The Friendship

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Christina LaBorn - A nice girl who is addicted to drugs. She pretends to like having no friends but she really longs for attention and wants friends.
Brandon Curtis Breniardi - fashionable, openly gay, flamboyant, gives good advice, good heart.
Ostridge Frank Torellion - A nice, good looking guy who gets lost in the crowed and always makes a big deal out of everything. He loves to cry and he relies on his parents for everything. He is VERY overemotional and self concious.
Carly Gina Bowyer - a girl, always misunderstood and labeled as 'emo'. She was sexually abused but tries to be optimistic and she tries to stay positive
Setting- Hyannis, Cape Cod.

Submitted: August 17, 2009

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Submitted: August 17, 2009



I was to the mall when some one ran into me.

"Hey what the..." I satrted but then saw it was my best friend, Brandon Curtis Breniardi.

"Hey girl. What ya up to?" He asked.

"Oh just going to the mall."

"Ooh you mean to check out cute guys. Can I come with?" Yes, you heard him correctly, he's just gay that's all.

"Sure why not." I tried to sound cheerful but I just couldn't not after what happened last month. I was watching TV when my own dad came home and raped me. Ever since then I haven't been the same.

"It's okay." Brandon said reading my thoughts again.

We got to the mall and headed for the food court. I saw some bully push that crybaby of a guy from school, Ostridge Frank Torellion, into the fountain after calling him ugly. Ostridge started to cry... again, so I went over to help him up.

"H-hey thank y-you." He said trying to dry up his tears. "Can I hang out with you?"

"Sure." I said. From that day on we were great freinds, Brandon, Ostridge, and I.

One day at school I walked into the girl's bathroom and saw Christina Laborn. She was drinking again because she's a drug addict.

"Come on Christina, that's not good for you." I said snatching the bottle of beer from her.

"I know but I can't stop." She said snatching it back.

"I'll help you." I said grabbed the bottle and dumped the beer down the sink before throwing the bottle in the garbage.

"Oh, Okay. Fine, whatever." She said following me out of the bathroom.

I helped her to stop drinking and we became best freinds. Brandon, Ostridge, Christina and I formed The Friendship.

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