Elementz the Anime Episode 2 Part 2: The Supernatural Grassuation

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Elementz AnimeWiki: Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Suspense, Action Themes: Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama, Martial Arts Age rating: Teen (suggestive theme, crude language and humor, blood) Plot Summary: Elementz takes place on a normal summer day in Texas right before the Oshinayara Bros. graduation. Picking up where Elementz: Elexeyun Stories left off, the Guardians/Zuardians of Elexeyun are killed by a mysterious and thought to had been extinct race of Elexeyian known as the Shoaxian(who were banished long ago when the Universal Family 1st united) in the prolouge and are sent to earth in a unbreakable mineral known as a Crystalement to seek help from people who have the Elexeyun blood to help them return to normal. Little did they know that their partner were their blood brothers/sisters. Now young Ryon and Alex must call forth the Heroes of Earth and save it from the same force that killed their new partners while the Derrek & the other Rivals challenge them to prove who deserves to be the best. Using their Elementz the Heroes/Rivals must fight to save the Earth and challenge each other for personal reason that are unforgivable.

Submitted: February 21, 2011

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Submitted: February 21, 2011




Elementz the Anime Episode 2

The Supernatural Grassuation Part 2

Vari: Everyone’s in the auditorium, let go!

Alex:(thinking to himself) Ryon might be there, on the other hand, he still might—no I have to trust what mom said, he has to be here.

As soon as Alex and the others turned the corner heading down the stairs, Ryon turn the corner after coming up the stair from down the hall.

Ryon:(confused) Wha… everyone must have already gone downstairs. Great! I might as well use the restroom since its right here.

As Ryon used the restroom the Mozune brother had just arrive on campus.

Sam: Im glad today’s our last day of school, im ready for that special training dad was talking about.

Derrek: Same, but we will need to be more responsible with whatever he teaches us.

Sam: Yeah, yeah. I know we can handle whatever dad has in store.

Just then something slithered across the ground a few yards away. Then some sand was tossed into the air.

Derrek:(feeling a strong surge of elemental energy) Huh? What was that?

Sam:(feeling the same surge of elemental energy) I don’t know, but it kinda felt like a sandstorm or something.

Derrek(thinking out-loud) That’s strange we both felt it. But that feeling, it felt really good!

Back in the auditorium Alex was walking to his seat when he felt something going down his neck.

Alex:(sensing some elemental energy) What was that just now?! That couldn’t be a sandstorm…I just felt. But why am I sensing something like that and why did the thought of a sandstorm come to my mind first? Weird.

Alex found a seat near the back, hoping to catch his brother walking in. About 20 minutes later the award & graduation had begun. Awkwardly, the Mozune brother sat in the row right in front of Alex.

Sam & Derrek: Why do I feel strange when I am near him? Something strange is going on and I’m gonna find out.

Meanwhile Ryon was in the upstairs bathroom making sure he was ready, behind the school something even stranger was happening.

Luther:(returning to his human form since he rode the wind as sand) Here lies the earthen resting place for the sand and ice Crystals. If my boys can find a way to defeat you, you can give them their Crystalements.

Gerido Nasana:(core only) Master Mozune, I feel like you have better things to do. Like figure out did they ready break from of their bonds. They had to be the ones who kill your other sons & their friends as well as Maylene's sons and their friends. I can handle it from here, trust me.

Luther: You right Nasana, I want to avenge all of Zuardians & Guardians and destroy that evil! But what happened to your frigid sands?

Nasana: I have it stored here on earth just in case I need my best sands for a dire event. But I have yet to make me a new body here.

Luther:(punching the earth) Fine then, here. Take the cold sands that have seal these Crystalements energy so they could only be found by my sons.

As sand came spiraling up Nasana flew up and gathered every last grain. He then transform in a big sand humanoid with icicle spikes protruding from his back and fingertips as well as ice eyes and fresh snow on his head that could become ice the instant he want it to. After a minute, he compressed his sand and changed his appearance to look like a human.

Nasana:(grabbing both Crystalements, flexing his new pseudo-human body) Thank you Master Mozune. I will handle your sons here at school and make sure I’m not caught.

Luther:(turning into sand and blowing away) Good, I’m counting on you Nasana. I know you will fulfill what I have asked of you.

Nasana:(on one knee) I won’t let you down. Master Mozune.

Luther:(last specks of sand blowing away) You can call me Luther, you not my slave you’re my best man besides my all sons.

Nasana: (returning to his original sand form)Yes Luther. Now it’s time to awaken Derrek and Sam latent Elements and give them their Crystalements.

Back in the bathroom…

Nate: Why are you wasting more time Ryon? Let’s go to the auditorium and join your brother.

Ryon:(nervous) I’m kinda nervous to see Alex after what happened yesterday.

Nate: You’re the leader, size up and—

Suddenly, Nate began flashing a bright green light.

Ryon:(alert)Huh? What’s up Nate?!

Nate:(slowly stopped flashing) There’s a being of great elemental power near the school. The energy source is coming from behind the school, let’s go!

Ryon:(readily) Alright! Now I can use my Elementz to battle a real monster. And with that said it can also help me hone my skills as well.

Ryon:(putting his Pond Pick in his hair,) You ready Nate?

Nate:(curious) Only if you are, young Ryon?

Ryon:(running out the bathroom) I can feel it now and from where your picking up the energy source it seem to be near our route home yet somewhere in the brush.

Back the auditorium…

Alex:(tense) Ryon, mom? Where are you two? They have already started to award the 1st graders.

A few minute later.

Ms. Smithe:(on-stage, though the microphone) The 1st grader have something in store for us everyone. With the help of Ms. Shannons and their teacher Ms. Brooke they will sing the Haunwood Elementary School anthem “In Haunwood Harmony”.

Alex:(bored, looking out the corner of his eyes) Oh great and now….huh?

Just then he saw Ryon run by. As they started singing Alex slipped out to see where Ryon was running off to.

Sam:(looking back) Where’d he go? Let’s go see Derrek.

Derrek:(lazy-eyed) Fine, anything is better than this.

The Mozune bros. slipped out while they were singing.

Behind the school…

Ryon:(rushing out the back door, notice the sand monster in the grassy spot beyond the tree) What that?!

Nasana: I’m Gerido. But you’re not my intended target so just run off somewhere.

Nate: Gerido is a sand monster who can also summon ice to aid him. He not the force that killed me and my friends but we don’t need to take any chances.

Nasana: If I didn’t know any better you sound like that Oshinayara twerp who is one of Mother Nature sons.

Ryon: There’s that name again.

Nate: No time to ponder Ryon. If he’s not on our side we need to destroy him. He’s a threat to life here on earth. Ryon transform.

Nasana:(thinking to himself) Damn, this brat ruining my plans. That has to be Natone, that voice is still as annoy as ever.

Ryon:(pulling his Pond Pick out of his hair) Okay!

Just then Alex open the backdoor but was stopped dead in tracks by the sight of the monster.

Alex:(shocked, talking to himself)What that, Ryon run you can’t win. I have to do something.

Ryon:(with heart)Nature…Crystallize!

~Ryon transformed~

Ryon:(readily) You pick the wrong place to appear for I am the hero of nature and water. I will restore tranquility to all that I love.

Alex:(appearing from the brush, amazed) Ryon, bro that’s so cool. Sorry about yesterday. You know, for being a jerk.

Ryon:(startled)Alex, bro. Uh, now’s not the time. Okay?

Alex:(alert) Ryon, watch out.

Nasana:(lashing at Ryon with his sand) You two ruined my plans.

Ryon:(rebounding off a tree) Ouch! Man you’re gonna pay for that! Haaaa!!!

Ryon summoned all the as much water as he could before using a blue crystal ring.

Alex: No way!

Ryon:(hurling a huge ball of water at Nasana) Take this!

Nasana chuckled then sneer as he inhaled the entire ball of water.

Nasana:(grinning) Is this is. Hehehe! You just save me from having to concentrate my ice.

Nasana ice spiked and the rest of his ice became thicker and was ready to fire.

Ryon:(nervous a bit) Aw crap! Huh?

Nate: Hurry and summon your weapon, you should feel its essence.

Ryon:(enlighten) Burly Stick? I feel it. Here go!

Ryon:(calmly) As gently as the water flow through nature, I ask for your assistance. Florayne Staff.

Nasana: (as Ryon’s stick appeared) Now comes the part where teach you what happens when you butt in. Shiva Sands…

Luther:(inside Nasana head) Don’t kill no one. We can afford to have any causalities. Especially if they have Elementz, I trust you enough to come up with a backup plan.

Nasana:(reducing the force of his sands) Understood.

Ryon:(hold his staff, thinking) Oh no, Alex!

Alex:(eyes wide open) Ah, I gotta get out of here!

Nate:(caught up in the moment) Use your Forrest Staff to deflect his attack.

Ryon: Huh? Right, Florayne Staff! Save Alex.

His Florayne Staff stabbed the ground in front of Alex. Then it grew a root that traveled underground and over to Alex. It sprouted and wrapped all the way up Alex right leg and lifted him high in the air upside down. Nasana Shiva Sands rushed a Ryon and hit him head on. Ryon temperature began to drop and the frigid sand covered most of his body.

Ryon:(shivering, trying to move) That’s cold. Uhhh!!! I won’t give up.

Nate:(hastily) Think quick Ryon without you, your staff is losing a lot of power. If you don’t hurry the root will die and it will drop your brother.

Alex:(feeling strange) Ryon, I’ll save you.

He pulled out the Crystal that he had found and tried to free himself.

Nasana: Your effort are useless, time to finish you off.

Just then Nasana saw the Mozune brother watching the fight from the bushes. This bought Ryon some time.

Nate:(sensing a surge of familiar elemental energy) He the wind, your brother is the gale. He is a power gust, Ryon!

Ryon:(thinking, shocked, trying to free himself) His Crystal looks like mine, Of course!

Ryon:(yelling to Alex) Alex with all you heart yell “Wind Crystallize”

Alex:(stops cutting the vine)Okay bro, but if you’re wrong we’re both doom.

Ryon grins while shivering.

Alex:(with heart) Wind…Crystallize!

~Windy Forest Background~

Alex stood with his arms stretched out.

~a double helix of upward air currents encircled his body, his hair/eye turned lime~

~A lime shirt with aerodynamic holes slowly appeared with the wind~

Alex put his legs together.

~his legs became a bushel of leaves then a downward gale blew the leaves away and reveal a pair of green shorts with leafy edges, the remaining leaves align themselves around the sleeve and base of his shirt~

Like Ryon, Alex was now wearing a short-sleeve shirt with aerodynamic holes and leaves around the edges, and pair of loose-leg shorts. He also had 3 lime crystal rings on his right wrist and 3 green crystal rings on his left wrist. And just like Ryon he was barefoot.

Nasana:(looking at Alex, thinking) He just like Natone’s brother Galver. I can’t believe I’ve helped them more than I have Luther’s sons.

Alex:(floating a few feet above the ground) Cool, so I have powers too. You’re in for now sandman. Right after I save my bro.

Nasana:(concentrating his sand for another attack) Hmph, so you the new wind guardian, to bad your adventure will end just as quickly as it started.

Ryon:(slowly freeing himself) Alright bro,lets show him what the Nahur brothers’ are made of.

Voice from the Crystal: Young hero, I shall explain everything to you later. But for now trust me. You must use your Thornadoe to disperse this sand and save your brother.

Nasana: (restraining his attack, shooting a spear of compressed sand up at Alex) Sand Spear, Go!

Alex:(flying up high, all of his lime and green Crystals disappeared, summoning a focused tornado) Tempest! Thornadoe.

Just then a huge tornado swirled around the whole battlefield. This created a vacuum sending Nasana loose sand swirling upward. Then thorn’s wide variety of plant pierce through Nasana’s sand body. Yet Nasana wasn’t hurt at all, but the Ryon and Alex didn’t know that.

Ryon:(amazed, hold on to his Florayne Staff that he stabbed into the ground to prevent getting blown upward) Awesome Alex you got him. Now kill your tornado if you don’t mind.

Nasana:(grunting, sneering, thinking to himself) This isn’t what Luther asked me to do. I’ll retreat for now and formula a new plan to lure Derrek and Sam toward their Crystalements.

Nasana:(dispersing into the wind, bluffing) Ahh! I you meddlesome brats I get you next time. That I assure you.

Ryon:(yelling at Alex) That was amazing Alex, you blew that walking sandpit into another country.

Alex:(thinking) Well he's not mad at me from what I’m seeing now.

Alex:(floating back down to the ground, exhausted) Uhhh, I’m so tired.

Alex:(landing, unable to stay transformed) Thanks bro, I’m really sorry about yesterday Ry, I was acting like a grade A jerk. Can you forgive me?

Ryon:(happy, powering down) It’s okay bro. Just rest, you lost a lot of strength using your Elementz like that for the first time. Beside we have to fight this evil together.

Alex:(regaining stamina as he stood up) I saw and I experience. Let hope we don’t run into him again. Oh well we need to hurry or we will miss getting our awarded for graduation.

Derrek and Sam returned to the auditorium before Ryon and Alex noticed them. Then Ryon and Alex follow behind them. But on the edge of the roof near the tree stood Mother Nature.

Mother Nature:(happy yet concerned) My son are growing up and now they have finally realize their Elementz. But I fear that they won’t be able to hold their own against the evil that approaches earth. Even with the other 6 Heroes they will be overwhelmed. There is only one option left and to make sure it succeed I will need to gather all the Universal Family Member here on earth. Ryon, Alex on your adventure to find your other 6 chosen ones you must learn to fight for all that that you truly cherish and not merely for the avengement of the fallen. We shall celebrate for now because we would be able to much more in the future ahead.

Back in the auditorium, Maylene and Luther were 2 or the many happy parent to see their children graduate. But Luther was up to something and Maylene could sense it. Afterwards everyone was leaving and heading home

Maylene, Ryon and Alex took their back route home instead of driving.

Ryon:(curious) Mom, why come you didn’t drive to the school?

Maylene: I wanted to walk home with my sons; also I have something special to tell you two.

Alex:(eager) What is it mom?

Maylene:(happily) We are going to Alumares’ Family Resort, you know the one that just opened.

Ryon:(thinking out loud) isn’t that the resort that just opened and was built around one of the oldest and tallest mountain in the world.

Maylene:(giggle a little) I can see you paid attend in geography class. Yes, the name of the mountain is known as Mt. Ludistradoss and it stands taller than both Mt. Everest and Mt. Fuji.

Alex:(excited) Alright! Mom you’re the best!

Ryon:(smiling) Yeah mom! That so cool I can’t wait.

Maylene:(thinking calmly to herself) This is the first time since Ryon was born that the four of them have been together. I know Ryon and Alex will help their older brother regain their memories and when they do we will be able to vanquish them once and for all.

Maylene:(looking at Ryon and Alex) I like your picks you two, they have a nice crystal shine to them.


Alex:(hastily) I bought them, so uh… me and Ry could have a closer bond as brother.

Ryon:(in agreement, shaking his head) Yeah, Nahur bros.

Nate:(speaking to his brother)Um Galv, do you think they were more terrible than us when we got into trouble with our parents.

Galv:(speaking from Alex’s Treezyn’ Pick, sarcastically) You think so…

Ryon and Alex had sweat drops as they overheard what they said about them. Maylene hear them to, but pretend like she didn’t.

Ryon and Alex:(thinking) We got some question for you two.

Galv: Sure you do…

Nate: We can talk about that later, okay you two.

Ryon and Alex:(thinking) Fine.

The Oshinayara family made it home and relaxed, but and the sun set that even the Mozune brother return to the battlefield where Ryon and Alex were.

Sam: Think is where Ryon and Alex fought that sandman creature.

Derrek:(hearing something) What that!

As Sam and Derrek turned around there were two Crystals sticking out of the ground. One was erected in a mound of sand and the other one was frozen in an irregular-shaped icicle that was stabbed into the ground.

Sam:(amazed) These Crystal looks like the ones Alex had.

Derrek:(eyes turning tan) So this is what Ryon use to transform into that walking forestry. This tan Crystal is calling out to me, I must be the one that I’m destined to use.

Sam:(eyes turning ice blue) This frigid blue appears to be cold to anyone but be. Yes I feel it trying to sync with me.

As the brothers’ picked the Crystal up they didn’t know how to use them so they gave up and went home with the Crystals in hand. Yet just as they disappeared, Luther and Nasana blew in from the wind and appeared where the Crystals once stood.

Nasana: I’m sorry Luther but a kid that had Natone voice interrupted my plan. Then to make it worse his brother came and transform into the new wind guardian. Maylene already a few step ahead of us. Your son were watching and I was trying not to get them involve.

Luther: I understand but you still succeed to put the Crystals right in my boys’ hands Nasana, our next plan of action is to get my boy to transform and learn about their Elementz and find their comrades who will help them defeat that evil.

Luther:(sneering) It had begun, we need to gather the Universal Family, I sense that the evil that kill the Zuardians is getting closer and closer to earth we can’t let them land. We can stop them but it comes with a cost, that’s why we need to awaken all of their Elemental potential so that they can fight them off.

Nasana: Yes Master….Luther. Leave it to me. I will awaken your sons Elementz over Sand and Ice tomorrow while your out.

Luther:(blowing away) Good. We can’t afford anymore screw-ups. We can’t let earth end up like Elexeyun. I hope my wife and the other are doing well. Nasana, lets go!

Nasana: (blowing away as well) As you wish.

Luther: (in the wind) They will pay, and I will personally see to it.

It grew silent as the grassy loot was left vacant of life and was illuminated by the moonlight from above…

~End of Episode 2~

Next time on Elementz the Anime:

Alex: Me and Ry have unlocked our Elementz!

Ryon: Not only that but were packing up to go to Alumares’ Family Resort.

Derrek: Whatever, me and Sam have realized our Elementz.

Sam: But that sand monster appears again, and boy is he a tough one.

Derrek: With a little more practice we can beat him, but I guess we cant say no to going to Alumares’ Family Resort as well.

Ryon & Alex: You two?

Derrek & Sam: Yeah, gotta problem with it.

Nature blue-haired girl: Stop that pointless arguing, were the ones’ in a jam.

Sea green-haired boy: Yeah, and if we don’t watch out they will be heading your way.

??????: Hehehe! Im finally here on earth. I shall conquer it and collect all the Crystalements for my people.

Sam & Ryon: Sure, sure next time on Elementz the Anime!

Alex & Derrek: Episode 3 “The Forces of Nature, a force being reckoned with”

Tan & Ice Blue Crystal: You kids need to stop messing around that evil is almost hear, and trust us they don’t play…

Featured Elementz: in

Fire- The power to control and create flames at will, it also make the wielder immune to hot weather and some resistance to cold weather.

Earth- allows one to control the ground below and use it for powerful attack, can control some nature.

Ice- This frigid Element allow one to stream pure ice and use it as a chilly weapon, it also make the wielder immune to cold weather and some resistance to hot weather

Life- bestows the user to use pure life energy as a weapon/shield, making this Element completely unbreakable and unavoidable. Thus it’s one of the strongest Zulements.

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