The New England Patriots Will Win the Super Bowl for 5 Reasons

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My five reasons for why I think the New England Patriots will beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51.

1. They have a better defense and defense wins Super Bowls. The Patriots were ranked #1 in points allowed over the course of the season and showed in playoff games against the Texans and the Steelers that they can shut down both passing and running games. The Patriots stuffed La'Veon Bell on his runs before he was injured and bottled up elite quarterback Ben Rothlisberger and hot wide receiver Antonio Brown.

The Falcons supposedly have an explosive offense which can score at will. The same thing was said about the Rams, who the Patriots upset for their first Super Bowl win in 2001. The Patriots, with the most potent offense of all time  in 2007 couldn't beat the Giants defense in 2007. Think about the teams who have won the Super Bowl over the last few years - Broncos, Patriots, Seattle - all teams with stellar defenses. The Patriots have a great defense while the Falcons do not.

2. The Patriots have a better quarterback. Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all-time, playing the best he has ever played. Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan is having a good season, but in his last nine seasons he hasn't shown Tom Brady's level of consistency. This is his first Super Bowl and the hype will have some impact on him.

3. The Patriots have Bill Belichick. Belichick is a master at breaking down a team's weaknesses and designing a gameplan that gives the Patriots the maximum chance for success. He has been to the Super Bowl numerous times as a coach and defensive coordinator and understands how to gameplan. Dan Quinn has done a great job as a coach of the Falcons but he's not ready yet to match wits with Belichick.

4. The Patriots are on a mission. The Superbowl has extra meaning for New England because of the Deflategate penalties handed down by Roger Goodell, including the loss of a first round draft pick, the suspension of Tom Brady for the first four games of the season, and a million dollar fine. The last time the Patriots were branded as cheaters they went undefeated in the regular season and came a crazy David Tyree helmet catch away from winning the Super Bowl.

5. They are not playing the Giants. The Patriots have won every Super Bowl they have been to where they did not play the Giants.

With all this being said, the Patriots generally do not bring their best game to the Super Bowl and it usually comes down to some last minute heroics on either team that decides the game. This time though, the Patriots have enough offensive and defensive firepower to prevail.

Submitted: January 24, 2017

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