Elementz the Anime Episode 2 Part 1: The Supernatural Grassuation

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Elementz AnimeWiki: Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Suspense, Action Themes: Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama, Martial Arts Age rating: Teen (suggestive theme, crude language and humor, blood) Plot Summary: Elementz takes place on a normal summer day in Texas right before the Oshinayara Bros. graduation. Picking up where Elementz: Elexeyun Stories left off, the Guardians/Zuardians of Elexeyun are killed by a mysterious and thought to had been extinct race of Elexeyian known as the Shoaxian(who were banished long ago when the Universal Family 1st united) in the prolouge and are sent to earth in a unbreakable mineral known as a Crystalement to seek help from people who have the Elexeyun blood to help them return to normal. Little did they know that their partner were their blood brothers/sisters. Now young Ryon and Alex must call forth the Heroes of Earth and save it from the same force that killed their new partners while the Derrek & the other Rivals challenge them to prove who deserves to be the best. Using their Elementz the Heroes/Rivals must fight to save the Earth and challenge each other for personal reason that are unforgivable.

Submitted: February 21, 2011

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Submitted: February 21, 2011




The Supernatural Grassuation Part 1


Back on the forest hillside where Ryon was, he was still amazed at his new transformation.


Ryon: (fully healed, feeling strange) Aw, cool! So what should I do now, Crystal?


Just then his shadow turned green.


Green Crystal: Down here young Hero, this is where I will reside since you have nothing that I can crossover to.


Ryon: Well, what are the best things to cross-over to?


Green Crystal: If I remember correctly, cherished item are the best. The longer you had them the better.


Ryon:(thinking out loud) I know! My pick should be perfect, me and brother have had our since we were 5 years old. They were Christmas presents from our dad. Wonder where he is? I’ll ask mom if I remember to.


Green Crystal: Where is it young hero?


Ryon:(pausing, then worried) Oh no, It must fell out my hair when I got jumped. I have to go find it.


Green Crystal: Don’t worry young hero we will find it before the sun rises, but for now I will show how to use your Elementz.


Ryon:(calmly & readily) Okay, I trust you. Oh and by the way my name is Ryon, do you have a name?


Green Crystal: I do but I can’t remember it, I can’t remember anything pass my training and even those are hazy…..Call me….wait! My name is Nat-Nat-Nat…..


Ryon:(grinning) Sound like your name is Nate.


Nate: Thank you, but unfortunately that not my full name, but with your help I know I will remember. Luckily the key thing I remember is that I can regain my memories, but it up to me to figure out.


Ryon:(smiling) You mean us, im gonna help you as well. Now teach me about my Elementz, if you please, Nate.


Nate: Okay, Ryon. Now since you have transform, using your Elementz should be easier to learn and control. I advise you to learn a technique for both your Nature & Water Elements, using them wildly or freely can be risky at your level.


Ryon: (excited, jumping, then running around)Wow! I can just higher and run faster.


Nate: Focus Ryon, now try to summon the water around you.


Ryon: Alright, Ill try…


Ryon:(lifting his arms in the air, focusing) Hhhmmm….Ahhh….Water.


He only gathered enough water to create a sphere of water that was about the size of his head. The one of his blue Crystal Rings dispersed and a huge sphere of water appeared over his head.


Ryon:(focused, amazed) Wow, awesome. Now to throw this into the depth of the hillside forest.


Nate:(shocked) Ryon wait, no!


Ryon:(aware) Huh, what?


A huge splash was heard. Then a wave of water was headed downhill. Flowing through the wood and toward the LumareFamilyPark.


Nate: You have to stop it or its going to flood the park.


Ryon:(hesitating) Uh, okay…


~Elementz, Erementsu~


A crashing wave was roaring downhill.


Ryon:(thinking) C’mon  Ryon, think.


Nate: Word of advice “think of something you could use to make with your Nature or Water Elements to stop that wave you created”.


Ryon:(readily) Okay, I think I got it and-


Nate:(interrupting) Those Rings on your wrists act as Elemental Amplifiers, if you didn’t notice you lost one of your blue Water Crystal Ring it therefore amped up you water Element now use the remaining 2 Water and 3 Nature Rings to stop it. Lastly those ring are the only safe way you can use high-powered Elementz at you current level. When they are all gone, only use Techniques for you safety. I explain the rest later, now we need to stop that wave.


Ryon: (readily) Got’cha, I think I have a decent, half baked idea. Here goes! Sea…


A strong, sturdy root sprouted a yard from his left foot. He felt one with the tree he once rested on.


Ryon:(hearty) Weed…


A second root sprouted a yard from his right foot. It was from the same tree.


Ryon:(tense, lost his focus a little) Sling….


A long piece of elastic seaweed wrapped itself around the left root and stretched over and wrapped itself around the other root. Then covered itself with a thin film of water. Then 1 blue and green Crystal Ring disappeared.


Ryon:(stretching  the seaweed back with his feet) Shot!


Ryon: (free-flying nervous) I lost 2 more Rings but I used a technique what happen? And how am I suppose to land barefoot?


Nate: Using technique that would drain to much energy from you are substituted by your Crystals. You are not at a level to handle that middle level technique, your still at a level where you hardly have a bond with your Elementz….I don’t recall that technique, if it is one? As of now use your 3 remaining Crystal Rings to stop that wave.


Ryon:(focusing) Maybe I can create board made of bark. My wood-like legs sure be able to pull that off, I hope. Let’s try! Bark Board!


Ryon’s grew a sleek long surfboard-like piece of bark on the sores of his barky feet. He then positioned himself to land on the rage wave.


Nate: Hurry up, Ryon!


Ryon landed on the wave with little control but quickly regained his balance. Meanwhile the wave was still surging toward the hill’s base and the only thing slowing down was the trees and brush in its path.


Ryon:(surfing on the wave) I….I feel it…the power.


Nate:(relieve, supporting him) Go for it.


Ryon eyes and hair changed blue as he kneeled down and powered his way through the body of the water. He was able to jet through water with ease as his Bark Board dispersed into the water. He broke the front of the wave in less than 10 second afterwards.


Ryon: (tumbling down to the base of the hill) Ouch! Here I come!


Ryon hair and eyes changes green as a large tree with a hollow trunk emerged from the ground with the first 15ft split open finely. Infused with nature it was ready to absorb the water.


Ryon: (eyes and hair return to its sea-green color, with absolute focus) Nature! Forrestoration!


The tree emanated a strong green aura, which cause the water to flow into it. Siphoning the water upwards into the tree, the water was dispersed and drizzle to the ground as dew. His tree returned to the earth.


Ryon: (excited, putting his hand on his forehead as he looked up) I did it, oh yeah!


Ryon fell on his butt in exhaustion as the dew sparkled in the moonlight.


Nate: (pleased) You did well young Hero. For your first time at least…


Ryon: (looking up, transforming back to normal) Well I’m out of Crystal Rings, what now?


Nate: You could continue to train yourself so that you can use them in human form. At this point it’s vital that you learn how. If not, you will merely be nuisance that they will handle with no effort. At this point if you fail and get kill, no one else will be able to assemble the other Heroes Not only that, but without you we will be unable to regain our human body and possible head off to the Spirit World. You have a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders. But I know you can handle it.


Ryon: (feeling uncertain) I see what you’re saying. Uh, don’t you think that’s a bit much for a kid my age.


Nate: Ryon… I know you feel it in your heart. The feeling that you will fail your friends and something bad will happen to them. But you also know that you can’t let the people you know and love perish because you were to scare to handle your destiny.


Ryon: (looking down) I can’t let that happen, I will protect all the people I love. Even if I have to sacrifice my life in the process. I can’t fail; I will do my best to master my Elementz, promise.


Nate: That’s good to hear but don’t get careless and reckless. Stay calm and think things through. You can’t afford to be rash.


Ryon: (yawning) Okay, I understand. Let’s call it night, okay Nate?


Nate: Well, it appear to be a few minutes after 1am, you need to rest up for you graduation tomorrow.


Ryon: (drowsy) How’d you know that, and the time?


Nate: If I remember correctly, my older brother’s girlfriend taught him how to read the stars. I am surprised I even remembered that. I’m regaining memory due to your curiosity. As for you graduation I—


Ryon had fallen asleep as Nate was talking to him.


Nate: (recrystallizing) Sleep well young Ryon, you deserve it. Now, I need to hurry and crossover to that pick of his. I have to figure out how to get it though…


Ryon: (talking in his sleep) Not now… I will train this evening… not now…


As Ryon slept, the tree he rested on lowered one of its limb and gently lift Ryon into the safety of the treetops.


~Elementz, Erementsu~


Thursday morning, 6:51am


Nate: (from the base of the tree) Ryon, Ryon…


Ryon is still in the tree sound asleep.


Nate: (annoyed, anime-sweat drop) Wake up! You greenhead!


Ryon: (rolling out the tree, yawning) Ow! Rude awakening, what’s the deal. Nate? Where are you?


Nate: Look down I’m in Crystouflage form.


Ryon: (sleepy-eyed) You’re a pick.


Nate: (sigh) Wake up, I combined your two Elementz and bonded with your pick. If you’re still out of it just call me Pond Pick for now. I also have something to share with you soon but now is not the time. Besides, do you want to try to walk around trying to hide a bulky Crystal?


Ryon: (sleepy-eyed, looking at) Sure.


Meanwhile back at the Oshinayara residence, Alex was woken up by the smell of his mother’s cooking.


Alex:(lying in bed, thinking to himself) Its graduation day and Ry hasn’t returned home. He has been out all night I hope—


Maylene:(knocking on the door, coming in) Alex-sweetie time to get up. Unless you want to be late for school, and you know I don’t allow it.


Alex:(sitting up, melancholic) What about Ryon mom? I hope he’s safe. Man I feel like an unreliable idiot.


Maylene:(happily) Oh dear, something tells me your brother is safe, so please Alex stop worrying.


Alex:(upset) But…it’s all my fault. I got caught up being myself I couldn’t help him when he need me the most.


Just then Alex’s hair and eyes turned lime green and the window behind his head opened and a tailwind blew from the window to the door for about 7 seconds. Alex’s eyes and hair return to normal. Alex had a naïve look on his face.


Maylene:(surprised, thinking to herself) Has he realized his Element of wind. Even without his a Crystalement he is able to summon his wind at random. It shouldn’t be long now.


Alex:(dumbfounded) What was that, where did that air come from? Weird…


Maylene:(turning around) If you don’t get up, you’ll never be ready for school…Lazenator.


Alex:(getting out of bed, grinning yet annoyed) Mom, not you too.


Maylene:(thinking to herself) That was close, hurry my son and awaken your dormant elemental powers. Like your brother…


In less than 30 minutes Alex was up and ready to go.


Alex:(opening the front door) I’m gone mom.


Maylene:(from the kitchen) Here are your lunches.


Alex:(puzzled) Lunches? How many did you make mother?


Maylene:(motherly) Two, one or you and one for your brother. I’ll make sure he’s at school or your graduation, mother’s promise.


Alex:(leaving, still a bit melancholic) Okay, I trust you.


Maylene:(worrying, as Alex left) Thank you, I wish I could have ask you what your remember since you died. But I know my son, even on a planet he has hardly explore, he was able to find the things I left for him to take back from Ryon. Nate…Ryon I hope to talk to you as Mother Nature and help you but. I must be wary as this evil is making its way here to finish their duty.


Back on the Forrest-side Hill.


Ryon:(ready, putting Pond Pick in his hair) So, what time is it Nate?


Nate: Its 7:34am. I suggest you hone your Elements a bit more.


Ryon:(tense)Okay, but I’ve never used to Elementz in human form, soo~


Nate:(sigh) Let’s start with a simple technique. If I remember correct, it one of the first techniques I ever learned. “The ability to bond with nature and traverse it with ease, the Lu..Lu…Lulu known as Natrune“. I can’t remember what category Natrune falls under as far as Elementz. But it’s the nature version of the traversal Elementz category that I can’t remember.

Ryon:(curious) I worry about these category things you’re talking about when we find the other and can swap information. But tell me more about that Natrune ability. Sounds handy.


Nate: Well Ryon, all you need to do is focus and become one with nature. Once you are in sync nature will share if vast amount of natural energy with you allowing you to move through grasslands, forest, woodland or any area with organic plant life surviving there. The abundances of nature is key as well but that can come later. Just remember to un~Sync with nature before your feet leaves its boundaries. Otherwise your energy will flux or in most case be significantly drained.


Ryon:(eager) That makes perfect sense. So let’s give it a try. With all these trees around hitting one would be pretty classic don’t you think so?


Nate: If you stay focus nature won’t let you falter, now go for it!


Ryon:(closing his eyes, focusing) Here goes! Nature, endow me with the grand energy to glide over you with the greatest of ease.


Ryon:(eyes turning green) Alright, Natrune!


Ryon started sprinting downhill with Nate in Pond Pick form in his hair. While Ryon was on his way to school, Alex was taking the path that he and Ryon usually take to head home. The wind was rustling in the trees.


Alex:(walking) Man, I’m so sorry Ry, Next time I’ll—


All of a sudden something fell through the rustling of the tree and hit Alex on the head. It was a lime-colored Crystal.


Alex:(rubbed his head then picked up the Crystal) Uh-huh. What’s this strange-looking emerald-colored crystal?


Once again a tailwind blew from behind. Alex sensed it was exactly like what happened in his room earlier this morning.


Alex:(putting the crystal in his pocket, lazed eyed) Weirdness, this crystal feels like its somehow link to me. Blah! I need to get to school.


About 12 minutes later both Ryon and Alex were almost on school grounds.


Ryon:(running downhill with ninja-like agility) Well, almost out of grass. Good thing the schools right here.


Nate: Get ready, you need to jump in order to un-Sync with nature. Otherwise as soon as your feet hit the pavement you will need to rest for a while. Also get ready for your energy to return to normal mortal standard. It’s going to feel funny but nothing more I assure you.


Ryon:(jumping) Got’cha, thank you nature for your assistance, relieve me of your energy and return when I need you once more.


Ryon:(hair return to its normal color, land on the pavement) Ughhh… Yep Nate, I got that funny feeling you were talking about. That’s….gonna take some time to get used to.


Ryon slowly walked up to the schools’ door. A few minutes later, Alex had arrived at school and entered the building as well. Alex worried that he’d see his brother upset and a mess. Meanwhile at the Mozune residents.


Luther Kemoyushi Mozune: Suspend from school, if you two keep this up your true “graduation” won’t occur.


Sam:(a little mad) Sorry dad, but those Nahur are a constant nuisance with friendship and willing to help other. They get more attention than we do and we were supposed to be friends.


Derrek: (disagreeing)Sam, that a lie right? It was only yesterday that we became more than just rivals.


Sam and Derrek began to stare each other down.


Luther:(smirking)Don’t fight my sons, summer is soon approaching and you will receive some very special training. But remember “Frozen in the sands of time, lays not only your true prowess but your destined futures.”


Sam:(thinking out-loud) Awesome dad, I can’t wait! Oh well, guess we’ll figure that out what our special training is next week, a Derrek?


Derrek:(thinking to himself) That phrase dad just said. The meaning of it sounds very useful if I only knew what it means.


Sam: Whatever dad, we gotta go!


Luther: Alright my son, see you this evening. And don’t get into any more trouble.


Derrek and Sam:(leaving) Yes…sir!


At school…Alex was staring out the second floor window until.


Te?:(waving her hand in the air) Alex, good morning.


Alex:(hiding his feeling) Hey Te?, and Vari… and Gomi. What’s up?

Continue with Part 2

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