Her Deepest Wish

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It's happen to be a normal day for Frey Sieghart. A boy living alone at one room apartment, and also a hikikomori (NEET : someone who only sit in front of computer or someone who never going out from his/her home). But one day he decided to go outside and buy some new devices for his personal computer, and only to find himself in a terrific accident. But he saw something different from what others did. What he saw is not an accident. It's an unknown creatures in dark cloak and using some giant grim-scythe. After he saw that, all of people he meet, like the police officer, and nurse in a hospital, going crazy and trying to kill him. Why is this happening?

Submitted: July 02, 2014

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Submitted: July 02, 2014



Her Deepest Wish


My name is Frey Sieghart. I know, I know. It's such a strange name I got. But, what's with that? It's a name my father gave me when I born, so I will keep using it until I die. A boy who need friends and especially a girlfriends, who already trapped inside of apartment in 5 years and was one of the so called hikikomori. I am very confident in the front of computer, but I am not good at socializing with peoples.

So, for today, it's a little special. Because this day, is the first day I decided to go outside. It's because of my broken RAMS that I have to go outside.

Yes, you didn't hear it wrong. It's because of my PC RAMS going amok and start to spreading the viruses that I decided to format my computer and change the RAMS into the new one.

First of all, I use my favorite red jacket and start by going into bank. I need to get some money from my account.

"Hm? What is that...?" a girl in my side asked me. It's because of my black premium card that she seems to be shocked. Where did I get this premium card? If you asked, it's from my business as a hackers and program makers. But since a Virus name Diva came in touch to my computer, I start to get so nervous 'cause of the new type of viruses which can control my computer at will and opening or closing some random stuff that I stored inside my computer. Now, I need to get rid of it by changing the RAMS.

"How many will you take, Mr. Sieghart?"

"Hm... I need ten thousand bills, please."

"Alright, wait a minutes..."

And so, I waited. But something strange happen. I see something that really is weird. A black cloak guy coming in by entering the mirror and each time one after another person came into touch with him, that thing fade like a smoke.

"What is that?" I asked the waitress, and she looking at my direction. A gas carrier suddenly strike into the mirror and terribly run over and crushing everyone on the line. People start to scream and run from the berserk carrier that still running amok.

I stepped aside, while the car run on full speed and destroy the stand the waitress standing at a moment ago. I see it, the dead body of the once beautiful waitress, torn apart from the crush by the carrier. If I didn't step aside, I would have died.

And so, I am being brought into police station and the officer start to interrogate me...

"Okay, Mr. Sieghart. You say you came there only to get your money, right? So, it will be easier if you cooperate, okay?" the police officer look so confident of himself. I move my head up and down, as a sign of my agreement. "Okay... Can you explain why are you going out today after 5 years locking yourself inside your shady apartment?" and so, the first question he appointed make my nervous.

"My computer have a viruses and I need to change the RAMS, so I go out for buying one..." I answer with truths. "Hm... Okay. Now, the second question. Why are you saying 'What is that?' just before the car crash?"

"Hm... It's actually some of my random hallucination. I see something like a grim reaper going out of nowhere and when people move into it, it's start to fade..." and, I look like a crazy by the officer now. He look so pissed of and start to angry.

"Hei! You, little punks! Answer me seriously! Okay?!"

And, he start to using a gun and pointing it at me, but his companion came in and stopped him. What's with that? He's angry and trying to kill me suddenly?

This isn't some joke, isn't it?

The police officer going nuts and now running wild and going into my face, while he try to shot me but is to be stopped by one of the companion guns. It's didn't stop him at all that he got the chairs and trying to hit my head but I got away barely. "What the hell...?!"

"Hei, you two, help me stop this crazy things!"

And, I realize the friends of the officer just called him 'things' and isn't he a human? Why using 'things'?

The officer manage to escape and hit me at my hand, that make a lot of pain for me. And then, one of the officer shoot the legs to stop that rampage old man. I ended up being assigned into a hospital. I sit because the nurse called me to, and she using somekind of drugs that's ready to be injected into me.

"What is it? The medicine you will use to me?" I asked and then, she smiling at me with such a bad face.

"Mr. Sieghart, please don't questioning me. I know what I am doing." so the nurse say. "Wait, I only got my hand twisted, that's not so bad to get some inject of medicine or drugs, right?"

"You're really asking much, huh? Mr. Sieghart. That's why you shall die!" and the nurse going crazy by using her needles to hit my head, but I escaped and the needle stuck in the pillow, a minute after that, I hit her with chairs and run outside of my room.

I saw many people running around, and realize there are fire everywhere in the outside. What with that? What is this? Why are everything gone wrong now?

I realized at the red sky, one creature that I saw at the bank, flying straight into a building and it start to ruin down as if they are aging.

What with this? What is all of this?!

"You didn't realize yet, Frey?" a girl talking I seem to be thinking that the voice came from my head. But, I can see a girl right in front of me.

"This mess, this destruction... The end of the world... You are the one who start this, Frey..." and that voice echoed inside of my heart. A hundred times. A thousand times. A million times. But, I still didn't get it. What did she mean? That I am the one who started all of this.

"You didn't realize? I am Diva, Frey. The Viruses. You think why you can see 'those' things? It's because of me..."

"Wha... What do you mean, I am the one who started this mess?"

"It is indeed you who are the trigger of this destruction, Frey. Why do you think only you who they try to kill? The others die easily, so why you didn't? You supposed to be dead already, Frey... In front of your computer. But I came. I save you. Three times..." she start to explaining while everyone running wild in the roads. When the world is burning red, she smiles when she looking at my confused face.

"Save... Me...?" I recalled what she say. "Yes." she answered. "Why? If I supposed to die, why did you save me?! What is the meaning my save life if the entire world have to destroy as the price of it?!"

"What, you say?" she asking and looking at me with her dark face, "Maybe nothing for you... For me, you are everything... I will destroy everything to save you and even if I will kill myself. I will destroy this world. I will destroy the suns. The moons. Everythings. As of it, you must live..."

And so, I sees her voice didn't even trembling when she say that. When she say she's gonna destroy the entire world. Who is she anyway? How can she do all of this when the world is destroyed right in front of her just because she save me. What... With... Her...

And what's the last thing I remembered is the civilians whose running wild and killed by an unknown creatures. After that, what I see is darkness...


The End...

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