Beautiful Options

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A few words for the beautiful queens around the world.

Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 16, 2017



I been here for days in this same state of mind admiring the beautiful visuals you provide just by your lovely body language. You're speaking to me without using your mouth. Just being able to glance in your eyes for a few seconds left me with a message I'll call a blessing. The vibration in the room spoke to my inner spirit telling me you're an angel here on Earth. From that i layed down that night to get more in dept with what i was recieving, and all i could get from it at the end of the night was one of the best things i could realize. Recognizing that I'm lucky to have been born in the same era as a beautiful Goddess like you. I can't argue the facts. Although we know friends all over the world will want to butt into a relationship because they don't understand the trance you put me in. However, that was the old me where i really wasn'tbeing 100 percent with my true self. Now I'm surrounded by loving friends both men and women enjoying the vibe we both give off when we are together. They would kill to see us a show the affection of a God and his treasurous Goddess also known as his Queen under their roof.

What you have to offer is a dream as i do as well. However, what we have to offer each other is everlasting. The greed almost consumed us both as we were just getting to undertsand wealth where we thought money was all we needed to really get to enjoy life. We knew we were both wrong when we met each other getting to see that our love is what really counts in the end. Taking you to newer yet greater heights is what i aim to do when i rise and lay everyday without a doubt in my mind that this bond we've created is golden chained with platinum keeping us close. The only work on my mind is bettering myself with every second I get with you for I know our time together is the biggest blessing of all. The thought of a drug as a sweet escape knocks my feet and into a relaxed lean thinking of you. I just want you to know your beautify is everlasting no matter how much passes through us. The day I met you will forever flow through my spirtit as I admiring every gorgeous stage of your aging. Because of you I feel like my momma is proud of me as she only wanted me to be blessed with an angel. It's hard to believe that we'll ever die when the love is bringing better days with every rising Sun. We all have options, but I'm smiling at the fact that you came my way. That was the most beautiful option of all.

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