Dark Mirror

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Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



As I look upon this broken world,

weary and torn,

I see a reflection of myself.

Of the way I was, the way I used to be.


A mirror reflects upon me

as to say it wanted me to see

my inner self, my true me.


I glanced hard, trying not to cry.

For I was afraid of what might be there,

I was afraid of the world on the other side.


Would it be black and empty,

which may as well have been the truth,

nothing good has ever come from me.


Why should I even try!


I looked to see what it would show,

sadly there was nothing, as I expected.

That's what happens when you expect, you get.


I turned to walk away from the dark mirror,

I realized I saw what I wanted to see,

not what was really there.


I turned back with an open mind,

bright beautiful colors,

filled the reflective surface.


Colors faded as images appeared,

images of loved ones,

friends and family from my past.


The void I saw was nothing,

more then an empty lie,

keeping me closed off from the world.


I turned from the mirror and walked away,

the reflective surface of doubt,

shattered into little pieces.

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