Timmy Sweet

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Timmy was so pissed of at his best friend Ashton for leaving him in the dust, he drowned out all the anger in work. Little did he know that work was going to bring him a special surprise. was it love? was it hope? was it something that could make his life seem all the better?

Submitted: January 09, 2013

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Submitted: January 09, 2013




Chapter 1

As he had been left alone in the forever wasteland of loneliness, the only thing that ran through Timmy’s mind was pure anger.

Nothing had pissed him off more than losing his best friend for the sake of love.

When things got bad they got really bad. But when things got better he had a tendency to forget the past and move on.

And as long as his business was doing well, Timmy felt things were going to be fine. He held just so much anger for Ashton.

Either way. To hell with him. He was going to be happy on his own.

Besides, Timmy had found a few people chatting with him telling him that he was hot and what they could see the two of them doing.

Not that it was going to happen. Timmy was too involved with God to find himself being in a backseat grope fest.


Chapter 2

When Joel stepped into his favorite bakery in the world, he took in the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies.

He watched as a stud stepped out of the kitchen and carefully placed the cinnamon roll pan in the display case and started gathering a few cookies into stacks and wrapping them up.

The man seemed to love his job. Joel could tell by the he showed such care, and tender affection to his work.

“I must speak to the owner,” Joel said with a smile.

“You are looking at him,” the man responded.

“I simply love your shop. I would like to put in a special order if I may.”

“Sure. Give me just a minute,” the owner said.

Joel stood there waiting. He was a patient man and he knew that as long as he was here, he could at least give the man his time and patience.

Men liked that about Joel.


Chapter 3

When the man turned around, Joel stuck his hand out and said, “Hi. I’m Joel.”

“Timmy. Owner of Timmy Sweets. What can I do for you?”

“I need some help. I need to find someone to cater my sister’s wedding. The wedding is on Sunday and I have to find a way to cover dessert for two hundred people.”

“I can cover that no problem. Who do you want the order to be under?”

“Just put it under my name. And how much would something like this cost?”

“You are a frequent customer of mine. I’ve seen you come in quite often. I’ll do it for fifty bucks,” Timmy replied.

Joel thought it was a steal. “I’ll pay you the fifty now and more after it is over.”

“That would be nice but all it will cost is fifty bucks.”

“I insist,” Joel replied.

Timmy couldn’t say no to a good customer. It was rude and unkempt.


Chapter 4

Things were going ever so smoothly. His day was getting better and better and yet it was just three o'clock. He would be closing in three hours. The sooner he could get home, the better.

When he thought about it, he was sure there was more to this than meets the eye.

“And I have a problem,” Joel spoke.

“That would be what may I ask?” Timmy asked.

“I have to show up at this wedding and I need a date for it.”

Timmy couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had a customer hitting on him.

Surely this wasn’t happening. Did God have this planned the whole time?

“I think I can help you out with that. What time’s the wedding?” Timmy said while smiling.

“It’s at two,” Joel replied. “Meet me here and we will go together.”

“Sounds like a date.”


Chapter 5

When he stepped into church that Sunday, Timmy felt like God had blessed him with someone. And who would have thought love would hit so fast.

God did work mysteriously. And it had been fate that had put the love of his life to be a valuable customer in his shop.

What would be the odds that the two would work together to bring the soul mate to him.

What luck it would be that his date happened to go to the same church that he did. The moment he sat down, he looked to see Joel stepping into the church.

“You go to church here too?”

“Yes I do but I only go on occasion,” Joel replied.

When he thought about it, it was bound to happen. When things came down to it, Timmy was thankful to God for putting a man like Joel in his life.

The moment they had touched hands, Timmy had felt that special jolt of affection touch to him. It was as though God was telling him that Joel was the one.

And he didn’t take that kind of thing jokingly.


Chapter 6

When they went to the wedding a little while later, Timmy felt like his heart and soul had become blessed. God had blessed him. Happiness was now shining over him like he was a ray of sunshine.

When things came down to it, Timmy was pretty sure that God was showing him a bit of favoritism which shouldn’t have happened but he would push it aside this time.

God was a powerful man and his will was never to be questioned.


When Joel took Timmy’s hand, he felt that special heat crawl up his arms, making his hair stand on end.

When he thought about it, he thought that God didn’t love him. That God didn’t treat special people like him. But God had touched him with the specialty of his blessing.


Chapter 7

Timmy felt like the world was closing in on him the moment he stepped to the reception with Joel.

Everyone began introducing themselves to him. He found out it was because they seemed to believe that he and Joel were lovers.

And that it was just like he deserved to meet the family right off the bat.

Not a bad thing but not the greatest at the same time. God was a good man. A good kind spirit that tended to control things and make things rather odd.

When push came to shove the week was a lot better than he had thought. He had been so happy that he had forgotten all about Ashton betraying him for the sake of love.

Hell, God had shown him that anger was just an intermittent thing but love was forever.

Something about this seemed to be going ever so smoothly. Something about Joel seemed familiar.


Chapter 8

As he sat there watching Joel dance with his sister, Timmy pulled out his phone and went to one of the dating sites. He checked his messages.

He looked at the one sent by lonerboy22.

“I love your profile. Maybe we might run into each other someday. I would love to meet a kind man like yourself,” it had read.

He looked up to see that Joel was standing in front of him.

“So…you finally read my message huh?” he asked and laughed.

This was rather awkward.

“Something tells me that that dating site was right on the mark. It said that we were a perfect twenty two point match. What do you think?”

“Not sure yet. But I do have a single question for you?”

“What would that question be stud?”

“I have two tickets to go see Wicked and it’s just me.”

“I see. That sounds like a major problem. I think I know just the cure for that,” Joel replied and laughed.


Chapter 9

When the wedding was done, they went out to dinner together. They hadn’t been hungry enough to want to eat the dinner. But his sister Danielle did send her thank you for him catering the dessert.

They headed out of the wedding and stopped back at the church.

Timmy looked over at Joel who stood at the front of his car.

“Follow me,” he told Joel and climbed into the car. Joel raced over to his own car and followed Timmy to his house.

Timmy opened the door and showed Joel around. “This is one beautiful house,” Joel said once the tour was done.

“Your mother told me something interesting,” Timmy said.

Joel lit up and asked, “What is that?”

“She said that you didn’t have a place to say. That you were being kicked out of the house.”

“What?” Joel screeched and pulled out his phone and dialed his mother. “You said what?”

His mother cleared her throat.

“Trying to help you out here. Plus he’s gorgeous. If you don’t snatch him up. Someone else will.”

“Gotcha,” Joel said and hung up.


Chapter 10

 “So…where were we?” Joel asked and immediately began smiling.

His mother was quite the artist. She had chosen quite well in his opinion.

There had been thousands of guys in the world and she had gotten the help of God through spiritual guidance to bring him some love.

That was a true mother’s milk. But what mattered most was that he was falling deeply for Timmy.

 The two of them were so much alike. They had the same taste in reading material, the taste in style and architecture.

The more they talked the more they bonded.

Before long, Joel found himself daydreaming of the two of them getting married.

He loved the way that some people worked. The way they could be possessed by the spirit of God to bring two individuals together.

“Now…do you want to go swimming?” Timmy asked.

Joel smiled. Bingo. 

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