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It is a short story about how a mother teaches her son about love.

Submitted: June 11, 2013

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Submitted: June 11, 2013




He stood standing on the balcony, looking at the sea and the waves that was on it. He wished to go there and dip his feet in the sand and play with the water. He longed to collect the shells that washed up ashore and that was it… he wanted to make a castle out of the shells that would collect.


“Mum, can I go out to the sea, please. I want to collect seashells.” “Not today son! The day is not good to go to the sea. We’ll go some other day.”


He was sad. After all it was his vacation and he wanted to spend this time by doing the things he wanted the most…and among the things he wanted, playing in water was the  best… he just loved water…. He remembered the times when  his mother gave him a good bath and he remained in the bathtub filled with warm soapy water… he did not want to come out of it…. His thoughts drifted back home… but here he was with his mother, spending his vacation near the sea…


He did want to go somewhere near water on this vacation, he had told his mother and she did as she wanted…. They were near the sea… but he was not permitted to go near the water… just at that time his mother came to him and said, “Let’s go out to play!”


“Really, mum? But you just said that we cannot play in this weather…” “Just come with me…”


Together they went towards the sea… the wet sand under their feet…. He felt really glad that they were here… the waves lashed on their feet erasing their footprints behind them…


They found a good spot to play and put their things down… he started to collect the shells that he found there and his mother started to dig a big trench around…. “What’s that for mother?” “You’ll see…” and she continued to dig…


Soon, he had a handful of shells and she had made a trench and called him inside. Together, they sat inside and built a sand castle. The doors and windows of the castle were decorated with the shells he had collected, small pebbles lined the base of the castle while the little green mosses made a perfect garden…After finishing, the castle looked splendid… he was really, really happy and he hugged his mother tightly…


But he did not understand the need of the trench… his mother made him understand that the trench was for the safety of the castle they had built… the trench would stop the sea water to flow into the castle and it would remain intact for a long time…


He then understood why his mother had not let him go to play in the sea at first… because without his mother, there was no trench to save him from sea.

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