My Life in Pink and Green

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Book review on: My Life in Pink and Green! It's an amazing book and I would like you guys to read this!

Submitted: November 17, 2013

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Submitted: November 17, 2013



My Life in Pink and Green: Book Review


Things aren't going well for Lucy and her family as the debts pile up and the pharmacy they have owned since forever isn't bringing in much money anymore. 

Since she loves being in the pharmacy, Lucy constantly worries about the future of the place she considers her second home, much as her mom and grandma tell her not to worry, she can't help it. 
When the local homecoming queen comes into the pharmacy with a hair emergency, Lucy's obsession with beauty products - and the many hours she has put reading all the labels - come in handy and she saves the day. 
From then on, not only she becomes Old Mill's go-to make-up artist/beauty consultant, but she also starts to hatch a plan that might very well salve the pharmacy, particularly after she combines it with all the things she's been learning at Earth club. If only people would listen to her!!




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