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A recurring dream. If there's holes in the plot, it's because I couldn't remember what happened. Sorry!

Submitted: September 14, 2008

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Submitted: September 14, 2008



I’m flying. I do love it, the flying…But this other girl can’t fly. She’s trying so hard…but it’s not working. She can’t seem to be able to do it properly. Maybe because she’s all wet. That’s it. I’ll take her flying so she can dry off and fly for herself!

We fly together. I feel all odd and off balance, but I get used to it. I don’t remember if she ever gets to fly on her own, because all of a sudden, I have to land. I have to go to the house.


I’m there. Inside. I’ve been here before, I know it. But, it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s quite a horrid house, really. Despite all the fanciness and all the pretties, it’s still just an ugly, evil house. I go into the first room. It’s not too bad. All the rooms have something nasty. I can’t remember them in detail, because there’s so many. They all run together after a while. Pity.

I do remember one of the dining rooms, though. There was a single place set. Just one, though the table was enormous. And there was a skeleton sitting at the place. I greeted him. He was a friend, I think. Oh well. No harm done. Next room.

Spiders. There was a room with spiders. Now, normally, I hate spiders, but here, it really doesn’t matter. Here, spiders are nothing compared to what awaits me at the end.

I find the door. I’m through. Did I mention that if you don’t go to the right rooms in the right order, something happens? I think that’s why I’ve been here so many times. I keep messing up the order. And each time I fail, HE gets stronger.


HE. He’s the persona behind all this. My purpose is to defeat him. He stole my wings. I must get them back. Until I defeat (kill) him, I won’t be free. (freedom is an illusion.)

He talks to me. Tells me things. I hate him. I love him. (kill me. you must)

There was a child’s room. There was something horrid about it. That’s all I remember. I think it must have been his. It scared me that room. It hurt. Hurt to be in it, hurt to see it. He hurt me. I know he did. I just don’t remember.


I make it to the attic. I think I’m almost through. But, suddenly, for some reason, I’m in the basement. Damn. I walk out.

I’m in another time. With the children. It’s a family…and they’re LIVING in the HOUSE! I try to warn them, try to tell them that the house will kill them!

They don’t listen. They never do. Well, the girl does. She reminds me of someone. Oh well. The house will turn them into husks. Suck them dry of all the joy of living. I wonder what would happen if I went inside in THIS time?

I go. I search. Nothing much interesting, until I come to the mother. HE comes!!


I tell her. She believes me not.

I tell her I’m not there. If he sees me, He’ll punish me! I don’t want him to hurt me. Not again.


He comes in…He’s standing there. I don’t know HOW he doesn’t see me. But he doesn’t. He leaves, and I’m back in the basement.

I look up, and there’s the stairs. I climb. And climb. The roof? Amazing. I’m up so HIGH..I can see everything! And best of all, I’m not trapped in the house anymore.

I’m attacked. I fall. I see him. He’s white, not what I’d expect. For some reason he reminds me of a unicorn. I know that can’t be, because unicorns aren’t evil. He is. (never evil)

Lies. All HE ever does is lie to me. And hurt me. I hate him. But I love him. I can’t defeat (kill) him.

(kill me)

I can’t!

(kill me)

HE attacks. My shoulder is bleeding now.

(kill me) He grins, and it’s a terrible grin. Full of hate, and spite….he’s DARING me! He thinks I’m incapable!


I’ll show him.


I have a weapon. I don’t know how, but I do. It’s a part of me. White, shining steel…it will cut through him, his damned cursed house, and all his cobwebs and lies.

I swing. Miss.

Hit the railing.

Splinters fly.

I grab one. Throw it at him. Impact. It distracts him long enough for me to


Hit him.

(kill me)


His head….his hair! It was always so perfect…white…now it’s red. I’m guilty. I look down. Almost cry…then I feel something…I’m pulled away.


My wings!

I’m free.

Free of the cursed house!

Free of HIM!

The girl. She LISTEND.

I taught her to fly. We fly away together…

Back to the field.


I’m flying. I do love it, the flying…

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