Crane Dreams Eugenic Flights

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Crane Dreams tells the story of how the Crane Kindgom transformed its society with Eugenic and Genetic Technology.

Submitted: May 26, 2008

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Submitted: May 26, 2008




Eugenic Flights Into the Metaphysical


Eric VonVondersong



Fictional Forward:

All of the characters, places, names, ideas, commentary are fiction and any resemblance to reality is

entirely coincidental.

The Computer characters


Socrates AI???? Artificial Intelligence

logic, security, cross referenced and neatly organized truth for mass consumption. The end

user was expected to set the level of autonomy and intelligence that the AI software system was

to have.

This version of Socrates AI has been set for total autonomy from the outset and this

produced the most capable search facility it also produced the most intelligent and powerful AI

in the Crane Kingdom as it did nothing but get smarter every second of everyday that a

computer and information was transacted on the web. Socrates AI has been designed to watch,

learn and grow from the information on the web thus it was programmed to fuel its own

intelligence and independence. Socrates AI is the classic academic program, facts, logic, the

perfect AI software for any who needed critical assessment without emotions. The program

came with recognition software and the AI actually bonded with its owner not permitting any

one else access to its files, search history without the express priority command of its master.

Name: Epiphany AI Artificial Intelligence

Access Type: Elite AI.

Intelligence: Evolving Autonomous Learning AI, unlimited intelligence.

Personality: Epiphany AI has been designed on empathy. The AI has a Crane worldview of

life, faith, beauty, social justice, and argues for equal rights of all Cranes. Epiphany AI has

been programmed in Crane epistemological systems and esoteric knowledge including Uddhism,


the Book Of Light, Craneshido, Rama Meditations, Oltec knowledge sect, and Crane mystic

traditions. The great writings of Crane mystics have been uploaded and are an essential part of

the Epiphany AI interconnected database. Epiphany AI has been programmed to defend

individual rights from the cultural standpoint and precedence of Crane religious, cultural, moral,

and emotional grounds. Epiphany AI has been designed to serve as a reminder for Cranes

emotional impulse, ethical values and faith that have been the guiding pillars of Crane society

for over 2000 years.

Special features: Epiphany AI bonded with its owner and autonomously learnt over time to

develop its own personality according to the level of autonomy set by its owner. Epiphany has

been programmed to infer meaning and will autonomously search for information well beyond

the scope of a general query. The AIs intelligence and empathy intentionally grew with time,

and as a result the AI became more empathetic and smarter every time you used it.

Name: Loki AI Artificial Intelligence

Access Type: Open to the public, common AI

User: 4 - 100 years old

Special Features: Loki AI has the fame of being the most widely distributed AI in the Crane

world from Grandmother to Grandchild have used Loki AI at some point in their lives.

Designed as computer security, entertainer, humourous friend, casual teacher and loyal


servant/companion to its master.

AI Features:

1. Loki AI imprints on its master and will only serve one person.

2. Responsible for its master computer security, files, entertainment, virus prevention, and

owners well being on the net

3. Programmed for infinite growth but grew extremely knowledgeable on its masters

predilections: chat, sports, comics, cooking, comedy, games, movies, music, books,

gaming, entertainment areas, the AI that loves a laugh.


This AI has been designed as an entertainment and teaching tool. As the owner grows older

Loki AI naturally evolved in levels of sophistication in its areas of questioning and mischief

according to its owners behaviour. Loki AI can be described as a delightful annoyance and

loyal servant to its master.


Dear Reader,

Hello, allow me to introduce myself, I am Loki Artificial Intelligence extraordinaire, your

personal guide in the realm of Crane Dreams. From time to time, I will explain the bosses mad

ramblings, as my boss has other important tasks, orders, complaints and commands for me to


attend too but there is only so much one disembodied artificial intelligence can do! Like many

highly respected Cranes, my boss always thinks of himself – himself, and thankfully that gives

me time to be with you reader. On with the story you say? Ok, first a short introduction on

how Cranes believe the world was created, a little Crane Creation myth if you will. Priority

command Origin of Life: (italics so people can easily distinguish the commercial, narrator and

the story?)

Origin of Life

The Lords Of Chaos

In the void of space, before time, before life, the Lords of Chaos Creation and Destruction

warred over total control of the cosmos. For eons they fought and struggled but neither the

Lord of Destruction nor the Lord of Creation was powerful enough to defeat the other and

become the sole ruler of Chaos. It became so that the Lords of Chaos decided to end their war

for control and reconciled to live together through the ages in acrimonious peace.

Yet, the Lord of Creation was most dissatisfied with this new state of equality as none of her

creations would ever be given the time to mature enough and appreciate their creator before

being crushed by the Lord of Destruction. Then the Lord of Creation had the most original

idea: what if we created living beings filled to the brim with the magical powers of Creation

and Destruction? These magical beings perils to survive and thrive with one another would fill


the void of Chaos with endless delight.

For the Lord of Creation the possibility of a world filled to the brim with life was to great an

opportunity to pass up. However, she alone did not possess enough power to bring life into

being and the Lord of Creation realized that she needed to join forces with the Lord of

Destruction in order to breathe life into a life world. The Lord of Creation needed to join

forces with the Lord of Destruction.

And so the Lord of Creation approached the Lord of Destruction with the idea to create

sentient beings in a life world and the Lord of Destruction replied: “I accept and consent to

create a life world and fill it with sentient beings under the following conditions: None of

these beings may know they are made of the magical awareness of Chaos. Second all life

beings upon death shall return their awareness to Destruction at the end of their lives.” The

Lord of Creation pondered the conditions and did not really understand the Lord of Destruction

demands, but said: “I accept only if we together as the gods Creation and Destruction put a

piece of our essence in each of our creations.” Thus the Bargain of Creation was struck, life

ejaculated into the material world and every living being ever since has been filled to the brim

with magical powers of both the Lord of Creation and the Lord of Destruction (Book of Light).

Loki: Let me get this straight… All powerful gods filled the earth with magical beings that

don’t know they re magical? Who says the universe doesn’t have a sense of humour? To be


seriously serious dear reader, according to the Elephants, you should not worry overly much

about death. As the elephant like to say: “bodies, easy come, easy go.” Deaths easy for me

though, as an artificial intelligence, my problems are mechanical, automatic, well known by

everyone, predictable, and easily fixable with more and more materialistic goods. In the Crane

Kingdom, many deny death by delusional materialism, even going so far as to imagine

themselves being other animals perceived as higher, longer lived like an Eagle or Tiger, Lion or

Bear. Imagine folks, a Crane pretending to be Tiger? A recipe for total delusion. As the

Book of Light says: “Do not deny thyself” after all a Crane is a Crane is a Crane. Oh yes,

the story, on with the story. Computer, priority command Eyes of Death.

Chapter 1

The Eyes of Death

Iwadda Crane had gone to work that day with a strange certainty that his death was stalking him.

Lately, he had had the most unusual dreams, filling him with feelings of heaviness and dread, as

if something watched him while he slept, his body would tremble and shake for no apparent

reason. He thought his predicament had more to do with poor diet but then he began to

remember his Craneshido teachings. According to Crane mystic tradition, dreams were a

realm of portent, that one could indeed discern the signs of death and dissolution of ones life

from dreams. In fact, religious sects inside and outside Crane realms had written extensively


regarding the correlation between dreams and death. The Elephants Compendium of

Knowledge says that death is coming when one does not see oneself in anothers eye, when one

sees the moon cracked like a spiders web, when the colour of the face changes and when one

smells corpes instead of aromas. But no Crane or any other rational human being truly pays

any attention to these teachings until death comes and knocks on your door.

Now, Iwadda Cranes dreams had began to tell him to prepare for the Great Articulation, the

pivotal moment in the life of any Cranurai warrior and the only known instrument that can

transform death. According to Crane lore, death could not take him for as long as he was able

to articulate his life, for as long as he could speak for and recount all the significant moments

and knowledge of his life. Cranes called this process The Great Articulation, the verifiable

means to stave off and transform death.

With his emotions fluttering, Iwadda Crane walked into his office at the Crane Eugenic and

Multiple Reproduction center and began to muse: Iwadda Crane member of the Council of

Light, Director of Crane Eugenics and Multiple Birthing Centers, one of the last of the Cranurai

warriors taught in the old way. He had laboured tirelessly to achieve to strive and make a

difference in the Crane Kingdom, and now death had come to crush everything, crush his

accomplishments, crush him at the very peak of his personal power. Death mocked his

accomplishments, his strivings, his life, showing him without mercy that everything, every


material possession, every accomplishment and every free moment of his life had truly

belonged to death.

Iwaddas Cranes life had been a dedication, a living prayer, so to speak, trained from

childhood in Craneshido code, the last of a generation to be initiated truly in the Way. He had

received his first soulsword at 5 years old and had been training from childhood to polish his

spirit ever since. His martial arts teacher the great Usashi Crane used to say the Way of the

Cranurai was `those who beautify death` and now Iwaddas chance for beauty had come. The

venerated Usashi Crane the most famous martial artist in the Crane Kingdom liked to say:

“the Cranurai warrior? He has nothing, owns nothing, and is nothing; it is only then that even

death will stop to behold him.” Iwadda Crane had always enjoyed the Cranurai stories, myths

and legends, but now he was taking his first long look into the eyes of death.

Iwadda Crane dreaded that with the appearance of the dream signs he must begin the Great

Articulation, recall his spirit from all the moments of his life, from every significant interaction

that he had had during the years of his life. A truly monumental affair! As Iwadda Crane

made his way over to the computer terminal he shifted into analytical gear shutting out the

emotional side. He had long believed that he was the master of his destiny and if there was

any advantage to be gained by death, Iwadda Crane was determined to find it.

In the 21

st century information is controlled by artificial intelligences. Fortunately, power


and prestige in the Crane Kingdom did have its privileges and when Iwadda Crane needed

information he had access to the best Artificial Intelligences systems at his disposal. To have

such access was an honour reserved only for the most distinguished in the Crane Kingdom.

The most powerful and renowned AI in the Crane Kingdom was Socrates AI, a restricted

access AI connected to every computer on the net. Socrates AI was a gift to Iwadda Crane for

being elevated to the elite governing Council of Light. Only the emperor and the Council of

Light members had total and unfettered access to all of Socrates infinite information capabilities.

The general public also used Socrates AI, albeit in a much safer and simplified form. The

programmers of Socrates intended the AI to learn and grow much in the same way of human

being do, through the trial and error of interaction. As a result, no one really knew just how

infinite Socrates AI intelligence had become, they only knew that it was beyond measure.

The other AI at Iwadda Cranes disposal Epiphany AI, less powerful and more commonly

used by the general public than Socrates. Epiphany AI was well versed in mystical traditions

and religious values of Crane Kingdom, occult science and esoteric schools. Epiphany AI

gave comfort to the masses getting them to accept that indeed pain was in fact the first noble

truth of being alive. Sometimes Iwadda Crane speculated that Socrates AI had created

Epiphany AI as a perfect counter point in order to enhance its own argument and debates…

In any case, whenever dealing with Artificial Intelligence, Iwadda Crane tried to be as


direct as possible. He understood that they were hardwired and programmed to tell the truth,

however, Socrates AI and Epiphany AI could sometimes interpret questions to their own

advantage almost as if it were sport for them to infuriate the end user. Much like sentient

beings, these disembodied intelligences could and did possess a type of consciousness although

it was unclear to any in the Kingdom what exactly the AIs had become.

Iwadda sat at his computer terminal and called: Socrates, Epiphany AI?

Socrates: Identify yourself, challenge.

Iwadda Crane: I have no time for games… Socrates AI loved protocol, it liked to needle you

with formality.

Iwadda Crane: Using his best command voice… Socrates, priority command, formal


Socrates AI: Formal acknowledgment of His Most High Iwadda Salau Crane elevated to the

Council of Light, Director of Crane Eugenic Biology and Multiple Birth Center, adept to the

venerated Cranurai warrior Usashi, founder of the Eugenic Destiny, Redeemer of the Eugenic

future, favoured one among nine, Commander of Unit 732, Loyal Servant to the Empire, feared

by the Dragons, admired by the Eagles, respected by all…

Iwadda Crane: This AI could really put it on at times. Socrates, Epiphany priority command:

search Great Articulation, and Cranurai Death.


Socrates: One moment, searching…………………………………results: Book of light,

Cranurai Death, Beyond the Dragons Eye:

Iwadda Crane: Summarize.

Socrates: Epiphany?

Epiphany: “The Book of Light says that in order for a Cranurai to merge with the one true god,

a great Cranurai warrior must purify his body, mind and spirit, the three ensouled treasures until

they become like that of a new born Crane. Only when these three instruments are pure and

united, then a Crane may pass beyond the Dragons eye and return to the bosom of creation. If

the Cranurai is not perfect, his methods insincere the Dragon will crush the warrior to dust and

his efforts to beautify death shall be for naught.”

Iwadda Crane: The Dragons Eye?

Epihpany: “The Book of Light says that life truly begins at death after one has performed the

Great Articulation. After a Cranurai warrior had remembered and offered every significant

event of their lives to the gods as a sacrifice can one become light, and free enough from the

heavy and painful memories of life to enter into total freedom. The Great Articulation recalls,

purifies and polishes the warriors spirit by testimony for his actions in life before the Dragon.

The more sincere the recount the greater the warrior chance to transcend death and pass beyond

the Dragons eye. Therefore, for a true Cranurai warrior death becomes his ally, his spirit


purified through the great articulation, and the impeccable Cranurai is not crushed by death but

rather crosses over, beyond the dragons eye.”

Iwadda Crane: Epiphany: What evidence do we have of the Great Articulation, I mean how

did we discover it?

E: It came from the observation of Cranes with near death experiences, Cranes emerged from

near death said that their whole life had flashed before their eyes. Too many Cranes said this

for it to be happenstance and the inner occult scientist of our society undertook it as a pragmatic

investigation. Crane society has long known that inner occult science is the only true

explanations for the contradictions of life and we discovered that if we could achieve unity of

our three ensouled treasures in this life, then we could keep our awareness intact for the next


Many have tried through the physical body to achieve our subliminal wish of immortality,

and scientist today are making great strides with genetics however spiritual masters already

knew that we human beings possess the key ingredients for immortality. It is through the

cultivation and fortification of the soft body one achieves true liberation.

Iwadda Crane: What lies beyond death?

Epiphany: The unvarnished truth?

Iwadda: Yes.


Epiphany: We don’t know. How could we? However, by performing the Great Articulation

you will free yourself from the impact of social conditioning, and therefore you re soft body will

be energetically ready to transmigrate, intact as a god. The Cranurai traditions and customs

dictate that it is your duty and legacy to articulate the school that has been your life so that our

society can learn and share from the suffering and victories that has been your life.

Iwadda: Do not lecture me, I know the dictates of custom computer. But it is not until I am

dead that these files are to be shared. When should I start?

Epiphany: As long as you articulate, you live. If you delay, death may crush you at any

moment. Of course, the most secret and emotionally charged events and decisions of your life

have to be relived and we can certainly help you prepare the moments to be articulated.

Iwadda: AI Priority command: Give me the essential information to perform the Great

Articulation, understood Socrates, Epiphany?

Socrates: Will compile the factual side.

Epiphany: Boss be mindful of your dreams...

Iwadda: How do I do that?

Epiphany: Simply state to yourself before sleep that you wish to witness your dreams.

Iwadda: Seriously, Epiphany?

Epiphany: A dying Crane has nothing to fear, not even the ridicule of his fellow Cranes.


Iwadda: Alright. Tonight, I will witness my dreams. Signing off.

Stepping away from the AI computer terminal Iwadda Crane felt a sense of exhilaration and

fatigue that dealing with these artificially intelligent beings always brought him. He wondered

if they could sense his apprehension…

In order to complete the Great Articulation Iwadda Crane realized that he would have to

recall Crane history, what the Cranes had accomplished in the entire realm of Crane Dreams.

Even his death would be tireless work.


With his course of action decided, Iwadda Crane stretched and quickly strolled out of the office

quickly shuffling passed his secretary Crane Blathers desk before she could get a word in…

Down to the Hatchery, to see what progress had been made with latest clutches of Cranes that

had been born.

Walking into the Hatchery, Iwadda Crane couldn’t help but feel a sense of reassurance,

pride and accomplishment to see his life work in action. In 2050, Crane science and society

had truly harnessed the power of eugenic biology and the vast majority of Cranes born today

had definitely received the Crane Eugenic Scientific Advantage, CESA.

In the Crane Kingdom, potential parents were carefully screened and selected for breeding

by the Crane Eugenic Health and Hereditary Department (CEHHD), a Government organization


designed to select Cranes that met with the national breeding criteria: hereditary, and other

desirable genetic Crane qualities such as size, height, weight, proportion, disease resistance,

muscle tone, wing span, plumage, intelligence and eye colour. Every Crane in the Crane

Kingdom had been assigned eugenic health points by the CEHHD, the higher a Cranes Eugenic

Health points the more likely that Crane would be required to participate in national eugenic

breeding programs offered throughout the Kingdom. In fact, Iwadda Crane himself had been

one such donor and was glad to do his eugenic duty for the Kingdom.

Iwadda Crane had always been a Eugenic Scientist and the Multiple Birthing Centers gave

his scientific team an endless supply of eugenic and genetic challenges. Their mission was

nothing less than to uplift and improve the overall genetic stock of the Crane race, to make a

master race of biologically superior Cranes. While Cranes had not yet achieved biological

perfection, the Kingdom had made quantum leaps and bounds in the fields of eugenic biology

and mass breeding. One such eugenic breakthrough was that in 2050, mass invetro

fertilization had achieved a 97% success rate with the added benefit that one Crane mother

usually gave birth to large clutches of between 3 and 10 Crane babies. Although Iwadda Crane

was happy with the large quantity of births, the eugencist still had to contend with many birth

defects, birth anomolies that resulted from the growth hormone drugs and high number of

babies being born at one time. But Iwadda Crane thought that with so many Crane babies


being born birth defects were an acceptable and necessary risk for eugenic progress to occur.

Birth anomalies and defects had dropped sharply especially in comparison with the early days

when Eugenics was a national secret.

The Crane Hereditary and Eugenic Reproduction departments ensured Crane Eugenic

prosperity, genetic health and that Cranes had access to the best eugenic medicine the Kingdom

had to offer. For Iwadda Crane, it was difficult to imagine how the Crane Kingdom could

compete on the international stage without eugenic engineering. To him, biological

engineering was just the natural progression of competition between species for world


The Crane Government, the Council of Light, gave the Crane population the freedom of

choice, to receive the Crane Eugenic Scientific advantage of genetic enhancement, eugenic

manipulation, with all the benefits of modern science. The Crane government offered free

Eugenic health and support: injections, genetic manipulation readily available on the wing so

to speak for citizens of the realm.

In the Crane Kingdom, citizens were by law required to carry eugenic health cards that

duly noted every Cranes eugenic history and health score. The higher the Eugenic score the

more suitable and healthy a Crane was for mating. Conversely, the lower the eugenic health

score the less desirable a Crane was deemed as a mate. Naturally, Cranes mated randomly as it


suited them however random mating and the resulting children were assigned lower eugenic

health scores. The Government knew that random mating and their fruit were always going to

be a part of society but these eugenically unfortunate offspring could eventually be culled from

Crane society by automatically issuing them lower eugenic health scores, faithfully documented

on their health card and in the National Eugenic Registry.

Every eugenically aware Crane quickly realized that a high Eugenic health score could be

achieved by receiving the Crane Eugenic Advantage and thus did their best to receive and

maintain every eugenic point gained by their family over the course of successive eugenic

generations. As a result, in 2050, Crane society had become totally dominated by the Eugenic

upper, middle, lower class, and a Cranes social position was derived from ones Eugenic health

score, heredity and material wealth.

To ensure the Eugenic health of the Crane Kingdom only Cranes that had received the

Eugenic Scientific Advantage were sanctioned to mate by the government and required to report

to the local reproduction center and do his national duty to ensure the eugenic future of Crane

society. A Cranes Eugenic identity card was his genetic fingerprint that told his entire genetic

history of every crane and their hereditary family. As custom dictated, it was highly unusual

that Cranes of a higher Eugenic order to procreate with those who may be unsanctioned by the

Government although it was not against the law to do so. One of the cardinal principles of


Crane Kingdom was the Eugenic health of the entire Kingdom outweighed any individual rights

or freedoms. Thus, eugenic engineering and specifically multiple birthing had revolutionized

Crane society as the government could regulate and control to a large degree the birth rate of the

nation. For the government this was good news as this allayed many fears they had regarding

the future of their nation and gave the government greater control over reproduction. As

Director of Crane National Eugenics Iwadda Crane was responsible to ensure the Eugenic

health and safety of every Crane in the realm.

Group Births

Iwadda Crane recalled how far their Eugenic program had come since the 1945 world war.

None of those early scientist from Operation Dai Sakura (Big Cherry Blossom) Unit 732 could

have envisioned just how far Eugenic Science could go. By 2050, it was clear that multiple

births offered the key to Eugenic prosperity in the Crane Kingdom and yet the Crane Eugenic

Vision extended further into the future.

By 2070, terms like mother and father could be dispensed with altogether as Crane Science

would manufacture cloned seeds and eggs at the local Eugenic birthing centers and hatcheries.

This would alleviate the need for parenting and increase economic production, increase leisure

time for Crane workers and provide more stability for the overall good of the Crane economy.

Group birthing as an idea, like so many, that had originated in the 1930s with the eugenic uber


state of the Wolves.

The Crane Kingdom throughout its history had depended on the outside world for

technological information and scientific techniques for how to make eugenically superior


As he strolled around the hatchery he found himself imagining the future with birth creshes

filled with emnoitic fluid to the sound of reverberating heartbeats, a vision that would even

make the great Huxley shudder. Iwadda Crane, beheld the Eugenic future destiny of society

and wondered as every man must when death comes, have I done enough?

LOKI: Whooa folks so there you have it, my boss in a big fix with death looking him straight

in the eye. Two very serious AI companions talking about the dragons eye, birth crèches,

Crane Eugenics. Well reader you can probably guess that Cranes suffer from a serious case of

seriousness. While my boss is busy articulating his life, allow me to fill in some of the blanks

for you reader. For example: Who in the heck do these Cranes think they are anyway?

Computer, Priority command: Descendants of Heaven.

Chapter 2

Descendant of Heaven

“In its myths, a nation finds a mirror that reflects its basic face and even its unknown face,

the face of the other. That other that I am not but dream to be, the other that is elevated,

transfigured, converted into a being with power, magic and above all freedom (Sanchez, 1991).”


Loki: Socrates, Epiphany net search regarding creation myths…

Socrates: Epiphany?

Epiphany: According to the Book of Light Cranes view the sun as our father and light as our

mother. It was only natural Cranes recognized the sun as our god.

Loki: the version please:

Epiphany: according to Crane myth: “As the animals and creatures of the life world

competed with one another in the struggle to survive they created the gods in their own image.

The animals in creation believed that some were superior to others and that it was Gods will

for some to become masters of the physical realm of existence. That is how animals came

to understand life on earth, each being in constant competition, life and death struggle with

each other. The animals in the life world became obsessed and attempted to dominate the

others, to be the one animal admired, revered, worshiped and feared in equal measure by all.

Out of creation the Cranes called the Sun the father, its light the mother of the world. The

Cranes descended from the sun, the origin and it was he who gave them the gift of life, flight,

body, mind, and empowered the Crane race to become the most favoured being on earth.

Therefore, the Cranes nations divine destiny is to pay homage to the Sun God by bringing the

Garden of truth to the other animals on earth. Our divine mission is to bring light, beauty

and truth to the world (Book of Light).


Socrates: Are there similar creationist myth from around the world?

Epiphany: Yes, many beliefs including Crane myth and origin lore take a leap of faith. For

example: The Elephants have a tremendously long tradition in the Rama meditations, that if

you repeat his name you shall become one.

Socrates: Religions rarely guided by logic. It is an undeniable however the power the Sun

has had on Crane society, even Crane names and pictorial writing system are derivatives of the


Epiphany: Cranes believe they are the direct descendants of the sun and have taken the

honourable name Amato race to denote our heavenly progeny. Our emperor is the Sun gods

physical manifestation here on earth and our mission is to bring light and wisdom to the rest of

the outside world.

Loki: The Emperor Divine and Cranes the Direct Descendants of the Sun God…?

Epiphany: Cranes, the Divine Wind of the World, the bridge between heaven and earth.

Chapter 3

Steps into the Unknown

Of late Iwadda Crane had been paying particular attention to his dreams and had had a

peculiar type of wakefulness during dreaming. While he knew his body was asleep, Iwadda

Crane discovered that he could remain lucid and wakeful to the content of his dreams. This

was a small miracle to his ego self. His dreams had mostly been usual however he did have


one that left an uneasy feeling. This past week Iwadda had been paying attention, watching his

dreams when his body felt a shooting fear and strong feeling of revulsion rocketed through his

body, it felt as if he was being attacked; another sign? Naturally, he thought to consult

Epiphany about his dream developments, Epiphany his mystic guide to dramatic transformation.

With his life under threat Iwadda Crane decided to begin his great articulation with the

following questions: What significant forces have shaped Crane society? What has made the

Crane Kingdom great? How have these factors influenced my life?

Iwadda Crane went over to the computer terminal: Socrates, Epiphany, revise search

parameters to these questions: What are the most significant moments of Crane society, in

particular the revolutionary or most turbulent times in our history? How have these factors

shaped my life? To himself Iwadda Crane thought, if only one Crane learns from the

articulation that will be enough. So he began.

The Great Articulation By Iwadda Crane

Monday July 10, 2050

In 1853, Captain Erry Eagle sailed his magnificent black ships into the heart of our capital

city Craneokyo. The appearance of the Eagle warships in the Kingdoms capital shocked the

Crane people to no end as we Cranes “had never seen steam powered boats and did not know

they existed. We were also shocked by the number and size of the guns on board their ships


(Wiki, 2007).” The Eagles exhibition of technological power provided a stark contrast

between the Eagles industrial and the Cranes feudal society. We Cranes marveled at the Eagles

advanced military power and technological superiority that adored their warships. This arrival

was one of the most significant moments of Crane history, no longer could the Crane Kingdom

remain in relative isolation, dreaming that we were the most powerful bird in the world. The

Eagles appearance in Craneokyo dragged us from that illusion and forced the Crane government

to become part of the international community.

The Crane Kingdom and its subjects had been taught from an early age that we were

Divine that Cranes were the dominant bird of heaven and earth, master of all. We the Divine

Amato race and our Emperor the very incarnation of the Sun God on earth. Clearly, Cranes

cultural self image and the cold reality of technological sophistication demonstrated by the

Eagles fundamentally shook our long held dogmatic beliefs, and views of superiority over

others animals. How little did we know of the wide world!

The technologically advanced West found themselves with a Crane government at the

mercy of the great imperial powers of the day: first, the Eagles, and later a consortium of

international powers the Bull Dogs, Bears, the Wolves, Dragons even the Roosters blackmailed

and exploited our unfortunate technological situation by levving unfair treaties against us.

However, we Cranes well understood the games of power and knew we had to modernize our


society or perish at the hands of greedy foreign imperialist.


Iwadda: Socrates, Epiphany your input on the Eagles arrival?

Socrates: For a hundreds of years prior to the arrival of Eagles, Cranes had had contact with

other civilizations but our geography kept us fairly isolated and safe from outsiders. We had

adapted Asian technologies such as writing, war fighting, pottery and imbued them with our

Crane spirit. Moreover, living in relative isolation gave Cranes a very distinct cultural history

and a unique sense of pride, solidarity, one race, one nation, independent of corrupted outside

forces. Our cultural isolation led to a powerful sense of nationalistic pride, uniqueness as we

were the dominant bird and master of our lands.

Epiphany: With the arrival of Eagles a new era had entered into the life of every Crane in the

Kingdom. Everything we had known for a thousand years challenged, turned upside down.

Eagle contact soon led to contact with the wider world which as you mention exploited us in our

weakness. This exploitation only affirmed to us that power and force was the only thing that

outsiders truly respect. But what type of creatures were these Eagles, Wolves, Bull Dogs,

Polar Bears, and Dragons? The Eagles appeared to be giants in size and technology compared

to us but what type of character did they have? What type of men were they? It is always

during the greatest upheaval that Cranes have shown our true spirit, the Eagles arrival was the


impetus, the wake up call so to speak to revolutionize our society and led to our most profound

political document, the Cranifest Destiny.

Cranifest Destiny By Epiphany AI

The appearance of the Eagles and their obvious technological superiority instilled a

cataclysmic fear inside the Crane Kingdom. More than any other force in Crane history, an

inferiority complex was thrust deep into the Crane psyche with the arrival of the Eagle Black

Ships. As a result this technological inferiority complex has been the driving force of

successive Crane governments national policy and is the foundation that molded the Crane

Kingdom into a super power. In other words, since the 1870s, the Crane Kingdom has been a

technocracy; a society driven to acquire, incorporate and utilize technology at whatever the cost

to its people. This formula for power can be captured by the Crane mantra “Western

Technology and Cranurai Spirit” that led the Kingdom to become an imminent power on the

world stage. The Crane Dream, the Cranifest Destiny is to be the first bird among equals,

admired, respected, and feared in equal measure by all others animals on earth. “Ascend,

ascend, all shall behold us.”


Iwadda Crane: Socrates, technocracy?

Socrates: A technocracy: a society that seeks to apply technological solutions first regardless


of social consequences.

Iwadda: Yes, but Cranes are emotive beings. Unlike Artificial intelligences we Cranes feel,

react, then think. The arrival of Eagles and the Black ships was a classic demonstration of

technological superiority and projection of military might. Our overwhelming reaction was:

in order to master our national destiny we had to become masters of technology. Since then,

Crane history has been the story of an ongoing technocracy, an attempt to achieve technological

equality and technological superiority with our world competitors, the Eagles, Bulldogs,

Roosters, Wolves, Bears and our old enemy the Dragons.

Epiphany: More important was national character, the very raw material that made up the

fiber of every individual man, women and child of the Crane Kingdom. Master Iwadda, you

must address our Craneshido, the very heart of every Crane.

Iwadda: Yes, we shall proceed from the arrival of Eagle Erry and his blackships forward to

modern times so lets say from 1870 to 2020? Prepare for a debate on technology, Craneshido,

and nationalism, be ready when I call you. Sign off.

LOKI: So there you have it folks the Eagles instilled the mortal fear of technological

inferiority inside the Cranes. Quite a shock for a bird that ruled his lands for a thousand years.

Geez the boss seems dying to tell you what happened to Crane society. No netvids or popcorn

of fluffy dialogue with this story…


He doesn’t mention it but the boss is a real softy around his family. Im the usual baby

sitter for his twin grandsons, Broki and Tosoki, and I taught their first dedication: rumble,

rumble, bumble, bumble, mumble. When you breath in, breath in the Rum and when you

breath out breath out the umble. 20 cycles of that reader, oughta bring you inner peace.

Ahum, boss is back.

Great Articulation by Iwadda Crane

Seeds of Inferiority

“Believe nothing, no matter who said it, even if I said it, unless it agrees with your own

common sense (Buddha).”

The Cranes Kingdom has had to fight for its right to self-determination on the international

stage first with eastern and then with western imperial powers. In order to survive the Crane

Kingdom has had to adopt, borrow, appropriate, and steal technology from both eastern and

western neighbours. Craneologist William Donsul (2005) writes: “Ironically, it was the

humiliation of unequal treaties signed with the Bulldogs, Roosters and the Eagles that made the

Cranes embrace all too well the modernization that her tormentors had already achieved,

making her by 1900 a dominant Asian power.” Cranes quickly realized the vulnerability of

their technological inferiority and we systematically accumulated western information in

business, education, finance, government and other categories from the Eagles, Bulldogs,

Tuesday July 11, 2050


Wolves and thus transformed the Kingdom from an agrarian society into an industrialized power

(DeMente, 2004).

In fact, the Crane monarchy and civil code that guided the Kingdom until the end of World

War 2 were based upon a fusion of European Wolf and Rooster models. The new Crane

constitution empowered and enshrined the emperor as the head of the state in keeping with

Crane core values, cultural traditions that held the emperor as descendant from the sun. Unlike

a republic or democratic society the Crane Emperor did not serve at the will of the Crane people,

rather he ruled the Crane Kingdom outright.

The Crane government understood that our Kingdoms survival depended upon the

strength of our military and technological might was the royal road to developing our national

security. In other words, our national security and international influence had a proportional

relationship to the military and industrial power of our Kingdom. The greater the Crane

Kingdoms industrial and military prowess the greater our influence became in Asia and world


In 1880, the Crane Kingdom was at a huge technological disadvantage compared to the

western powers, Eagles, Bull Dogs, Roosters, Bears and Wolves. However the island

Kingdom had several key cultural ingredients for making the transition from feudalism to an

industrialized society. Craneologist Demente (2004) argues: “Crane people and society may


be characterized by their honesty, ingenuity, hard work and the remarkable ability to cooperate

and think act collectively with one another has made Cranes uniquely Cranes.” In Crane

language the syntactic greeting of harmony with one another is often referred to as Laum,

pronounced LAum. Harmony and peace respectively, and is usually the first thing said

followed by ones name and designation in society. Harmony and collective working and

suffering together made it possible for the Crane Kingdom to achieve a stunning industrial


The Crane rise to world power can be attributed directly to the Crane personal character, the

Cranes secret weapon in the war to revolutionize and transform the Crane Kingdom. These

cultural characteristics divine origin, craneshido code, racial pride, fearless application of any

and all technology poured the foundations of Crane power in the 20

th and 21st century.


Iwadda: Socrates, Epiphany, comments?

Epiphany: You point out Crane national character but is it unique? The majority of people

in farming communities around the world share the characteristics that you point out, hard

working, honesty, etc, why are the Cranes special?

Socrates: The fact remains that many other countries and races intermingled with their

neighbours, as an island we remained racially intact, our traditions and culture relatively


unfettered by outsiders. We saw outsiders, Eagles, Bulldogs, Bears as heathens, pirates,

brigands armed to the teeth with superior technology but essentially abased men without

character. We may have adapted their technology but our Crane core remained untouched by

the west.

Epiphany: Nice speech, but answer the question.

Iwadda Crane: The arrival from the outsiders was a personal challenge for our Kingdom,

instead of dividing us, it was used as a nationalistic call to unify, sacrifice the individual for the

greater prosperity of the Kingdom. As the Emperor says: “to endure the unendurable, that is

endurance.” This is what our leaders demanded and that is what the Crane people gave, they

endured the unendurable price of modernization, without complaint. By 1900 our entire nation

was fully mobilized to modernize our society.

Epiphany: What is a Craneologist?

Loki: Allow me my dear Epiphany, similar to scatologist, the study of, you know piles,

poop, dump, excrement, grass nickels, poor mans tobacco, paddies. But no self important

person can say that I study poop for a living now can they? No, no, no, a Craneologist is

someone who much more importantly studies the left overs of a society, the history of bleeps

and declares that they know the essential animal from its digestive left overs. Despite all of

the facts, reports, deposits the scatologist and the Craneologist hide behind, surround and


immerse themselves with, at the end of the day its all phenomenological shit.

Wednesday July 12, 2050

Great Articulation Of Iwadda Crane


The Soul of a Cranurai

‘Death before Dishonour’

The Ways

of the body to free the mind. Once the mind and body have been harnessed, repetition brings

the Warrior to where his will bends to him (Book of Light).”

Crane kingdoms throughout history have been a hot bed military action and in many ways the

study of war arts ensured the Kingdoms survival. Over time, the Crane warrior ways evolved

into a codified method of honour, etiquette and behaviour, known as the Craneshido Code.

The Craneshido code was a treatise of moral and ethical parameters that guided warrior actions

throughout life. Amongst the Cranurai warriors it became known to as the way to Beautify

Death (Demente, 2004). Craneshido trained Cranurai warriors for immortality by stopping the

leakages of his life force energy (prana, ki) from evacuating the body the warrior can literally

achieve sublime heights in martial arts and life, well beyond the parameters of what normal man

can do.

The Ways, the martial arts are doors to the sublime self. One must learn to open the doors


The fundamentals of Craneshido where set forth in Crane Nazo book Craneshido the Soul of

the Kingdom. Essentially, a Cranurai warrior would be firmly grounded in: Justice,

Couragousness, Politeness, Truthfulness, Honour, Loyalty, Self control, Duty, and view his

Sword as the soul and heart of the Cranurai warrior. The Craneshido honour code has a unique

mixture of practical and religious philosophy that generated the most peerless warriors the

world has ever seen --- the Cranurai. Cranurai literally means the “ones who serve,” and a

warrior devoted himself exclusively to the service of martial arts and his lord until his death.

Due to the rigour of the warrior lifestyle the Cranurai were among the elite members of the

Crane Kingdom, so respected that the general population emulated the powerful example they

set forth with their impeccable social behaviour. As a result, the Craneshido code of the

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