The ultimate blade [part 2]

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One stormy night, there were 2 boys, one was called Blake another  was called Scott. Just thenthe doorbell rang. The boys dad came upstairs and had a package in his sweaty hands.


The package was as hot as lava. The boys took the package from theirdad and opened it up. In a flash of a second the boys found themselves in a bush valley next to a volcano. Then they saw a passageway leading into the volcano.


Blake and Scott followed the passageway, they dodged the electric lasers and the lava launchers and finally they got into the cave. They jogged over a crystal bridge and underneath them was flaming molten lava that was firing up at them. Luckily, the crystal bridge was fireproof, lava proof, bullet proof, waterproof and ironproof.


Another word before they They found this coca cola waterslide and went down it. Then they went through an emerald tunnel leading to a ruby battlefield with acid underneath the battlefield.


Just then, weeping angels bolted through a diamond passageway that lead to a topaz entrance. “What da fuuuuuucccccccckkkkkk” said blake. “Holy shit” said scott. The boys looked horrified, but they noticed a supersonic fire jet in the corner of there eye. They quickly ran to the supersonic fire jet and went inside.


The boys fiddled with the control panels and found the one to take of. They first pressed a button and two rocket launchers came out and they fired the rocket launchers at the side of the volcano and blasted one gigantic hole and they flew through the massive hole all the way into space incredibly faster than the speed of light.


They landed on this unknown planet called planet Yectofantriplutoniczanziptomistic. It was a weird name. The boys found this pitch red cave instead of pitch black. The planet was deep aqua in color.


They went through the tunnel and saw a shiny looking blade. It was called the ultimate blade. Blake and Scott bolted to the jet and sped through space. The boys flew back to Earth and went to 985 85/Bladeford hwy.

They dashed up the steps to there house and gave there dad the ultimate blade although the boys dad thought Blake and Scott were gone for only one second.  

Submitted: December 15, 2017

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