Elementz the Anime Episode 1 Part 2: Guardians Fallen, A Hero Awakens

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Elementz AnimeWiki: Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Suspense, Action Themes: Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama, Martial Arts Age rating: Teen (suggestive theme, crude language and humor, blood) Plot Summary: Elementz takes place on a normal summer day in Texas right before the Oshinayara Bros. graduation. Picking up where Elementz: Elexeyun Stories left off, the Guardians/Zuardians of Elexeyun are killed by a mysterious and thought to had been extinct race of Elexeyian known as the Shoaxian(who were banished long ago when the Universal Family 1st united) in the prolouge and are sent to earth in a unbreakable mineral known as a Crystalement to seek help from people who have the Elexeyun blood to help them return to normal. Little did they know that their partner were their blood brothers/sisters. Now young Ryon and Alex must call forth the Heroes of Earth and save it from the same force that killed their new partners while the Derrek & the other Rivals challenge them to prove who deserves to be the best. Using their Elementz the Heroes/Rivals must fight to save the Earth and challenge each other for personal reason that are unforgivable.

Submitted: June 12, 2010

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Submitted: June 12, 2010




part 2 of Episode 2

Alex:(thinking out loud) Hhhmm…. I choose Gomi, Matt, Vari, and….

Ryon:(unsure) Can I be on your team, Alex? We’d make a great team.

Alex:(sigh) I’ve seen your skills little bro, andthere not good enough yet, you’d just get in the way.

Matthon Ramsey:(astonished) Serious Alex you’ve been acting like a jerk since that incident this morning, you sound as bad as they do, so chill out man.

Alex:(annoyed)Whatever you don’t understand and…

Ryon:(in a belligerent tone) Fine, you know what! I could care less now. I don’t care anymore Alex.

Ryon walked away seriously upset.

Te?:(mild-tempered) Okay, what’s wrong with you, he’s your little brother. Your treating him as an annoyance. Mr. Hero!

Alex:(mild-tempered) Okay, im not going to baby him anymore. Just because he’s my little brother doesn’t make him my responsibility.

Vari:(mad) Oh really, but I overheard your boasting to Ms. Shannons. I recall hearing you say “It’s my responsibility as the older and dependable brother to take care of the situation.” He stayed with you because he admires you as his brother and was ready to help out.

Alex:(hastily) I live with him, so school sometime help relieve stress, now lets play the game.

Te?:(annoyed)Whatever…..lets play!

Gomi, Matt, Vari, Darren:(under their breathe)Fine, he’s so arrogant lately.

The basketball went on until it was time to dress out and freshen up. Then the bell rang and school was out for today and they all exit the gym doors. Ryon stood by the door waiting for Alex. He appeared in less than a minute later.

Ryon:(mild-tempered) Let’s go, Alex.

Alex: Hold on Ryon, I gotta go and do something right quick, if you want you can go by yourself and I can catch up.

Ryon:(turning around, looking down, walking away)Fine then, see ya in a few.

Alex:(worried a little) Okay, I’ll catch up.

Ryon walked out the backdoor to the school and Alex walked back down the hall to run his errand.

Alex:(thinking to himself) Be safe, lil bro.

~Elementz, Erementsu~

Meanwhile Ryon was walking by himself through the forest-like trail on his way home.

Ryon:(tired) Alex, you jerk. Taking all the credit for everything.

Ryon:(relaxed) The rustling of the tree in the wind kinda soothe my soul. Make me feel abit carefree, I guess…

Ryon was starring into the cloud when all of a sudden!

Sam:(pushing Ryon) Well, well, well isn’t it the little pest that got us suspended.

Ryon:(mad) What do you want, stalkers!

Derrek: We aren’t on school ground anymore, time for a little payback for this morning.

Ryon:(tense) Oh really!

Ryon:(thinking to himself, nervous) Crap! Alex where are you. Mr. Hero.

Meanwhile upstairs at his locker.

Alex:(grinning) That was close, I thought I had lost my favorite pick. Well time to catch up to Ryon. Knowing him it’s gonna be easy to catch up to him with his curious nature.

He heads towards the stairs running to the backdoor to catch up to Ryon. But Ryon was in serious trouble.

Derrek:(throws a punch)This is gonna be…..fun!

Ryon:(blocking it with both hands) Ahhh!!! Oh no you don’t!

Sam then blind-sided him and punched him in the jaw. Ryon stepped back dazed. He tried to recover only to be punch in the chest by Derrek. He fell to his knee in agony.

Ryon:(on his knees, in pain) You guys are so weak double teaming….me…I….I…uh…

Sam:(grabbing Ryon by his hair and making him stand up) Lets get something straight Ryon we’re Rivals now. I don’t care what you think we are gonna do whatever it takes to win, got that.

Ryon:(in pain, staring him in the eye) You two are just coward, we should fight a balanced fight not one-sided the nothing but a sign of weakness.

Sam:(sneering)Oh really, Mr. Hero.

Ryon became transfixed by those words.

Sam sneered as he lift his other hand and once again punched Ryon in side of the head. Causing Ryon to get a nosebleed and a busted lip. Ryon turned around dazed and tried to hit strike Derrek with the last of his strength.

Ryon:(thinking, disoriented) I can’t do this….by….myself.

Ryon:(throwing a punch with the last of his energy) AAHHH!!! ALEXEROME!!!

Meanwhile back in Elexeyun. The Guardians and Zuardians where still fighting.

Sarvus Mozune: Time to finish this Gaurdi-

Levana:(shocked) What’s that light.

Yathea Kumetoe: I thought I sensed something but…

Natulie: I can’t detect what Element it is.

Natone: Anetiere, can you detect it with you Celestial Element.

Anetiere:…….We fought well but now we must die.

Roeka: What the hell does that mean, screw this, imma kill you now while I have the chance.

Zarlo: This is serious we can settle this another day, it’s not worth dying over.

Zarla: He’s right, let’s call a temporary tru-

Just then a focus beam of mysterious energy pierce her there her heart. She flew back a few feet and Zarlo rush to aid her.

Zarlo:(holding her and blood gush from her wound) Zarla, no!

Zarla (dying) Don’t worry Zarlo Ghost don’t die…we get a second chance is all. After all im your sister and well as your girl-half.

Natone: This fight is over there is something else in Elexon with us.

Garuthy Kumetoe: I agree for once

Zarlo:(tearing) Hang in there Zarla!

Zarla:(last breathe) Fight on, love you….bro….

Zarla dies.

Zarlo: Who the hell do you think you are? Where the hell are you I will kill you myself and-

The energy beam came back and in a flash it went straight through Yathea’s chest.

Yathea:(blank stare as she took her last breathe) Sis…..sister…

Yathea dies.

Sudomo: (wary) We need to get out of Elexon now

Aldore: Agreed lets go before it-

The beam went though Aldore face killing him instantly.

Sarvus:(mad) Brother!!!

Varlon: We need a Hole of Elemance!

The beam came once more and went through Levana and Varlon, killing them.

Natone: We have to leave them we must retreat and-

Natulie: Watch out Natone! PsychoMystic……BarrioMystica..

Natulie:(as she shielded Natone) Hurry Ill follow behind you and-

The Beam shattered her Barrier and shot her through her 3rd eye, killing her instantly.

Wendon: Screw this imma fight.

Sudomo:(extremely upset) Me to im piss now, Feel the fury of my thunder.

Varlan: Zarlo let fuse.

Zarlo:(without question) Okay

Wendon and Sudomo charged at the light as Varlan and Zarlo attempt to fuse but the light split into 5 beams. Piercing them through there chest killing them. The last was heading for Natone yet again. But…


Galver shot a leaf spinning at supersonic speed encased in wind. It managed to deflect the beam only to redirect it to himself.

Galver:(tired) Kick his butt for me bro…

Natone:(tears of anger) Galver…NO!!!

The beam blasted a huge hole in Galver chest killing him instantly. Anetiere was still focusing.Natone and Sarvus looked around to see nothing but the corpses of there friends.

Natone:(tired) We need to buy Anetiere some more time. Sarvus!

Sarvus: Well we will die protecting the galaxy. Lets do it.

Natone:(using his strongest Elemental technique) Nature’s Ultima.

Sarvus:(using his strongest Elemental technique) Sands of Ostima.

As they release their attack they were absorb and throw back at them, but were more powerful.

Sarvus:(tired) We failed! How can this be, I won’t lose this easily

Natone:(depressed) We must now leave it in the hands of the Universal family. We have done all we can and failed, but next time I promise you it will be the other way around you HEAR!!!

The blast hit them and killed them on impact.

Anetiere:(done focusing, she absorb everyone soul & spirit from there dead bodies, including her own to use the forbidden Celestial Elemental technique) It ends here, Celestelia of Life I ask that you take my life to grant us anew life for the ones we sacrificed to protect our home galaxy, a life of Slow Rejuvenation.

The grand power of Elexon gave Anetiere the necessary power to allow Celestica of Life to complete. As the beam of mysterious energy pierce through Anetiere multiple times it didn’t realize that she was already dead.

But 16 shimmers of light in the distant were headed toward the Milky Way. But the beam was smart and sent a particle to follow them because it had a strange feeling about them.

There body faded away, where they went is a mystery. And the beam started expelling itself everywhere, why is unknown. The Universal Family in Elexeyun sensed it and prepared every planet to be ready for this mystery invader.

Back on earth.

Alex:(feeling his brother’s pain, yelling)RYON!!! IM COMING LITTLE BROTHER!

Derrek:(dodging Ryon punch) Its Alex! He’s coming!

Sam:(satisfied) Crap, lets go! I feel a whole lot better about being suspended now. See ya around “Ryno”.

The brothers ran and disappeared beyond the bushing. Ryon fell to his knee bruised, bleeding and about to cry.

Ryon:(on his hands and knee, transfix with pain, confused) How, how did it come to this?

Maylene:(feeling a surge of uneven Elemental energy) There all in pain, something is happening I must go now. I can’t sense their Elemental forces… good or evil.

Maylene got up from her computer and rushed out, hanging her lab coat on the wall, But…

Chelsea Greene: May, where are you going, we need to finish the analyses of this Arida blepharophylla specimen.

Maylene: (opening the door) One on my kid is sick and the school called, if you don’t mind can you finish my synopsis. It’s under the Asteraceae family. I wrote the majority of it so you should be able to handle it. Thank you so much, Chelsea.

She closes the door.

Chelsea:(slightly dumbfounded) Uh… okay May. No problem.

As Maylene made her way down the hall her forest green crystallize hair band lite up and a voice could be heard.

Male-Voice:(from her hair piece) Maylene dear, the Guardians and Zuardians. They have all….perished.

Maylene:(shock) What! How is that possible?

Male-Voice:(from her hair piece) The rest of the Universal Family members believe that “The Banished Ones” have freed themselves from the Seal. It has been decades since then so we are unaware if they have developed any new tactics or have tainted anymore style of Elementz. We are good here, you and the Universal Family on Earth be on guard.

Maylene:(sad but she pulled herself together) Okay we will, you will guard mine as well. But now that I know that I must jump-start Ryon and Alex’s training.

Male-Voice: (from her hair piece) I’m not protecting it, but im on guard for your planet. The twins are on it, I know they can handle it with their twin-sync Elemental abilities.

Maylene:(worried, but okay) Alright dear, I know they can do it. Good luck!

She rush to the house, meanwhile back on the path.

~Elementz, Erementsu~

Alex:(yelling) Ryon, where are you?!

About five minute later he stumbled upon his injured brother.

Alex:(running toward Ryon) Ryon, what happened. Let me carry you home so we can treat your wounds.

Ryon:(looking at his brother& started crying) Don’t come near me damnit!

Alex:(feeling sad) Ryon, sorry I wasn’t here to protect you…I promise ill make it up to you, but we need to clean you up. And-

Ryon:(trying to wipe the tears from his eyes and blood from his nose, smearing it all over his face, extremely mad)Where were you, huh Mr. Hero! You can brag and boast about all you did and you couldn’t even made time to save your own brother, Never call yourself a responsible brother!!! You can save everyone but me cant you. What happen to family come first?!

Alex:(sad) I…didn’t…know..

Ryon got up and ran away from his brother only to trip over a limb and scrap his knee. But got up and keep running until he disappeared beyond the trees.

Alex:(walking home) I should follow him, but he’s really mad at me. I’m so selfish.

Alex:(looking up at the dusk sky, seeing something it the distance) What a strange star, its shimmering all the color of the rainbow but its so far away….What am I gonna tell mom.

Alex eventually made it home. When he open the door he smelt the aroma of him mom’s cooking.

Alex:(closing the door feeling unsettled, whispering) I don’t know how to explain to her what happened.

Maylene:(worried) Alex, are you okay? Where’s Ryon?

Alex:(confused)Yeah, about what? Did the principle call you this morning?

Maylene:(realizing she’s gotten ahead of herself) Uh, yes she did.

Maylene:(thinking to herself) Their gone, they lost but Ryon nor Alex has felt it yet.

Maylene:(worried) Where’s you brother?

Alex:(tense and nervous) Ah, well….he ran off after Derrek and Sam double teamed him on the way home, I had to get something at school.

Maylene:(slightly mad) If he was with you he would be safe at home right now, what in your right mind were you thinking Alexerome.

Alex: (sad, upset) I’m sorry mom, I’ve learned my lesson. You’re not the only one who thinks I’m irresponsible, I know I am…

Alex:(upset, crying a little bit, running upstairs) And so do you and Ryon.

He ran into his room and close the door.

Maylene:(thinking to herself) My mom prophesy was correct, Ryon is alone, hurt and maybe even sad. Alex is upset and feels like he can’t handle responsibility at the moment. They have escape! I must prepare them they now have a lot riding on them. But his kids must be going through the same thing as well.

That evening she ate alone. Alex came down later that night and ate alone. Meanwhile it was about midnight as Ryon was sitting on hill beyond the forest.

Ryon:(cold, fatigued, relaxing back onto the tree) Stupid Alex, you hero-hogger, you.

Ryon:(cough and some blood came up) Man, they got me good.

Afterward he felt light-headed because of his injuries and his bruise had turned a maroon color.

Ryon:(weak) Maybe I should just shut up. Or go home.

Ryon looked up and saw a rainbow colored star soar across the starry night sky. Then it separated into 16 different colors and appeared to looked like it was going to shower down onto Earth.

Ryon:(trying to doze off) That was pretty cool. But I think ill feel better after some rest then ill go home first thing in the morning.

He closed his eyes. About five minutes later, he opened his eyes at the sight of light flashing in is face. As it got closer, it got brighter.

Ryon:(shocked, amazed yet still tired) What! What’s going on?!

Green Crystal: Young one, are the son of Mother Nature?

Ryon:(confused) What are you talking about?

Green Crystal: You are the one with the aura of nature. It is time to awaken your latent Elemental powers.

Ryon:(shocked) I have superpowers!

Green Crystal: Looks like you lost a fight, young hero.

Ryon:(looking down) I did, but I was jump and engaged into an unfair fight.

Green Crystal: I see, don’t worry. Time to show you how to use our powers. Now try to make the grass in front of you grow taller.

Ryon:(confused but trying, lifting his bruised arms) Ahhh…

Ryon:(grunting, regaining some strength) Come…on…Grow!

Just then Ryon’s eyes and hair changed into a sea-green color.Then the grass in front of him grew a yard taller and the dew lifted off the blades of grass and formed a ball of floating water. But he then lost control of it and its soak his face.

Ryon: (dumbfounded, surprised) Wow, did I really do that!

Green Crystal: If you still haven’t figured it out you have the Elements of Nature and Water, and is classified as “Elementz” I am here you aid you in learning them.

Ryon:(standing up) So, is there some kind of evil coming or I just have these powers.

Green Crystal: Yes, a great evil is coming but I’m afraid I have no information on whom or what it is. You must find the others who are destined to protect your planet from this evil, your friends, your allies…

Ryon:(questioning) Who? How many? Will they to wield these “Elementz”?

Green Crystal: You are their leader, you must answer these questions for yourself.

Ryon:(sleepy and exhausted a little) Okay, I understand.

Ryon:(thinking to himself) So those other light must be like him and if so it will make find my other teammates easy.

Green Crystal: Now to take care if those wounds of yours. Use me to transform and awaken your dormant Elementz within. With all your heart say “Nature Crystallize”.

The green crystal fell to the ground and stopped glowing.

Ryon walked over and picked up the Crystal from the tall grass.

Ryon:(excited a little) I hope this changes my hair change colors again.

Ryon:(raising his hand into the air, yelling with heart) Nature…..Crystallize….!

~Rainforest Background~

Ryon put is hands over his chest

~sphere of leaves covered his body from neck to waist~

Ryon put his legs together.

~His legs fused together as they turned into bark from waist to feet~

Ryon’s body was enveloped inside a sphere of water

~he throws his arms out, dispersing the water as well the leaves, his legs separate to form shorts and his legs had a woody texture yet it wasn’t a hindrance as the bark was as soft as what it was when he was human~

Ryon was now wearing a leafy short-sleeve shirt, a pair of comfortable tree-bark trunks. He also had 3 green crystal rings on his right wrist and 3 blue crystal rings on his left wrist. But strangely he was barefoot.

Back at the Oshinayara residence. Alex and Maylene were sleep until..

Maylene:(waking up all of a sudden) I sense the Elementz inside someone being awaken, could Ryon have learn of his Elementz on his own.

She thought to herself before she turned over a feel back asleep. What could she possibly be doing in her dreams.

~End of Episode 1~

Next time on Elementz the Anime:

Ryon: Awesome, I can’t wait to train some more.

Green Crystal: Didn’t you have enough fun when you almost flooded the park this morning.

Ryon: Sorry, but now there a strange monster near the school not to mention we are about to graduate.

Alex: Im sorry Ryon please forgive me, lil bro.

Ryon: No prob, Alex you have the Element of Wind, not to mention you one of the chosen to protect Earth.

Alex: Cool then can’t wait this graduation couldn’t get any better.

Lime-Green Crystal: Whatever you say slacker.

Ryon laughs.

Ryon: Anyway next time on Elementz the Anime!

Ryon and Alex: Episode 2 “The Supernatural Grassuation”

Green & Lime Crystal: This is only training the real evil has yet to come…

Featured Elementz: in

Nature- The ability to control all organic greens and some Earth.

Water- control water or anything with water in it also can transform into almost anything.

Sand- controls the flow and make-up of sand particles. Sand is also known as “dry water” because like water it can transform into almost anything

Dream- Allow one to manifest their dream into reality with the cost of some Life Energy

Rainbow-Legendary bonding Elementz which also feed on Life Energy.


Thank you for reading, see you next episode. ~^_^~

© Copyright 2020 Erementsu. All rights reserved.

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