How to write a poem

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Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



So you want to write a poem, I see?

Well then I'll try to be the best help I can be,

But heed my warning which you will surely need,

I am most definitely no expert nor genius,

Like Shakespeare, Bill Gates or Steven Hawkins,

I have no medal, certificate or trophy,

To prove to you that I'm exactly what you need,

So you better choose wisely on whether or not,

You should keep reading this poem about poetry.

Wait, you're still reading this?

Wow, you must be quite desperate,

To learn how to create poetry,

If you're actually still listening to me.

Right then, since you're so eager let's begin.


Poetry is creating an art with words,

A small story usually under a page long,

Probably less if you're lazy, making a point or have little to say,

And probably more if you like it complicated or long.

Your mind is your paint can, your words are your paint,

Your pen is your brush and your paper your canvas,

To store your work and your thoughts.

Now, remember this fact for future tips,

Because I'm telling you now there are no secrets,

When writing there is no potion or spell,

That can make you write so spectacularly well,

There are no steps involved or a pamphlet,

It's just you, your mind, your pen, your paper and hard work.

There will be frustration, there will be pauses,

You'll want to rip your hair out,

Or destroy your work altogether.

But you'll also feel proud pride and deep satisfaction,

You'll want to pat yourself on the back,

And show off your work to family and friends.


Now comes the hard part, the part you've been dreading,

But it's also the part that gives a poem meaning,

You need to write, you need to build,

You need to make your words full of magic and creativity.

Again remember my poems aren't world star famous,

This is just my advice and my experience,

Lending you some hopefully helpful poetic tips.

How do you start a poem well I'll tell you how I start a poem,

I simply need a word to begin my story,

A simple sentence will get me started,

And I hope it's the same for you too,

Because really this is all I've got,

Locked away in my head.

Your poem can be a question you've been wondering,

Or a thought that you've been chasing,

It doesn't have to rhyme if you don't want it to,

And it doesn't need to be written like 'How art thou do?',

Your words need to flow like a river,

Instead of a rhyme, comparison or metaphor,

Your words need to have a rhythm.


Don't go worrying about your poem's title yet,

It will come to you eventually,

But make sure you think about it thoroughly,

So that it explains some semblance of your poetry,

Your title can come to you the same way a story is written,

At the beginning, middle or ending.

Now listen carefully here,

For this is the most important aspect of all,

That you desperately need to remember,

You need to like the sound of your story,

You need to enjoy your words on paper.

Your story needs to roll off your tongue,

Similar to a speech or a song,

And like a one thousand piece puzzle,

It needs to fit together perfectly.


Well that's all I have for you,

I hope my advice was helpful,

That you understand writing much more clearly,

Than before you started reading,

And that you don't want to throw this poem,

Out the window and into the bins,

For all of this so-called rubbish it's spewing.

And just one more thing before you go,

I've said it before and I'll say it again,

I'm no expert nor veteran,

When it comes to writing master pieces,

But at least I actually bothered,

To help and offer my advice to you,

By writing this annoyingly long piece of poetry,

So you wannabe poets find writing easier,

On how to write a poem.


© Copyright 2019 EpicWolf. All rights reserved.

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