Journey to Pterodactyl Ptavern

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This story is about a young Pterodactyl named Ptarry and her best freind Pterry that search for a legendary place called Pterodactyl Ptavern. Then something unsuspected happens and they get in some major trouble.

This story was originally for a webkinz contest but I decided to turn it into a children's chapter book.

Submitted: August 16, 2009

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Submitted: August 16, 2009




Ptarry Pterodactyl was flying through the trees on her way to the cliffs in search of Pterodactyl Ptavern. On her way she played ding dong ditch on Mrs.Dactyl. As she flew away she heard Mrs.Dactyl yelling at her. But then she flew into something hard. She looked up to see Mrs.Dactyl's grandson, Ptanner, the bully of the treetops. He grabbed her and was about to beat her up Ptarry's best freind, Pterry, came and grabbed her from Ptanner. Then he took Ptarry into a nearby tree. He said that he wanted to come with Ptarry to find the Pterodactyl Ptavern. So theyflew off toward the cliffs. When they got there they hesitated, for anyone that went in never came out. Ptarry finally gathered enough courage to pull Pterry into the cave that supposedly leads to Pterodactyl Ptavern. They felt a strong force pulling them deeper into the cave. Then they saw something in the tunnel just before they got knocked unconcious...


As Ptarry woke up she felt something move againstthe back ofher leg. She turned around to see Ptarry lying on his back with his wings wrapped around himself. She looked at her surroundings and gasped. She woke Ptarry up and told him that she thought they were in Pterodactyl Ptavern. Ptarry jumped up and flew around yelling. Pterry thought it was because she was excited until he looked at her closely. He relized that Ptarry was covered in some kind of bug. Then Ptarry flew into an underground stream and the bugs washed off quickly. All of a sudden there were rocks falling everywhere so Pterry grabbed Ptarry and flew into an adjoining tunnel...

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