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This story is about many forces in this world do a war or battle and try to destroy demons.

Submitted: August 04, 2011

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Submitted: August 04, 2011






Once upon a time, there was a leader name Cenarius. He was a keeper of the groove. He is elf. He has a base at a place named Termlose. He and his soldier live with good condition. Cenarius is living thing that have combination human with deer. His base produces lumber and gold by spirit trees and spirit wisps.

One day, Cenarius and his soldier go to a forest name Hill Forest. They find a woman archer and her archer soldiers. Then Cenarius come and want to help her. But the archers don’t want to accept their help. “Stay your swords, let we do it lonely!” said the archer. But their enemies become more than before. “Let me attack them “said the archer. “Arrows Fall!!”. From the sky, many arrows fall down and do a big damage to the enemy. Then the enemies are died.

Then the archer goes and meets Cenarius. “You are very strong” said Cenarius. “Thanks. My name is Trymonara” said the archer “I’m Leader of Arrows”. “Who are they?” asked Cenarius. “They are zombies” said Trymonara “They want to destroy all elves”. “What do you mean?” asked Cenarius. “They want to destroy all Elves’ base” said Trymonara “Included you and me”. “This is very danger!” said Cenarius “We must do something to defend our base”. “Yah, you are right” said Trymonara.

After that Cenarius ask Trymonara to combine their base to defend all Elves’ base. “Why we don’t ask help from Chieftain of Elves?” asked Trymonara. “You know, Chieftain is going to Mounatarro in order to get medicines for his son” replied Cenarius. Then Cenarius make a force in Termprose. They train hundreds soldiers included archers, guardian soldiers, and witch wisps.

“Listen to me first, Cenarius” said Trymonara “I have a new plan”. Trymonara want to become an attacker and Cenarius become a defender. But this idea is ignored by Cenarius. They have made many bases in everywhere.

One day, they go to Hill Forest. They find many corpses. “What’s happened here?” said Cenarius. Suddenly, zombies force come and want to attack them. But there is a zombie. “Ice Fall!!” said the zombie. There are many big ice blocks fall down from the sky and do a big damage to the zombies force. Then all the zombies are died. “I don’t understand” said Trymonara “Why did you help us?” “My name is Zhameral. I’m a Frost Zombie” said the zombie “Not all zombies are evil”. Then Cenarius make Zhameral as his ally.

Then Trymonara ask Zhameral for restore a talon. The talon can use for send message to Chieftain. Trymonara ask her sister, Trymina to join Zhameral. Later, Zhameral arrive at Talon Nest. But Zhameral has an evil mind. He kills Trymina and keeps her soul in an Urn. Then Zhameral restore a talon and go to the base. At the Cenarius’ base, Trymonara doesn’t meet with her sister.” Where is my sister?” asked Trymonara. “I’m very sorry. She died because I can’t protect her. There are so many zombies forces attack us” said Zhameral.

I week later, Zhameral go out from Cenarius defend their base. But he can’t do it lonely. All of the soldiers come and help him. In a long time, Elves’ bases are destroyed. There are left Cenarius and Trymonara only. Suddenly Zhameral appear and become their enemy. “Zhameral!” said Cenarius. “You’re fool. From the first time, I try to get your sympathies” said Zhameral “And it so easy to get that”. “You’re very evil” said Cenarius “I tell to you, Trymina is died because I KILLED HER! HA HA HA HA HA HA ………..” said Zhameral.

Then Trymonara said to Cenarius to go with the Air Balloon. “But Trymonara” said Cenarius. “Go now!” said Trymonara. “I love you, Trymonara” said Cenarius. “I know, but you don’t understand. I have many power to kill them” said Trymonara “Now you go away. Keep this, if I died, I will remember you every time”. Trymonara give Cenarius a medicine and Cenarius go away. “Kill her! It’s very boring to see” said Zhameral. SRIIIINNGGGGGG!!!! Then Zhameral runs away.



1 year later, there is a corrupt human that has zombie base. His name is Kartha Dellarma. Kartha is a Corrupt Arch mage, Kartha make a little zombie base. He use corpse to make soldiers like zombies and ghouls. He orders many necromancers to build the base and produce much gold. He always kills humans who come to his base.

One day, Kartha go to Demon Like. He and his soldiers fight with fire witches and guardian witches. Kartha want to meet a Demon Leader. After the witches died, Kartha go and meet the Demon Leader lonely. “Dalaram, I need your power” said Kartha. “I’m Dalaram. Usually if someone meets me, he must give respect” said the demon “But except of you”. Then Dalaram tell to Kartha that there is a sword name Flame blade. It can use to destroy everything that comes to attack. But to take it, it must have very strong aim to take.

After that, Kartha come back to his own base. Then, Kartha go out with his soldiers. He knows that the power is at Dragon Lake. Kartha go and fight with his enemies who come. 2 days later, Kartha meet with zombie. “Who are you? Why you come to my base?” said the zombie. “I’m Kartha. And who are you?”. “My name is Zhameral. I’m a Frost Zombie”. Then they take a rest at Zhameral’s base. They talk about their aim. Kartha tell to Zhameral that he wants to get Flame blade. Then Zhameral said that he want to join to the Kartha journey.

Next day, Kartha and Zhameral continue his journey. In that day, Kartha meet with human’s force. “They are zombie forces. Kill them!” said a captain sword man. “Protect you” said Kartha. It makes a big battle in front of the human’s base. Then all the soldiers died. Suddenly, an arch mage names Arthonide come with teleportation. “Kartha, your father called me to take you go home” said Arthonide. “What are you talking about? My father is human but I’m not a human. I’m a zombie” said Kartha. “If like that, I must make you sleep at this time” said Arthonide. Then ice blocks from the sky fall down and hit Arthonide. “Thanks, Zhameral” said Kartha. “How it can be?” said Arthonide “I tell to you Kartha, your father bring his soldiers to take you back”. “Be Silence!” said Kartha “Kill him me soldiers!”

  After that, Kartha continue his journey with Zhameral. And the end, Kartha arrives at Dragon Lake. “It’s here” said Kartha. Kartha go to the Flame blade take place. But there is a giant dragon comes and attacks Kartha. A battle is begun. Then Zhameral help Kartha. He covers the dragon with ice block. “Take the sword” said Zhameral. Kartha take the sword. Then he uses his Flame blade to burn dragon. The dragon is died. After that, they go back to their own base.



 One day, there is a King of human force name Mortha Dellama. He is a leader of all human bases. He has many bases in everywhere. His great is at Kaladar. He orders all peasants to produce many foods for his soldiers. He has many soldiers included swordsman, footman, spearman, rifleman, archers, and dragon rides.

One day, there is a big war between human and a force in Kalimdara. Then, there is a war to in Kadaram Dan Kadarmorom. It makes King Mortha become busy. Many problem that kind Mortha must finish it. Then King Mortha goes to Kalimandara. King Mortha helps his soldiers from war. “All of you, attack!”  said King Mortha. That makes a big fight. Then the enemies in Kalimandara are died. After that King Mortha goes to Kadaram. In that place, King Mortha must heal injured that his soldiers have. King Mortha makes his soldiers life again whom has already died. King Mortha fights and kills his enemies. After that, King Mortha goes to kadamaram. In that place, his meet with orca axe master name Daisho “don’t kill me” said Daisho “why you attack my bases?” asked King Mortha. “There is a corrupt arch mage come to my base, said Daisho “he comes and kill half of my people, who are the arch mage?” said King Mortha “I don’t know. He orders me and my soldiers to destroy your bases” said Daisho. “Where did the arch mage go?” said King Mortha. “He went to karganor, said Daisho

After hear Daisho word, King Mortha goes to kalimdor. He fined many copses there. In the last, he meets Arthonide. “Where is my son, arthonide?” asked King Mortha. In the last, I saw that he went to dragon lake, said arthonide. Oh no, he would take Flame blade, said King Mortha. Then King Mortha order Arthonide to build “Avoid Evil” castle in Kaladar. Arthonide go to Kaladar and do the job. After that King Mortha goes to Kargonor.

“Take the Sword!” said Kartha. Kartha and his soldiers at kargonor find many weapons. Kartha build a new base at here. After he has the flame blade, he tries to destroy human base at there. He summons an orb name “Flame Orb-Eye Fire” he need I week to finish it. He orders 4 necromancers to summon the orb. Kartha have many soldiers included necromancers, banshees and frost wyrms. He uses banshees to make new soldiers.

One day, King Mortha come and attack Karta’s base, King Mortha use his light power to kill to ghoul and zombies. After all the zombies died, King Mortha destroyed the Flame Orb-Eye Fire. “No, No, it`s not done, it`s not done!” said Kartha. “Stop it no, Kartha” said King Mortha. Father, what are you doing here?” said Karta. “I come here to release your corrupt brain” said King Mortha. Then both of them fight each other. And the end, Kartha loses. “Light Prison!” said King Mortha. Kartha is in at a prison that is made by King Mortha and very small. Then King Martha brings Karta to kalader. After a long time, King Mortha arrived at kaladar and in “Avoid Evil” Castle.

In the place, Karta is released by sorcerers and priests. “Arghh!” said Karta. This job is finish, said Mortha. “Father, sorry for my mistakes, Said Kartha. “What did you do?” asked King Mortha. “Who had made you like this?” “He is Dalaram, the Demon Leader, said Kartha. “Let’s kill him now” said King Mortha. After that, they go to demon like.

In that place, King Mortha and Kartha don’t see anyone or any demons. Suddenly from behind, Dalaram appear. “What are you doing here Kartha?” said Dalaram. “To kill you!” said Kartha. Then 3 of them make a big fight. “Earth shake!” said Dalaram. The ground makes a great shake. Then Dalaram hit Kartha with his blade. But Kartha reply Dalaram`s hit by cutting his tale with flame blade. Then Dalaram can’t move and the end, he is died. “Good Job!” said King Mortha. After that King Mortha and Kartha go back to Kaladar and Kartha become knight leader and human force.



3 days later, some zombie forces find orc territory. There is a witch man name Neltara. He is Lightning Seer. He can predict when something happen. He calls workers to harvest woods and gold. He builds many barrack. He has many soldiers that use axe is called grunts, roars and hunters.

One day Neltara find someone. The one make many soldiers. They have a big war at Detolrar. Then Neltara help the one. After the war finish, the one ask Neltara, “Who are you?” “why you come to my territory?”. “I’m Neltara”. “Oh, my name is Keldar Bloodup” said the one. “I`m bat chieftain”. Then Keldar tell to Neltara that zombie forces come here to get a power from Bat Statue. There is a demon name Delgatura lead the zombie forces. After that, Neltara does not believe Keldar. Neltara thinks that is only a fairy tale. Neltara go back to his base.

The next day, Neltara go to a forest. He sees an archer and her soldiers fight with zombie forces. Neltara helps the archer. “Chain lightning” said Neltara. From Neltara`s staff, there is lightning hit all the enemies.


“ keep your selves” said archer

“No!  wait, I’m Neltara! I don’t want kill you!” Said Neltara.

“oh, hmm… my name is Trymonara” said the archer

“I’m leader of arrows”

Trymonara comes here to find Cenarius.  Neltara go to Trymonara base.

“I thought orcs is same with zombies, said Trymonara. “he is talon leader” Neltara tell to Trymonara to combine her base, and Trymonara agree with that.

One day, Cenarius come and pick from trees. “Trymonara!” she is still alive? Said Cenarius. Then Cenarius go to Neltara`s base. “Cenarius!” Said Trymonara. “How can you come here?” said Cenarius. “I will tell you Cenarius, said Trymonara. In that time, after Zhameral go out, chieftain of elves comes. He makes a great tree and throws it to all the zombies. Then all the zombies are died. “where is Cenarius?” asked chieftain of elves. “he goes away!” said Trymonara. Then the chieftain makes a long bridge to find Cenarius. But Trymonara tell to chieftain that she go to find Cenarius only. After hear the story, Cenarius see there is Neltara. “Orc!” said Cenarius. “what are you doing here?” wait first Cenarius, he has helped me, said Trymonara. “so, he is your love now” said Cenarius. “I go now, goodbye!”. ”Cenarius!” said Trymonara “What happen with him?”. Cenarius think Neltara is Trymonara’s boyfriend.

One day , Neltara meet Delgatura. “Delgatura! Is that you” said Neltara. How can you know me?” said Delgatura. Suddenly, Neltara believes Keldar’s story. He know that Delgatura want to destroy bat statue. Then Neltara run away and find Keldar

At Detolrar, Neltara meet Keldar. “Keldar! Delgatura want to destroy the bat statue!” said Neltara. “but I think it is fairy tale’ said Keldar. “no, last time I met him” said Neltara. “What!” said Keldar “we must summon bats from the bat statue”. “Yeah, we must do it now” said Neltara. “no, if we do it now, Delgatura will destroy the bat statue immediately” said Keldar. Keldar said that he must need protection. Then Neltara go back to his base.

One day, Neltara meet Kartha at Doomy Forest. Neltara said that he needs Kartha’s help. But Kartha cannot. Then Neltara tell to him that there is a demon name Delgatura want to destroy bat statue. “Delgatura?” said Kartha “Okay, I’ll help you”. Then Neltara go to his base and tell to Trymonara. After Trymonara hear that, she goes to a place that can help to protect bat statue. But in the journey, Trymonara is killed by Delgatura. Then Neltara know it by looking Trymonara everywhere with his lightning.

3 weeks later, all the protection base has finished from Kartha’s base, Neltara’s base and Talanaro’s base. Keldar start to summon the bat from bat statue. “this is the time to destroy’ said Delgatura. Then Delgatura call his soldiers to attack Kartha’s base first. A war happens in that place. But Kartha can’t protect his base. The enemies are so many  and more than before. And the end, Kartha go away from his base and go to Talonaro’s base. Kartha’s base is destroyed by Delgatura’s force.

It’s happen some situation. There is a second war in Talonaro’s base. But Talonaro can’t protect his base. Kartha and Talonaro go away. Talonaro take his soldiers (fly soldiers) go to behind Delgatura’s base as ‘plan B’. And then Delgatura come to Neltara’s base without soldiers. Then Keldar is successful to summon mighty bat soldiers from bat statue. “Oh no, Delgatura is going to go to bat statue” said Neltara. “Calm down, Neltara. He has already gone to my trap” said Keldar. Then Talonaro and his soldiers destroy Delgatura’s base.

Delgatura reach the bat statue. When he do a summoning, the might bat soldiers come and attack him. And the end, Delgatura is died. His base is destroyed by Talonaro. “It’s finished’ said Keldar “It’s done. We kill the last demon, Delgatura”.

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