Making choices

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inspiring and funny short story for all you lovely people out here

Submitted: October 29, 2014

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Submitted: October 29, 2014



Since I was a little girl, I had trouble with making choices- not that I had to make many, but still. Even today I feel like picking what colour of macaroni I'm going to eat, is a problem.
I want the best of both worlds. Like Hannah Montana and miley cyrus.
My bestfriend, Jacqueline, is used to it. So most of the time she decides where we are going to have dinner.

It's so hard for me to understand why I can't do/have both. 
when it's actually available, why shouldn't I. Imagine someone asking you if you want to have a family dinner or have dinner  at your friends house,

this is what would be happening in my brain: 

- ''Whats the big deal, just go to your friends house, it's much more fun and relaxing. You know you have an nice appetite without people asking you if your school essay is finished yet ( OMG WHY DIDNT U DO THIS YET) ... ok... calm...calm.. you can finish that up later in the weekend. what the * it's already 1800 ?! omg you have to make a decision right. now.
so you want to do what you like? or what you feel like you have to do? ugh eli your parents are old already and you were locked up -studying- in your room the past few days. they probably think you forgot them. you are a BAD child. they will die sooner than you think *picture of a buddha shows up in my head* , you have to think about your family. I cant cancel my friend tho. OMG ELI PICK"'

this may sound like a spoiled little girl, I'm anything but that.

I dont get to do a lot of decision-making, but when I have to, I usually go wrong.


it's important to know what kind of person you are. Know yourself. so you wont be suprised anymore when somebody says 

"hey, you know what, you are actually ....."


Avoid people who try to tell you who you are. because only you know who you truly are and what you  are capable off. you know your weakness and your sparks. Maybe it will take a while to find out what all of that is, but as soon as we start talking we learn something about ourselfs. communication with others makes you find out who YOU are. and dont be afraid to be that person. nothing is bad, evil,good or amazing. You decide what those words mean and which one of them fits you the best.


I've lived in a house full of different kind of people with the same blood. It made me realise that you can listen to what others say about you, but they will never be right, until you say so.

you could tell everyone you are a God. people may think you are crazy, unrespectfull and disgusting, but if you say this for long enough, people will start getting used to it and accepting it and finally believing it ( IM NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD TELL EVERYONE YOURE A GOD, YOU ARE NOT MISTER KANYE WEST LOL).

and yes, making  a decision is still hard for me, but that's me and I will never change. 


because I say so :)







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