A Conversation (spoken word)

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I wrote this while thinking about my ex

Submitted: April 21, 2009

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Submitted: April 21, 2009



Yesterday! Yesterday, I had a conversation with Love.

I asked Love: "How long do I have to seek you before I find you?"

Love asked me: "Where have you looked so far?"

I told Love: "I looked so far and so hard that I put my prayers in an envelope and sent them beyond the stars.

Hoping that you'd write me back, but when you failed to repsond and I ran out of stamps, I chased you to the edge of my sanity.

I became the laughing stock of my own vanity, so caught up in the thought of you more then my own humanity. Once I realized I couldn't catch you, I waited till the thought of you died so that I could disect you.

Figuring the best please to find love was inside Love, so when you died Love, I put on my gloves, looking to find live love inside Love.

Inspite of my best try Love, I couldn't find you. When most people would've abandened your rancid body after empty handed heartache, I stood by you.

Hand in hand, interlocking my dreams with your wings, pinky promises, my accoplishments, words of bond. Like Barry Bonds, I thought I hit a home run with you Love, but I was just juiced up.

Now I'm dehydrated, Love, I feel all used up, so I brought Hope." Hope showed me where to look.

Hope told me: "You got the right jones, you're just reading the wrong book, but you're on the right shelf."

I told Hope: "I looked every where there is to look for Love."

Hope asked me: "Have you looked inside yourself? Have you taken a minute to apprecitate that you're not second best? Or are you just taking away your battery?

Have you taken a minute to appreciate every minute of yourself? Or are you just running circles around your anatomy?"

When Hope asked me that, I stepped outside my glass box. I just stopped and took time to smell the roses of my clock.

I looked to see what made me tick, listened to myself tock. Took the time to appreciate the way the watch maker created me.

I realized all this time I couldn't love anybody because I hated me. I thought about how long I sought love, and we never crossed paths.

It's because you can love never the person that makes you whole, untill you love the other half!

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