To my boyfriend thats locked up


im gonna miss you, now that  your  gone

im gonna miss you, i gotta stay strong

i wanna  kiss you, but not for to long

cause you gotta go,  im stilll holding on

i said ill be find ,but im loosing my mind

you'll be gone for all this time

but ill be fine ..

ill be fine...


Dam my nigga got locked up

sentence to 10 years

and all i can do is cry tears

i dont think i can wait up

i pray ill be alright

cus you are  not insight

why did you gooo

you didnt deserve it

my feelings show

but me waiting is worthed

ineed you here,here with me

its been forever

we were ment to stay together

(back to chourus*)


im writing you this letter

saying things will get better

its seem its been forever

its been bad weather

raining thunder storming

cold nights no sun boring

stressed out lonley

you where my one and only

i need you to console me

i want you to hold me



its been so crazy

(back to chourus*)x2


baby baby baby

latley ;latley;lately

i been thinking

i been drinking


i been a hot mess

god give me this blessing

i need you  hereeeeeee...

i been depress..

but ima be alrighhhhttttttttttt..

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Submitted: November 24, 2010

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