Pure Insanity

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: House of Ghosts
Eliezer applies for the job as janitor at a mental institute but never expects what he was in for. Nothing ever seems like what it looks.

Submitted: October 25, 2015

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Submitted: October 25, 2015



There was an ad on the paper that read, “Hiring Janitor for mental patients, call Dr.Philips for help.”


“I don’t want to do this,” whispered Eli to himself looking at the ad, then overdue bills sitting on the table over.


He called the Psychiatric Institute and a soft voice answered over the other end.


“Hello, Chino’s Psychiatric Institute, how can I help you?”


“Yeah, I’m calling for the job as a janitor?”


“Job?” she asked confused.


“Yeah, I found it on the paper, posted yesterday.”


“Oh, yes, I remember now.”


“Okay, what’s the pay?”


“I don’t know,” she said thinking quickly, “25 an hour?”


“Oh okay. When’s the interview?”


“Don’t worry, you got the job, be here tomorrow at 8.”


“Okay, thank you,” said Eli as he hung up.


He lied on his bed with a smile on his face, thinking, “25 an hour” to himself.


When morning came, Eli dressed as he could to fit the description of a janitor. Old pants, boots, old shirt. He drove to Chino’s Psychiatric Institute, a separate branch of Chino’s Psychiatric Hospital. He walked through the stainless glass doors and was met at the front by a gorgeous petite blonde behind the secretary’s desk. She gave Eli a smile.


“No visits, sorry sir,” she said.


“No, I’m here for the job as a janitor.”


“Oh, yes, what’s your name again?”


“Eliezer Dallatorre,” he said, “but everyone calls me Eli.”


“Okay, I’m Clerissa, welcome to the team,” she said walking around the front desk, heels clacking on the floor with every step she made, “Chris is eager to meet you, he owns this place. He’ll give you the tour.”


“Where’s Doctor Phillips?” asked Eli.


“Don’t worry about him, he’s out for the month on vacation.”


Clerissa grabbed Eli by the hand and began to pull him toward the first door down a long and lonely hallway, giving a little sway in her hips moving her butt from side to side, as she turned to catch Eli looking, and smiled at him. She knocked on the door.


“Baby, here’s the new employee,” she said slowly opening the door, “his name is Eliezer.”


Behind the desk was a man, dressed in a tight suit that looked like it slightly fit him. Behind him was a portrait of a man that looked nothing like him. Eli believed it was his father or predecessor, he wouldn’t bother to ask incase it was something sensitive that he didn’t want to talk about or something along those lines.


“Hello there, Eliezer, let me give you a tour. I’m Christopher Myers, nice to meet you.”


Chris took Eli around the institute, around twisting and turning and confusing hallways, down and up stairs, around and about. Everything was so white, so lonely and lifeless.


“Okay, that’s about it,” said Chris.


“What do I have to do as a janitor?”


“Just keep this place clean and help Clerissa, she really needs it,” he said as he grabbed the doorknob to the office and stopped, “another thing. There are 10 patients here. We let 8 of them out for ‘recess’, if you will. The lady in cell 9 and cell 10 aren’t to be trifled with, they are both manipulative, both are so… just don’t believe anything they say. They are supposed to stay in their cell 24 hours a day. Okay?”


“Okay, I have a question,” said Eli, “why is this institute separate from the hospital?”


“These are more of the ‘hard-cases’, the more ‘insane’ if you will,” said Chris with a smile as he entered his office, “never walk in without knocking. Sometimes, I need my private time.”


“Okay, what do I do now?” asked Eli.


“Talk to Clerissa,” he said as he shut the door.


Eli walked to Clerissa who was at the front desk. She turned and looked at him with a smile, showing nothing but glowing red lipstick.


“What am I supposed to do now?” asked Eli.


“Well, wait for recess or lunch, I guess, there’s really nothing to do around here, but wait until they leave their rooms to clean,” she said.


Eli and Clerissa began to conversate and laugh about mindless topics. Clerissa didn’t know what any of the latest TV shows were or any recent news, she didn’t even know how to type in the computer that sat there on the front desk. She said it was just new.


“I’m going to let them out early, it’s Monday, Chris really wouldn’t mind, besides, you need to know how this goes about.”


“Okay,” said Eli as she threw a clip of keys at him.


They walked down stairs where they keep the patients.


Cell 1, was a young African American male who was said that almost killed his younger brother because “God” told him to. He was talking to himself hysterically as he walked out into the hallway and walked down to the recreation room. Cell 2 through 6, just three young males and two young females who tried to commit suicide and refuse to speak to anyone. They all walked out of their cells like mindless zombies and slowly walked down the hallway, exhausted, tired and lifeless. Cell 7, was a really big man, fat with long dirty black hair that covered his face. He was in chains because he was said to be “dangerous”. He walked out, slow steps, thudding on the ground as Clerissa pushed him and told him to hurry up. Cell 8, was actually a really cute girl who was said to be a girl that suffers from obsession and almost murdered her cheating ex-boyfriend. She gave Eli a smile as he closed the cell. Eli and Clerissa walked down to the recreation room where the patients were, as the man in cell 10 began to yell things that made out, “help me, I’m the doctor, help me, I own this place, help me, etc.”


“He’s crazy,” said Clerissa with a smile.


They both walked down the recreation room, and just outside of it, Clerissa pulled Eli into a utility closet just outside of the recreation room that was pretty small and cramped, with no lighting.


“Kiss me,” said Clerissa breathing hot and heavy on Eli’s chest.




“Eli, stop fucking around. I saw the way you were looking at me. What are we going to do about it?”


“You’re with Chris, I don’t want to lose my job, besides, we have things to do. For all we know, they can be killing each other by now. We have to take care of them.”


“Shh,” said Clerissa as she forced his hand down her skirt as Eli felt something wet about his hand.


Eli rushed out as he looked at his hand, nothing but blood.


“What the-”


“Eli, I want you to make love to me.”


“Clerissa,” said Eli in a low but pissed tone, “stop.”


Clerissa looked angry as she shut the door of the utility closet and walked to the recreation room.


“Who wants to play ‘home’?”


A lot of the male patients went up to her as Eli watched through a crack of the door and walked to the restroom right next to the recreation room and rinsed his hands. As he came back into the recreation room, Clerissa was playing wife/mom as someone played the baby and someone played the father/dad.


“If I’m the dad, can I fuck you?” asked someone.


“Well,” said Clerissa with a smile, “it’s time for Lunch.”


Everyone went back to their cells as Clerissa and Eli walked back to the front desk.


“Well, this is our lunch too, you can go out to eat or eat here,” she said, “I’ll cook something up.”


“No, I’ll rather just go out to Subway just a couple blocks down. You want something from there?”


“No, I like the food here,” she said.


Eli left for after an hour or so. He went to the front office as Clerissa had already began passing out trays of lunch. She already unlocked all the feeding slots and had the keys stuck in the keyhole of the first cell. Eli tasted the meat, which tasted like veal. Eli went to pass the tray in every feeding slot until he reached cell 9, where the woman whispered, “help me” several times as he closed the feeding slot. He put the tray through the slot of cell 10 and looked through the hole, looking directly at bloodshot eyes and a white doctor’s coat. He looked familiar.


“I own this place,” he whispered, “Clerissa and Chris took it over. They came to apply as janitors. There’s a portrait of me in the office, I swear, believe me I’m Doctor Philips, help me.”


It all hit Eli. The man in cell 10 was Doctor Philips and the woman at cell 9 was his secretary. He saw blood dripping into a puddle in his cell that was locked. Eli rushed to cell 1 as he took the keys out of the keyhole and noticed a crack in the door. He looked through and saw Clerissa having sex with the man in cell 1. Clerissa looked directly at Eli as she rushed out. Eli took a few steps back, tumbling into the main office and noticed Chris with his sleeve up to his bicep as he mercilessly cut himself over and over again until he noticed Eli.


“I told you not to disturb me during my private time!”


Eli looked at the portrait that looked exactly like the man in cell 10. Eli rushed out with the keys in one hand and his phone in the other as he called the police. Eli put the key through the keyhole and opened the cell. Dr.Philips had chuncks of skin missing on his thighs, and almost puked as he noticed the smell and the blood on the floor, as he realized the Veal was actually his meat.


Eli looked down the hall to see Clerissa with a bloody knife in one hand as she gave a creepy smile and laugh. She ran down the hallway towards Eli as Eli froze. Dr.Philips threw himself in front of Eli and began being repeatedly stabbed by Clerissa as she laughed and ran away with Chris through the front door. Dr.Philips lay in the hands of Eli as Eli pulled the knife out of his body.

“Don’t worry, you’re going to be okay,” said Eli as he held the bloody knife with one hand.


The police rushed in with guns as they came up on Eli on his knees, with the doctor in his hand and a bloody knife on the other.


“Put the knife down,” said one officer.




"One dead body," radioed a police officer.


"I didn’t do this.”


“Put it down,” said another officer.


“It was them, it was Clerissa and Christopher,” said Eli putting the knife down as the police kicked it away.


They put him in cuffs as they brought out all of the mental patients and covered the body and grabbed the weapon.


All the mental patients’ statements weren’t credible. All the police could make a report on, was Eliezer being found with a knife that carried his fingerprints and blood that came from the body of Dr.Philips that lay in his other hand. No patient was missing and there was no evidence that there was anyone there other than Eli who also had his fingerprints on the keys to the cell, the trays of food and even the doorknob to the main office. There was no evidence of anyone named Clerissa or even Christopher, that stayed there. Everything pointed to one suspect, Eliezer Dallatorre. Eli was held in trial for the murder of Dr.Phillips. Eli pleaded insanity.

He was sent to Chino’s Psychiatric Institute following the end of the trial.

© Copyright 2020 Erick Inzunza. All rights reserved.

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