A joke taken too far?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A little story about a boy who has literacy problems

Timmy is a preschooler that has what everyone has during life "child arrogance".

Timmy came home from school with an assignment, to learn the alphabet.

He asked his older sister for the first letter of the alphabet, as usual she was on a type of social media or website,in response to this his sister said 

"shut up I'm on the phone"

Timmy wrote that down

Then he went to his eldest brother. His brother was gaming as usual. He asked his brother for the 2nd letter In the alphabet.

"Yes"! His brother exclaimed after winning a game.

Timmy wrote this down.

His father was the least attentive to Tommy or whatever his name was his father didn't care. All his father cared about was the football game that he was focusing all his attention on.

When Timmy asked for the 3rd letter of the alphabet his answer was not a letter but, a number.

"49ers 49ners"! As you've probably put together he was completely ignoring his child.

Timmy wrote that down.

Before Timmy knew it he was dead tired. He decided to go to sleep then present what he knows tomorrow at school.


The next day at school, the teacher called on him to say the first letter of the alphabet.

Timmy responded 

"Shut Up" 

The teacher astonished by the sudden lash of one of their students. She asked Timmy, 

"Do you want to go to the principle young man"?!? 

"Yes"! Timmy exclaimed very louder than the initial response.

The teacher had someone escort Timmy to the principles office.

"How many years do you plan to spend in prison, puny"!

This school was not ordinary. Abusive teachers and unfair requirements to get though the grades was the reason.

Timmysfinal words still ring in my head today

"49ers 49ers"

and that's how the government came to change one single person killing someone for the death penalty, but rather a whole fire squad.


Submitted: November 06, 2016

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