"Once, Still, Have and Will"

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Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



The shallow waters are sitting beside me

I cannot understand why I feel that I'm envy

As I look through, I only see it as silent and free

This is what I feel when you're gone, I only got left is none


It seems that my words aren't that true

I just wanted to be honest to you

I don't want to see you that sad

Stay with me, I'll make you glad


Every time I speak of you, I cry

Let me tell the reason, you make ask why

I'll bid myself for you, no, I'll make it the debt

Every time I think of letting go, only misery is all I get


I loved you once, still I'm taking the chance

I love you still, forever this will remains in what I feel

I always have to love you, 'coz I want to cherish my life with you

I will love you forever, so please let us be together.


Created by: Erickson Adolfo

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