathway and experience its offerings. I must leave all of these things I've acquired. This will be quite interesting.....


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