Her Deepest Wish II

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Diva, Disfunctional Internal Virus Aggressor. The one and only one virus that even the 'Anti-Virus' can't stop. It has the power to control the computer by the will of the virus. It can opens or closes everything the virus would like to. What is the purpose of Diva? And who is the one that make 'Diva'?

Submitted: July 02, 2014

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Submitted: July 02, 2014



Her Deepest Wish II


It's hard to 'being a human'. When half of them trying to be smart, the other half trying to be an idiot.

But it's also have nothing to do when you already are smart. It's actually really boring. That's how my life as a prodigy was. In my first 3 years of my life, I can remove any part of a computer and put them back. I can create my own program when I 7 years old. And, I suddenly met him.

A genius among all geniuses. Frey Sieghart. On a contest of hackers, he defeat a hundred hacker at once without problems.

He's my prince. My lord. My God. My Master. My name is Alice Yygnis, and I obsessed to only one thing, Frey Sieghart. In my breaks time, I made a "micro-chips" that used to read my mind, and saved it as memory. I put it everyday when I go to sleep.

One day, I saw something terrible inside of my dream. I saw seven young teenagers stand straight when the world is destroyed.

What I feared is, I saw myself in there... And that I also saw him. Frey...

He's going to be the leader the organization that destroy the world. The next day, I saw something different. Frey are sleeping in front of his computer-table, while the orange-juice dropping-by...

Soon, I realize that is not orange... It's red. It's blood!! "Frey? Frey!!" I scream like crazy and ended up realizing that I saw the dreams from my PC's. It's just a dream. What a relief. Or so, that's what I thinks for the first time seeing it. But, the dreams just keep coming and I can feel it. The time was near. I must do something to protect him!

That's the reason I create Diva and spreading the virus inside the network. I go into the computer Frey uses and watch him.

But soon, he realize that Diva was there and trying to delete it. But Diva gone wrong. Diva destroy the PC's Frey uses. And I am so angry that I say, "Why did you do that!" as if Diva can answer it.

'W... W...' at first, I got shock there are voices in my computer. I tuned up the volume. 'W...hy? Wh..y...? Why?' the computer sound. The voices is as same as me. I stunned, can't even speak a word to this thing to happen.

A program that I created just to protect Frey, going berserk in the network and now, it's speaking to me.

'A...li...ce... Wh...y... Do... Yo...u... Cre...a...te... Me... For...?' the Diva asking for the answer. "Why? Of course, to protect Frey!"

'I... Di...d... Wh...at... Yo...u... To...ld... Me... To... A...li...ce... To... Sa...ve... Fre...y...' that word's came out from the computer frighten me.

This is... To protect Frey? Now, I understand. If Frey go outside, that's mean Frey didn't have to die in the front of computer. I smile, like nothing is wrong. 'Put... The... Mi...cro... Chips...' Diva told me to. I put it without any doubt, and a second after that... I do not remember anything anymore. What I see, is only darkness...




A moment before Frey got into an horrible accident at bank. Alice 'Diva' smiling at him while flying straight toward him. A girl beside of Frey seems have a little chat with him and Alice pissed. Look at this messy guy, he didn't even know I am a thief... Or that's how Alice heard from the girl heart. While hearing that, she took an act.

She's going into the mirror, and with a blink of an eye, she create a distortion and a gas carrier suddenly crashing the mirror and killing all the people on the line. Frey looking at the carrier going straight to him, and Alice uses her hand to push him once.




"A...li...ce... Just... Watch o...ver... And be patient. I will save Frey, no matter what. Because that's why you created me." the Alice with Diva in control, smiling as she disappeared like a program, and vanishing from the room.

"The car accident that's happen a moment ago killed 21 people with only one survivor. Frey Sieghart.

He's now being taken into the police station." and so, that what the reporter say. Alice 'Diva' stand right in front of her but no one sees her. "This world... Is the world that will kill Frey, right? What if... I destroy this world? Ehehee~ That would be fun!"

She going to touch the girl, and suddenly, after being touched, a dark string run out from her body and make her crazy a moment after she collapse and vomitting.

She stand up, and start killing other while all of them becoming just like her when they died. Alice 'Diva' is now flying at the sky, and she looking at the grim reaper like creature while keep creating some strange creature by touching mirrors or walls. She saw one thing that make her smiling like a child given a candy she like, and that was Frey going out from the hospital. Frey seems like an idiot, and Alice 'Diva' flying down to him. She touch Frey head once and walking back, waiting.

"You didn't realize yet, Frey?" that girl talk. At first, Frey was thinking he heard that voice came from his mind, but after a few second of searching, he found her.

"This mess, this destruction... The end of the world... You are the one who start this, Frey..." Alice start to talking like this is all Frey fault. This is not what I wanted! Stop this, Diva! Speak the real Alice.

"You didn't realize? I am Diva, Frey. The Viruses. You think why you can see 'those' things? It's because of me..."

"Wha... What do you mean, I am the one who started this mess?"

"It is indeed you who are the trigger of this destruction, Frey. Why do you think only you who they try to kill? The others die easily, so why you didn't? You supposed to be dead already, Frey... In front of your computer. But I came. I save you. Three times..." she start to explaining while everyone running wild in the roads. When the world is burning red, she smiles when she looking at the red-jacket boy confused face.

"Save... Me...?" Frey asking once more. "Yes." she answered. "Why? If I supposed to die, why did you save me?! What is the meaning my save life if the entire world have to destroy as the price of it?!"

"What, you say?" she asking and looking at Frey with her darkened face because of the shadow of one of the creature she create, "Maybe nothing for you... For me, you are everything... I will destroy everything to save you and even if I will kill myself. I will destroy this world. I will destroy the suns. The moons. Everythings. As of it, you must live..."

And so, Frey can heard her voice didn't even trembling when she say it. When she say she's gonna destroy the entire world. And from behind, a creature running wild and just before it hit Frey, Alice stop the time and put Frey into the dream world. "This is only the beginning, Frey... The story of us is over. But there are still five more story, that must happen... The story, of the Seven Child of the Hell..."


The End...

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