The Bill

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Samuel Redding is trying to pass a Bill that includes the law that any person (man and woman) under 14 years of age is to be killed.

Submitted: May 19, 2011

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Submitted: May 19, 2011



The Bill: Of Children and Young
By: Eric Dong
The Story of a Man trying to pass a Bill through the United Nation’s Executive Board
“A bill that will enslave children who are nuisances to society; solution – euthanasia.”
This was the headlining news on the New York Times. A bill presented to the state senate of the state of New York to pass on to the UN, a.k.a. The United Nations. This bill was written by an old, fragile man who was just sick with the not-so-innocent children on his city block who were giving him migraines, his name; Samuel Redding. The kids on the block gave him the nickname of “Uncle Sam.” Samuel didn’t hate anything more than those kids calling him that particular nickname.
Samuel Redding was the stereotypical grump. Tall in stature, a certain goose-like gait that, when seen, you couldn’t hold back your laughter. Wrinkles chiseled into his cheeks not only showed his experience, but also his devil-given gift of petrifying the littlest soul who dares to pass. His deep blue-green eyes are able to pierce the densest of hearts and shake their courage till there is none. His sea-foam green cardigan and his white dress shirt all on top of his dark brown slacks contrasts his stamina. He may look like an old hag, but he actually was the MVP of his varsity track team… when he was in college. He still may be holding on to his college fantasy.
He attended a community college until he finished all his General education classes. Then he attended Harvard University. He majored in Pre-Law. After accomplishing that, he stayed at Harvard and applied for the Law program there, being the top of his class, he got accepted without a doubt in his head. Although, being the top of the class got to head in his junior year of Law school. He became very cocky. He started to isolate himself from everyone, since he was better then everyone. Though there was one girl that wasn’t letting him be alone.
Samuel’s love life was nothing to be envious of. One dead wife, He doubts that he has any children, or at least he can’t remember one, and one dog - Samuel Jr., a Golden Retriever-Labrador mix. His wife was quite the character. Maria Hearuax was her name. She was a French beauty. The sad truth is that she deserved better! She was able to get any man she wanted with her looks; just the battering of her eyelashes could catch any roaming man. She was attracted to Samuel’s humor, or lack thereof. He actually was a very rude person. After he lost his wife, he never thought much of her, he didn’t even cry at her funeral, ironically, he showed up late and forgot his notes for his speech. Samuel, now a widower, hasn’t thought about seeking for another “soul-mate.”
He lived in a condo just boarding the ghetto of New York in a complex called “The Brush.” Contrary to its beautiful name, it isn’t a very safe place. There are unwholesome activities going on everyday, it seems to Samuel. His neighbors range from a gang-banger to a loving grandmother of five. A buzz in the air is constant because of all the gang wars about blocks from his condo complex. The tattered plaster wall on the exterior of the building is a friendly reminder of his social status, and also reminds him that he can’t be very cocky. His Condo is made up of a small office, which was actually a bathroom that wasn’t completed, a master bedroom, adjacent to the office, which is small, but doable, and a living/kitchen space, which is almost the same size as the bedroom. His kitchen has a long linoleum countertop that stretches from wall to wall. On top of it lie a 70’s toaster, a microwave, and a few scattered coffee stains. The whole house smells of rose perfume, he walks around the house and sprays some since it reminds him of his dead wife, from whom he gets his hatred from, and coffee.
This bill that he is writing is called “Of Children and Young.” The reason why he named it that is because this bill mostly applies to children and young people, go figure. If the UN passes this bill, all the children who qualify in any area of the rubric will be subdued to euthanasia. The Bill reads:
“If any human is found under any of these conditions, this bill requires then to be put to euthanasia:
1.Under the age of 14 years of age.
-If they are the age of 14, they must meet the other conditions to be put under and ended.
2) If a human mentally handicapped, they must be ended.
-This also includes physically handicapped.
This statement was terrifying to most of the parents in the world. But disturbingly, some of the parents concur with this law. Most children of those ages don’t read much newspaper, if any at all, so they don’t see this one coming.
Someone might say to Samuel that his bill is ludicrous, and he would agree. He would even take it to the next level and say that it is disturbing, grotesque and even hell-worthy, but he would only to this so that he could say, “Just kidding!” This law does indeed have logical backing. Not only would a nuisance be ridden from him neighborhood, but also, if the young generation was killed, they could raise up the next generation purely for mutilation. Of course he didn’t say it in those words, but that is what he is sugar coating. He suggests that the UN set up programs, in countries where this bill applies, that would promote joining the war, working for the UN and domestic injustices. But Samuel wasn’t only implying that kind of work, moreover he implies that they could also be raised up to respect their elders, and even be in a socialistic school system. He smiled at all his ideas.
Samuel’s heart has been darkened with hate. He would go the distance just to see a kid cry in pain, shame, or fear. He enjoyed seeing pain in the eyes of children. That feeling you get when know that what you just said hurt someone, he enjoyed that feeling. To him it was like ecstasy. The sudden weight on your shoulders and the sudden loss of most hearing, and the loss of clear vision, Samuel lived for this sensation.
And so the story starts in the end of a hot summer day in the center of Samuel Redding’s sleeping quarters with Samuel at his desk, writing his Bill.
Part one: Day to Night
“I don’t like em’…” Samuel grumbled to himself, “Those smart ass jokes that are called kids. I hate the idea that I use to be one.” He sets down his pencil and lifts his hands to the sky, stretching his short, crooked back. He puts his arms down and looks to out his window. Past the shades and iron rebar re-enforcers, he can see the cityscape, lined with uneven building tops and a handful of trees scattered throughout the streets. He looks at whatever is the closest, in this case, it was a family of four, and casually walking back from dinner in the suburbs. The mother and the father, swinging the smallest child in between them, yelling with pure innocent happiness when he reaches the point at the top of the swing when gravity seems to be absent and some might say it’s a glimpse of space, and then falling back to the earth with a smile from ear to ear. At this sight, he gags. Samuel can only image one twisted idea. The idea that that little girl will be injected with a poison so strong to make her skin dissolve, he smiles at this thought and continues on with his bill.
The laughter was growing louder as the family approached his door. His face distraught with disgust. He walks over to the vintage window, fire in his eyes, and slams the glass slider from one side to the next. A loud crash lingered in the musky air of his small apartment. "Damn this small apartment." he grumbled to himself, "I deserve better than this don't I?"
With that statement, he lies down in his bed and falls asleep.
Part two: Tomorrow
Morning came as quick as it had left.
Samuel was woken with the same family now walking out to breakfast. He was frustrated, "It's nine o'clock in the morning? Who goes to breakfast now?" Ironically, he was in the kitchen toasting a bagel and pouring is coffee. No matter, he did as he pleased. The family hopped in their mini van and went off to town.
Samuel bit into his bagel, sat down and continued on his bill.
As of six months ago, he has gotten very far in his bill. It still needs to be edited by a publisher and a lawyer to make sure it was scribed correctly. Samuel needs nothing less than perfection. If any one sentence, hell, if any word was not the better choice, he will have to restart that whole point or paragraph. With that mindset, he actually didn't need an editor, but that was the process to get it approved by the U.N.
He started the next section, which is labeled; "Conclusion." This was the last point in his bill. Its length has reached an astonishing 350 pages. Samuel, for the first time in a long time, had a smirk on his face; the embryo of a smile. Then, like lightning, it was gone; there was no trace of a smile, no hint of a smirk. He got in his email, attached the file, and sent it his "friend" Frank Steinway.
Frank Steinway is his companion. Ever since that day they sat in a bar, drunk out of their minds, and conceived the idea if youth euthanasia, they have been friends.
They meet up once every two weeks to discuss the progress of the bill. "The reason why this is going to pass is because I am the best lawyer out their, and you have the brains of Joseph Stalin!" He would always say after they finished their meeting.
Part Three: Five months later
The stamp read "Edited and Approved." Now the bill can be moved on into the next stage; meeting with the U.N. This is the only time that he was nervous since first grade when he presented on vowels. So to calm his nerves, Frank decided to take him to a local elementary school where he can practice being around people he doesn’t like and still be able to perform a good presentation. At first, he was very reluctant, but as Frank’s lips continued like a lawyer, he agreed. So they left to the school.
“…Thank you for your time and I hope that I have made myself clear as crystal.”
“That was…”
“Terrible wasn’t it…” Interrupted Samuel.
“No! No, no. It was just…”
Samuel interrupted again, “Bad? Miserable? Terrible? Nonsensical? Spit it out Frank I am dying here and my cure is your words!”
“Want’ me to be blunt, Sam?”
“Please don’t call me that, you know I prefer ‘Samuel.’”
“It was brilliant.”
“How dare you lie to me Frank!?” Samuel now infuriated.
Calmly, Frank said, “I’m serious. It was really really good.”
Samuel had a change in tone, “Honestly?”
Samuel cleared his throat and proclaimed, “Of course it was! I am the best.”
“Back to normal I see.”
A little voice interrupted them as they chuckled to themselves, which was a seldom occasion, “Who are you guys?”
Frank looked down with a hypocritical smile and Samuel looked down in disgust. “We are old and you are young, that is all you shall know.” Frank said in a deceiving voice.
"I don't get you guys." the little boy said
Samuel caught himself staring at the little boy, he snapped out of it and said, "What's your name little thing?"
"Samuel... But you can call me Sam!" he exclaimed.
"Well Sam," Frank said, "We must go. Nice to... Bye." he stammered
Samuel just stood there. "What’s your last name?"
"Waters. Samuel Waters is my name!"
"Oh, I see." Samuel stood there with eyes wide. "Shall we go Frank?"
Frank nodded his head and they left the school.
Part four: New eyes
Two weeks later.
Samuel and Frank are now in the courts room of the U.N. The room smelt of expensive wood and nice carpet, it smelt clean with a hint of musk. Ebony hands held up the lamps. Then there were the U.N. They sat in a semicircle, half surrounding where Samuel and Frank sat with the bill. The only thing that separated Samuel and Frank was a desk, engraved in the desk was a profound emblem with the depiction of the Greek gods. All the demigods were contained in a cage, and the pure gods were holding it. But over all of them, with hands outstretched, stood Zeus.
"Well I’m simply impressed by your bill," a voice as deep as the ocean started, "Mr.Redding, I cannot wait to sign," He looks around to his council, "Do you all agree?"
"Now Mr. Francis, it is completely inappropriate that you say something as if you were all of us! The nerve you have."
Mr. Francis rebutted, "Must you always disagree Miss Madison?"
"I never said I disagreed..." there was a brief silence."..." Miss Madison starts, "I agree, I will sign this with pride."
And so all of the council signs but one, and the one that didn't sign had a child, so it was a lost cause.
Frank looked over at Samuel, "We did it!"
"Yeah, I guess we did..." he said solemnly.
"What the hell has gotten into you? Ever since we went to the elementary school you have been so... boring! Was it that child? Was it? It seems like he changed you. Little kids use to make you sick and now you are going to kill them, there is no going back. The U.N. passed it just now and you can't stop it. You should be excited; this is what you wanted to do for a very long time! Like five years long! Anyways, you should be depressed; those little brats are now going to be killed. Thanks to you!" All of his words flowed out Frank like mouth like poison.
Samuel grabbed his briefcase, thanked the council and headed outside.
As they got in the car, Samuel just sat there.
"Tell me one thing Samuel, who is that child, that 'Samuel Waters?'"
Samuel put his face in his hands, "My grandson!" Samuel burst into tears.
"Yes! My grandson! Couldn't you tell? His face was a spitting image of mine! His outgoingness was just like mine! He annoying attributes were just like mine. When you dropped me off at my apartment I went on my computer and looked up his name. I didn't get anything. So I went to the ‘House of Ancestors’ and I found nothing. You know why? I erased it! I erased all information when I started this bill. I erased anything with my name and my parents name and my grandparents name and so and so forth so that if I had a son or grandson, I wouldn't know."
Frank's heart sunk, and so did Samuel.
Frank doesn't know how to comfort people, he doesn't actually like anyone but Samuel, so all Frank did was lay his hand on Samuel's back and say, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." over and over again.
Final part five: Runaway
We need to get the elementary school, Samuel thought, but he didn't want to tell Frank. If Samuel told Frank, he would be committing treason, penalty worthy of life in prison. So Samuel decided to walk home, it was only three and a half miles away anyways. From his house he could drive to the school and take Samuel far, far away.
"Where do I go?!" He clicked on the hyperlink 'Japan Airlines,' "Japan isn't under the U.N."
The screen read, "How many tickets?"
The end

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